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Last week in Washington, D.C., a concealed carrier successfully defended himself against an attempted carjacking. According to police reports, the incident occurred near 6:30 a.m. on July 17th in the 2300 block of R Street in southeast D.C.

A vehicle with two suspects approached the victim who was standing by his own vehicle at that time.

The suspect exited the vehicle and brandished a handgun, demanding the victim’s car keys as well as his vehicle. Fortunately for the intended target, he had his own gun and was quicker on the draw than his attackers – shooting one suspect while accomplices fled from the scene in their vehicle.

The carjacking victim even rendered aid to the wounded suspect until help arrived and authorities took him away for treatment at a local hospital afterward, both handguns were recovered during this process as well.

The shooter has been identified as 27-year-old Marcus Lavelle Thompson of southeast Washington, D.C., who is now facing various charges related to armed carjacking, possession of unregistered ammunition and possession of large capacity ammunition magazine among other counts according to police.

Records also reveal that he had a valid conceal carry permit in Washington, D.C., with his gun being registered properly under this license too.

Further evidence regarding this case includes images captured by surveillance cameras showing the dark GMC SUV used by these suspects prior to their failed attempt at carjacking another person’s property.

Investigators ask anyone who can identify this particular vehicle or knows more information about what happened that day to call police directly at 202-727-9099 or text a tip via 50411 towards TEXT TIP LINE opened up by district authorities, especially for these cases

They are offering rewards of up to $10,000 for any leads leading towards the arrest and conviction of persons behind such violent crimes committed within District boundaries recently too.

Law-abiding citizens can and should defend themselves when necessary against criminals intending harm upon them. Proper training & permits enable them to legally use firearms responsibly.

Art Vandalay

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  • I’ts always interesting when a thug mis-judges thier targets’ ability to fight back. What a concept.

  • Those who defend themselves (or others) should not give up their weapon after the fact. That’s a violation of the 2nd, 4th, and 5th Amendments. They can have the serial number in a picture , but I will NOT surrender the actual weapon. Ever.

    • They are going to take your weapon no matter what. If you refuse they will definitely arrest you on the spot because you refused to give them your weapon. I know what you are saying though and I agree with you 100%. IMHO it’s complete BS on their part. If you are legal you are legal. They should not be able to confiscate your weapon.

      • Before I give up my weapons, they better notify me in writting. Then I will go out and buy a 6 foot long 12″ PVC tube and two end caps. All my well oiled weapons and ammo are going in it with some stay dry and are headed underground, maybe even under some pavers until they day of reconning gets organized and we all pull them out. I’ll even plan false targets for them to hit with a metal detector all over my yard.

    • It’s mandatory to give his gun to the police as it was involved in a crime, but he will get it back.

      • Unfortunately, some idiot will probably ENGRAVE the case # on the weapon while it’s in custody to make sure it’s not “misplaced” until returned to it’s owner.
        This happened to a cop buddy who was involved in a dept. justified shooting. His dept. required officers to purchase their own firearms, so it was not a dept. weapon, it was personal property that was defaced under order of the presiding D.A. ! And it was not hidden under a grip panel, it was on the side of the frame, larger than any of the factory markings. Defaced & devalued 🙁

  • The article is confusing. It states the shooter was charged with various crimes. The victim was the shooter. I would never live in a large city, because they criminalize protecting yourself.

  • Probably the next thing you will hear is the criminal is suing him for shooting the criminal. Knowing todays courts he might just win. They might tell the jury since he rendered aid the guy didn’t fear for his life and really didn’t think this was a bad guy.

    • I was taught by Marine that survived WW2 in Pacific to empty my weapon unless another enemy was present.

  • The way you stop crime is to make to too dangerous to commit. That means arming everyone, not everyone has to be armed, but the thought that they are stops crime 95% of thee time. The proof is Kennesaw GA which enacted a law that said every home owner had to own a gun. So what happend, B&E dropped from in the 90 percentile to less than 5%. I personally have no problem with it and if I am home and someone breaks in, they are in some serious trouble. In Fl we do not need a permit to drive with a gun, but its still a good idea.

  • He should have killed the car jacker, one less asshole in the US. Unfortunately, the car jacker will repeat his crime when he gets out of jail….assuming he even gets jail time!

  • Excellent except for the “permits” nonsense. Honest people should not need permits to exercise HUMAN RIGHTS such as Keeping and Bearing Arms.
    But mark one up for the good guy.

  • Not to worry he will be back on the streets with no bail if Democrats and their corrupt courts have anything to say about it! We need to take all the armed protection away from government and put it all in the schools! And give them a GUN FREE ZONE SIGN like they do for our kids! There is nothing wrong with their fingers they can dial 911 if they have a problem like the tell the kids! After all they are suposed to be the adults! If they feel the need for protection. They can follow their own rules a buy a gun like the rest of America! They will just not be allowed to have it in their gunfree zones! As it is the Democrats promoting crime by dumping the criminals back onto our streets with no punishemt at all!

  • DID THEY G IVE HIM MONEY & LET HIM GO YET ?????????????????????????????????????? ##AMERICAN JUSTICE TODAY

  • I’m confused by the writing in this article when it says: “The shooter has been identified as…., who is now facing various charges related to armed carjacking,….”. Just which person are they talking about? Is the carjacking victim also a criminal with a permit?

  • The 2nd amendment does not tell you that you can tell people what ammo they can have or how many rounds you can carry. There is not registration requirement for guns ammo or magazines. The government gets this wrong every time. The amendments are to tell the government what they can and cannot do only the Democrats are trying to overrule the 2nd amendment. Well guess what? That’s not gonna happen anymore. Our government has grown way too big.

  • It’s about time our Police respond to violence and if you have to shoot, then so be it. The justice today is if you want to do something – just do it. That’s not justice.



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