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Kristin MacDonald, a special needs teaching assistant working for British Columbia’s School District 43 in Canada, was recently fired after refusing to deactivate her OnlyFans account.

MacDonald revealed that an email was sent to her on April 28th demanding the immediate deactivation of “Ava James” (a persona she used for activities online) which included Instagram, TikTok and OnlyFans accounts. She refused to comply with these demands and claims that the school never mentioned any specific rules or regulations when it came to off-duty conduct.

“I was advised to deactivate all Ava James social media platforms immediately, including [Instagram], TikTok and OnlyFans, or possibly be terminated,” MacDonald told Fox News Digital. “I did not comply.”

The school district argued that her actions were seen as “egregious”, citing various reasons such as posting material involving sexualization of the school environment and accusing her of disparaging them in media interviews; both accusations MacDonald denies.

She is also concerned about how the school conducted their investigation into her OnlyFans account, which potentially violated terms set by its platform.

MacDonald told CBC that she felt “strongly … in this day and age, we should be able to do what we want as long as it’s not illegal,” and she insisted she was “not hurting anybody” with her side-hustle.

As part of their inquiry, the district took screenshots from her content. MacDonald believes this evidence suggests that taxpayer money was used to subscribe to her OnlyFans account without notifying her beforehand.

“Since the investigation by the district into my off-duty conduct, they have confirmed that school district 43 subscribed to my Onlyfans account,” MacDonald said.

“I’ve gotten emailed screenshots from my OnlyFans account that my school district sent out to Myself, the union and HR, that only paid subscribers have access too, meaning I have proof that the school used taxpayers’ money to subscribe to my OnlyFans,” MacDonald stressed, claiming that it was against OnlyFans policy to share the content outside the website.

She insists that during work hours she focused entirely on job duties and no complaints were ever received regarding interactions with students.

Earning only $1,000 every two weeks after tax deductions prompted MacDonald to pursue other means of making money outside of work, however, she wants to resolve this matter so she can return back to a job that required hard work and dedication from earning a college degree while still paying off student loans.

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