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(The Federalist) For Americans hoping Senate Republicans might finally engage the Russia collusion hoax seriously, last night’s interview of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell by “Special Report’s” Bret Baier was a tremendous disappointment.

McConnell better figure out quickly that if he doesn’t hold the Resistance accountable for the Russia hoax that harmed his party and the entire country for many years, he won’t have a majority in the next term.

If it helps to motivate him, he should remember that not having the majority in the next term means he won’t get to confirm judges, an issue he hopes will be his defining legacy.

Opinion| Mollie Hemingway is a fabulous writer on conservative issues but she misses the point on the senate majority leader… entirely.

McConnell doesn’t care about retaining his status as leader.  Nor does he care about judges beyond hoping that their confirmation is enough red meat for conservatives starved for any legislative victories.

He cares about preserving the uniparty that controls the pursestrings in Washington.  The preservation of the Uniparty protects the flow of tens of millions of dollars to its members.

In 2016 we predicted that both then-Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Leader McConnell would choose to lose their thrones than help advance the Trump agenda.

President Trump understands this.  That’s why he sent this subtle… but deliberate tweet in response to Sean Davis’ tweet calling attention to Hemingway’s article.

Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse explains

The Senate was not a passive entity in the various hoaxes against President Trump.  Factually, the Senate Intelligence Committee, and individual senators themselves, were active participants… 

Republican members like John McCain actively participated; and republican members like Richard Burr willfully allowed the framework to continue.  Don’t forget it was Republican Senator Marco Rubio who first came to the defense of Democrat SSCI Vice-Chair Mark Warner when the covert communication with Chris Steele became evident.

In the big picture, the big ugly picture, republicans are just as complicit as democrats within all of the efforts to remove President Trump.  To this day the GOP controlled Senate Intelligence Committee is still spitting out reports defending the previous administration and proclaiming the vast Russian election conspiracy is genuine and real (it isn’t)…

… If ever President Trump was to go full wolverine on the corrupt GOP it would be the Big Ugly.  Alas, we are familiar with the political dynamic and fully accept that Mitch McConnell would rather give leadership to Chuck Schumer than lose his power, influence and affluence.

Sundance’s article is well worth the time it will take you to read it.

President Trump’s America First agenda, that puts the interests of Americans ahead of the interests of special interests leaves no room for elected leaders to leverage legislation for the personal enrichment of themselves and their families.

It’s a corrupt system that’s been built over time and there are trillions of dollars at stake.

Special interests write legislation.  Then they hire lobbyists to sell the legislation to sponsoring representatives and senators. Enough money can buy anything.  

Remember when then-Speaker Pelosi said, “we’ll have to pass the bill [Obamacare] to, well, find out what is in the bill.”  That’s what she was referring to.  

How else do you think Obama was able to get both Houses of Congress, under Republican control, to agree to the Iran nuclear deal? 

Money talks and bullshit walks… until now…

“Our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt establishment with a new government, controlled by you, the American people.

“The Washington establishment and the financial and media corporations that fund it exists for only one reason, to protect and enrich itself.

“The establishment has trillions of dollars at stake in this election for those who control the levers of power in Washington.

“And for the global special interests they partner with, these people that don’t have your good in mind, our campaign represents a true existential threat…

“…The political establishment that is trying to stop us is the same group responsible for our disastrous trade deals, massive illegal immigration, and economic and foreign policies that have bled our country dry.”

Obama borrowed $10 Trillion from me and all my dad got was an $800 raise!

Mark Sidney

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