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Cassopolis, Michigan – It is a testament to bravery and fortitude in the face of adversity that an armed citizen was able to remain composed when thwarting a robbery attempt at Stone Lake Marathon last month.

According to Wood TV, the incident occurred on July 27th but surveillance footage was released this past Friday.

The hero calmly shot the robber multiple times, thus preventing any danger from coming to innocent bystanders.

A 35-year-old man, Corelius Martin, entered a store on Thursday evening and allegedly made a threatening statement to the proprietor before being shot multiple times.

Surveillance footage shows the individual entering the premises holding a six pack of Miller Lite while wearing black clothing.

Upon reaching the counter, Martin is seen brandishing a box cutter as he approached the clerk.

A customer wielding a valid concealed-carry permit reportedly fired six shots, followed by one additional shot, while holding a beer.

One bullet hit a liquor bottle and multiple others struck Martin in the arm, back and face. Miraculously, he survived the gunfire.

Wood TV reports that the customer told police that as the suspect fell to the floor he appeared to be crawling toward him, prompting him to dash to his car for another loaded gun before holding Martin at gunpoint until law enforcement arrived.

This armed, vigilant citizen appears to be facing possible jail time instead of receiving a medal for his actions.

Cass County Prosecutor Victor Fitz has declared that he is awaiting the results of the police investigation before deciding whether or not to file criminal charges against this customer.

In Michigan, obviously, we do have defense of others as part of the law in Michigan, that you can defend others if they’re in a situation that there’s dangerous force being used against them.

An unnamed store owner has told Wood TV that a heroic customer saved his life.

Martin, the customer in question, was hospitalized for his injuries before being arraigned on three charges, including armed robbery.

He is currently being held on $100,000 bond and could face life in prison due to his status as a three-time felon.


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  • In New Jersey and other blue states, there would have been no armed citizen nearby to defend the store’s employees from the armed robber. It is almost impossible for a normal citizen to obtain a carry permit. The number one state gun “crime” is having one without permission. What do they fail to understand about “shall not be infringed”, anyway?

  • Give him a MEDAL !!! and a case of ammo. And someone PLEASE put a foot up that DA. donkey. That is one of the biggest problems today is stupid DA’s and leftist’s morons like him.

    • Paul he is a Leftist Criminal Democrat Commie that is eating what Soros feeds him and he should be facing jail time for not upholding the Law and the US Constitution which public figures are sworn to protect and uphold! Tell Y’all what, either that DA is charged or strip him of his US Citizenship; then ship his useless sack to North Korea on a one way ticket!

  • Didn’r see the video but read the byline. God bless him! Thank you, Sir for protecting another innocent victim!

  • He is a hero F that DA,had the hero been white he would already be in jail for attempted murder of the robber.

  • Let’s remember here that the Rabid Evil Governor Whitmer is full Leftist Commie and has allowed the CCP to buy land in Michigan to set up a factory for battery manufacturing; so not only is that state Anti-American but it’s all for the Communist CCP Party! She is allowing the CCP to gain a further foothold and spy network here along with the flood of Chinese Nationals that have just been reported coming through the US Southern Border; which one would have to be brain dead to not see the pattern of Take Over; those are soldiers and sleeper cells being set up! American citizens don’t need less responsible gun ownership, they need more; the plan is to take us over from within!
    This shooter should walk and the perp put away in a cell where he can rot!



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