On Wednesday, President Joe Biden and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis visited Fort Myers, Florida, to take a look at some of the damage that Hurricane Ian had caused.

Biden and DeSantis, who normally don’t agree with one another, delivered statements together and shook hands during the public appearance, putting their disagreements aside to put on a united front for the public.

Both men were seen walking around with their wives at their sides, and they gave off the impression that everything was going swimmingly between them. Biden made the announcement that he and DeSantis have been cooperating closely in the aftermath of the hurricane. He also complimented DeSantis on doing a “good job” in his management of the natural disaster that occurred.

DeSantis thanked the President for covering the expense of “debris removal and emergency protective measures” and extended a warm welcome to the Biden family during their visit to Florida.

Biden spoke with Ray Murphy, the mayor of the town, immediately following his conversation with DeSantis. A nearby microphone captured a portion of this conversation, during which Biden was overheard telling Murphy that “no one f**ks with a Biden” and adding that “you can’t argue with your brothers outside the house.”

“We were very fortunate to have good coordination with the White House and with FEMA from the beginning of this,” the Florida Governor said.

Murphy, who had been thanking Biden for coming to see the destroyed town, told Biden that he was “G*d d**n right” to say that “no one f***s” with him.

What was even the point of saying this in the first place? This is supposedly about hurricane relief and the aftermath of Ian. So, who is it that he’s referring to and why is he bring it up at a time like this?

However, it look like OPEC is f***ing with Biden and looks like they’re getting away with it.


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  • No matter the situation or the circumstances Biden is only concerned with Biden. What do you expect. He’s a Democrat.

  • Joe Biden is a slug. Has no soul or moral direction. A tyrant disguising as an American citizen. The country can only change direction when he is gone.

  • Since Twitter suspended me, feel free to post my QUOTE from me and by me to Twitter FOR me, QUOTE: President Joe Biden @JoeBiden
    Today is Thursday,October 5th,the 623rd day of the worst Presidency in history.Biden’s lies,dementia and blamestorming make him a “uniquely talented” threat to the national security,world economy, and democratic rule of law with equal immunities, powers, privileges, and protections. – John Lloyd Scharf
    If you do post my quote to Twitter, please let me know.

  • Biden is a terminal cancer – voters if you want a terminal nation – vote democrat – if you want a terminal Biden – vote republican/

  • No one f****s with a Biden???!!! You’ll get your Karma you arrogant POS. You’ve hurt America so much I can’t stand to hear your name. Same with POS Obama!!

    • I feel the same way that “Car” does.
      It is so painful to see the US under the heel of a stupid
      demented old man…..why did we let this happen???
      I hate to think that we have to wait until next federal election or a chance to vote this sorry creep out of office.
      No wonder he had the US Taxpayers pay for a security
      fence around his house. He knows full well how depised he is and worries about a loose nut having easy acss to him.

    • The Republicans are just as bad, or they would do something to stop these two American destroyers & haters. They all talk big, but won’t carry thru with their ideas, as to ‘when we get the Republicans in office’. We have Republicans, but they are RINO’s. Sure hope we get some in office, this November, with some backbone. We have a couple of gals, Lauren from Rifle, Co & Marjorie Taylor Green, that has fought for us and our country, for a few years, But they are the minority. They sure could use some help, to save our country!!!

  • Biden playing the tough guy again. He’s just being a jerk, but that Mayor is worse. How about we get around to prosecuting Hunter, Joe Biden and Biden’s brother!

  • Ha Ha Ha. how about all the times when he is at a function and the crowd breaks out with Let’s go Brandon or F**k Joe Biden. If that isn’t messing with a Biden I don’t know what is. so to the Piece of Crap that was appointed not elected Let’s go Brandon

    • Maybe he does realize what “Let’s Go Brandon” means and he knows he’s being F-ed with and that’s why he’s being a vindictive a__hole and destroying America…..

  • this time lets just get rid of the whole corrupt government and their agencies and start anew. The governors come in with the REAL PRESIDENT . that being Donald J. Trump. I have a lot of fix up America executive branch recommendations. fitst term limits. anyway it was discrimination by the hating eviol democrat party which made the presidency term limits ..it was not always this way, they change it to remain the power. we need to start new.



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