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Recent reports indicate that Vladimir Putin is continuing his aggression towards Ukraine, with the deployment of nuclear weapons to Belarus.

The United States is responding by sending aid in order to keep Ukraine prepared for a counter-offensive. As the situation continues to escalate, many are asking what this will mean for Russia and the world at large.

Belarus, which is considered an extension of Russian influence by conservative talk show host Mark Levin, has accepted the delivery of Russian nuclear weapons.

This action marks the first time Russia has deployed nuclear weapons beyond its borders since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The president of Belarus has stated that these weapons are three times more powerful than those dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II.

The United States government responded quickly to this news by sending 300 million dollars worth of vehicles as part of their latest aid package to Ukraine.

While some consider this a step in the right direction, others believe it was too little too late – like conservative talk show host Mark Levin who said “Joe Biden…is a day late and a dollar short” when speaking about US response efforts towards Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

Levin also noted that while Ukraine may be prepared for a counter-offensive against Russia, they lack one critical asset: air power.

He believes that if Ukraine had more air defenses it would make all the difference against Russian forces on their soil and could help prevent further escalation between both countries.

As tensions continue to rise between Ukrainian forces and those backed by Russia, it remains uncertain what will happen next or how much longer this conflict will last before it reaches its conclusion – whatever that may be.

What we do know is that Vladimir Putin’s actions continue to pose a serious threat not just within eastern Europe but across the world and should be monitored closely as developments unfold further over time.

To find out more, watch our 5 part series on the war in Ukraine here: The War In Ukraine

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  • Wouldn’t it be nice to see an audit of all the money that has been given to Ukraine? How much has actually gone to the war effort??

    • i’d say about 1 cent per thousand bucks. rest is shipped off to other corrupt countries, such as iran.

  • Of course he’s going to move Nukes closer to NATO, our warmongering retards in control of our former government now Criminal Organization already shipped a bunch of our Nukes over there and are building a big US Military base. If we don’t get these psychos out of power and soon we’re going to be screwed. Russia moved Nukes right next to Alaska, China is building a huge Military base in Cuba and what’s stopping them from putting Nukes on that island, then we have the other Asian nut case North Korea who’s getting bored and threatening to Nuke us again!

    • Yep. Biden is going to get us all killed because protecting Ukraine’s borders is important even though protecting ours isn’t. It’s all a money laundering scheme by the Biden crime family and the military-industrial complex.

  • “What we do know is that Vladimir Putin’s actions continue to pose a serious threat not just within eastern Europe but across the world and should be monitored closely as developments unfold further over time.”

    Oh really? That’s your conclusion Eric Thompson? Not that US warmongering and irrational escalation is not the greater threat? Blame everything on Russia just like the libtards democrats and a gaggle of republicans. USA is going for broke economically and geopolitically.

  • if it does go nuke time, you only have to blame the lame brains that actually voted for biden. i don’t mean the fake votes or the dead, just the real fools out there.
    you get what you vote in, sometimes even worse.

  • sure, send all your military hardware over there, and let’s not forget the body bags that will be needed when u.s. troops go to fight another not their war. and when it is all said and done, ukraine will start dictating to the rest of the world, becue they will have all the money and weapons that the other fools give them. i say this once only. fuck them and let them gight their own squabbles.

  • The news must stop saying “Biden does this or Biden does that”. Biden is just the spokes person for the BIDEN ADMINISTRATION. Biden can’t even figure how to get off the stage or pronounce some words. Sooo please start reporting “The Biden administration”

  • well this was all part of their plan so when we involved with supplying weapons to Ukraine then China would end up with the rest of weapons that we are left with cause we will not have enough to fend off any of our enemy



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