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OPINION} Shortly after the election of Barack Obama, Rush Limbaugh lamented that the damage to our country’s institutions would take generations to undo… if that damage could ever be completely undone.

As we’ve come to expect, Rush was right.

Whether Rush foresaw the utter contemptible weaponization of our intelligence agencies to destroy Obama’s political opponents isn’t known.  But now, more than three years into Donald Trump’s presidency, we can clearly see Limbaugh’s warning playing out.

It’s becoming apparent that Manchurian President Obama seeded the government with Marxist ideologues and relied on compromise gained from his corrupt intel agents to control others.

Three-star General Michael Flynn was targeted for destruction by Obama because he had become a liability to Obama’s legacy

General Flynn had served as Obama’s Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) from July 2012 until he was forced out in August 2014 because he clashed with the Obama administration’s policies on ISIS and the Iran nuclear deal, among other policies…

Advancing the Muslim Brotherhood’s infiltration into the highest reaches of government

Allowing the Awan brothers, Pakistani nationals, access to our national security secrets and then refusing to prosecute them when they shared that information with foreign nationals

Funding and training ISIS

Funding the world’s most prolific financier of terrorism… Iran

Assisting the nuclearization and arming of Iran

Refusing to follow through on a multi-year investigation to cut off Iranian-backed Hezbollah’s billion dollars per year cocaine trade in the U.S.

Selling national security assets… Uranium and military technology… to Russia

Selling us out to China so that our dependence on the communist nation would have been complete under a Hillary Clinton presidency.

As Director of the DIA, Gen. Flynn knew where all the incriminating documents behind our shift to Iran and away from our traditional European allies were.  So Team Obama set out to destroy him.

After years of stonewalling – by DOJ holdovers, failed appointments by President Trump, and a special counsel – the president finally got legitimate lawmen installed at the top of the Department of Justice and at the Office of Director of Intelligence.

Between them, reams of exculpatory evidence surfaced exonerating Gen. Flynn and the DOJ moved for dismissal of the trumped up charges against him.

Case closed, right?  Think again.

A Clinton appointee and Obama ideologue, DC Judge Emmet Sullivan decided to turn his previous rulings upside down in order to prolong the more than three-year misery of an innocent man.  He appointed an amicus curiae to argue the case in place of the DOJ.

Flynn isn’t going to prison.  It appears that Sullivan is playing this out to force President Trump to pardon Flynn… solely to gain a political narrative for the president’s rabid opponents in the media.

General Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell joined Lou Dobbs to discuss Sullivan’s bizarre decision to appoint a ‘friend of the court’ – retired Judge John Gleeson – to argue against dismissal where the issues are so clear.

Especially troubling is Gleeson’s willingness to change his views based on partisan considerations…

(Breitbart) Retired federal judge John Gleeson, who was appointed Wednesday to present arguments against letting Michael Flynn go free, ruled in 2012 that it would be an “abuse of discretion” for the court not to allow the government to drop a prosecution.

Judge Emmet G. Sullivan appointed Gleeson to argue as amicus curiae (“friend of the court”) against granting a Department of Justice (DOJ) motion to dismiss the case against Flynn, and to argue for finding Flynn in criminal contempt of court for changing his plea. On Monday, Gleeson co-authored an op-ed in the Washington Post opposing the DOJ’s decision, saying it “reeks of improper political influence” — and not because Flynn was targeted by the lame-duck Obama administration.

But then, Sullivan’ rulings are just as susceptible to the political winds…

(Washington Times) In April 2009, then-Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. pulled the plug on the prosecution of Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska, a liberal Republican who sided with Democrats on key issues including climate change and abortion.

The comparisons between Mr. Stevens and Flynn are striking. Both men faced the same criminal charges of making false statements, the same judge, U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan, handled both cases, and each had their criminal prosecution undone by a handwritten note that was buried by federal prosecutors.

More proof that Judge Sullivan is knowingly following a losing course and is stalling the legitimate outcome for the anti-/trump media to create another false narrative came with last week’s 9-0 Supreme Court decision…

(Breitbart) The U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously last week against the improper use of amicus briefs by judges to shape a court case as they wish — which is what Judge Emmet G. Sullivan is doing, critics say, in the ongoing Michael Flynn case.

On Tuesday, Judge Sullivan announced that he would accept amicus briefs about whether he should grant the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) motion to dismiss the case against Flynn. On Wednesday, Sullivan went a step further, appointing retired judge John Gleeson as amicus curiae (“friend of the court”) to argue against dismissal, and to argue Flynn be held in criminal contempt.

If you’re scratching your head in disbelief … a judge calling in a like-minded ideologue to argue a case making his court judge, jury and executioner… then it’s time you realize that this is by design… Obama’s design.

Did Judge Sullivan take his marching orders from Obama?

Earlier this week, Barack Obama trashed the Justice Department’s abandonment of criminal charges against Michael Flynn as unprecedented, even after his own Attorney General Eric Holder did the same thing in another highly politicized criminal case, while he was president.

Sullivan clearly knows he’s violating all of these previous rulings, but with judges enjoying virtual immunity for their transgressions, we can expect highly-politicized rulings, to protect the renegade president’s legacy, for many years to come. By Lawrence David| 

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