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I have no idea why we decided to get engaged in the Ukrainian conflict in the first place. What did we stand to gain from participating in it? They are not going to be in a position to reimburse us for the many trillions of dollars that we have loaned them in any way, shape, or form.

The war is already lost on Ukraine’s side, and I believe that people are finally starting to come to their senses and realize what’s going on. Even liberal publications such as the New York Times and the Washington Post appear to be gaining some common sense.

The New York Times reported,

The Ukrainians have been setting the stage for a broad counteroffensive in the southern Kherson region for weeks, and recent long-range rocket strikes have left thousands of Russian soldiers stationed west of the Dnipro River, in and around the port city of Kherson, in a precarious position, largely cut off from Russian strongholds to the east.

But Russia is now moving “the maximum number” of forces to the southern front in the Kherson region, the head of Ukraine’s National Security Council told Ukrainian television late Wednesday. The official, Oleksiy Danilov, described “a very powerful movement of their troops” to the front in Kherson.

While Western weapons have poured into the country, Ukraine said more arms were still needed and ammunition remained limited. Some Ukrainian officials have grown increasingly frustrated with what they believe is the slow pace of weapons deliveries from Western allies. Donor nations are training Ukrainian soldiers to use the new equipment, but that, too, remains a work in progress.

“Just give them weapons and let them work,” said Natalya Gumenyuk, the spokeswoman for Ukraine’s southern military command, which is responsible for the Kherson offensive.

This was always going to be a win for Russia. They are much more powerful than Ukraine and their generals actually worry about fighting well rather than teaching their troops about gender pronouns and weakening their standards. Russia wants the best of the best.

Americans want everyone to feel included. Let’s give everyone participation trophies. Ukraine seems to be too soft as well, especially Zelenskyy.

The Washington Post also reported that “[President] Zelensky issued a mandatory evacuation order for civilians still living in the war-torn eastern region of Donetsk, saying many were refusing to leave. “There are hundreds of thousands of people, tens of thousands of children … many people refuse to leave … but it really needs to be done,” he said in his nightly address. Russian forces have seized large areas of Donetsk but observers say its offensive has slowed.”

If he’s ordering an evacuation, then they’re losing. If they weren’t losing, then why would they be evacuating? Let’s stop wasting our hard-earned money on this country that is losing a war and start worrying about America first.

Doug Goldsmith

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  • The Dems and Lefites have made our country week. They allow woke and socialist propaganda as well as crt to be the training of our military and children. If ANYONE votes for a Dem or RINO in 2022, they are in collusion with this sick, demonic power now ruling our once great, proud and strong county.

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      • not our dollars these bills will fall on our grandkids and great grandkids to pay every democrat in office should lose their bank accounts and retirement accounts to be put against these bills also a lot of republications that have gone along with supporting these bills

    • Same in in ENGLAND AND THE U.K. The TREASONOUS CORRUPTED ELITE BRITISH NAZI EU ILLUMINATI DEEP STATE, CABAL (NOT ENGLISH) Who infiltrated our English governments, parliaments and all English Establishments, years ago, same as the U.K. ie ROTHCHILDS, (owners of the world banks) GEORGE SOROS (richest man in the world , creating and financing all wars and BLM, ANTIFA and Infiltrated governments WW, ECT, is still wanted by Hungry for WORLD WAR 2 NAZI JEW CRIMES) Even ROYALTY are Nazi German heritage, real name COLEBERG-SAXE, not the Windsors, name taken from Windsor castle, following reprisals against them re WW1 with the Germans. Research, their name. We herein England are fighting against having our countries name England, our English Constitution Laws ref 1688-89 Ch61 OUR BILL OF RIGHTS, ALONGSIDE OUR DECLARATION OF RIGHTS, REF 1215 MAGNA CARTA still in force today as can NEVER EVER BE REPEALED ALTERED OR ABOLISHED, and our Culture, removed by the BRITISH NAZI EU CABAL DEEP STATE PUPPET MINIONS, By forcing us to be called BRITISH. England has been under attack since WWIand beyond. Hence the treasonous treaty of the cabal Nazi EU created by the EVIL BRITISH CABAL. responsible for ALL WARS ACROSS THE WORLD, for centuries. They have practically DESTROYED AND ANNIHILATED England, by STRIPPING PILLAGING and STEALING every ENGLISH ASSETS MANUFACTURING, RESOURCES, MINERALS, AND EVEN OUR SOVEREIGN LAND AND OUR MILITARY, SELLING THEM OFF ON THE NEXT TO NOTHING CHEAP TO THE EU, ELITE, BRITISH CABAL TO MAKE TRILLIONS UPON TRILLIONS, with the ELITE PUPPET MINIONS to get MASSIVE PAYMENTS IN BACK HANDERS. Just look at evil BLAIRS THREE MASSIVE MANSIONS AND WEALTH, NOTHING BUT A GENOCIDAL WARMONGER, who profited from the UNLAWFUL ILLEGAL WAR IN IRAQ, WITH OBAMA, NOTHING TO DO WITH US ENGLISH OR YOU AMERICANS.

    • Does it occur as facts that joe, bo illegal 3rd term is bankrupting U.S.A. with asinine spending on wasted support for losers ! A proof of treason is obvious and justice “0”! All dem’s are now the #1 enemy in U.S.A. to eliminate ASAP !

  • The leftist administration of the United States of America corporation is bankrupt. They tried to stop Russia from destroying the 30 something bio labs that the corrupt u.s. government was operating. Ukraine’s government is CORRUPT, blackmailing u.s. administration into providing Billions of our resources to protect their corruption, plus payoffs to other countries involved with the Global Cabal. I, keep asking the Question, Ya’ll seen enough yet?

    • I agree. Why is it that Liberals and RINOS insist on being SO STUPID? What is it that you people do not get or see? The handwriting is on the wall. Our government today is CORRUPT and we are the stooges for letting this corruption continue. America is being destroyed BY DESIGN. Wake up fools. If our country keeps going as it is, we all will be standing in bread lines. No one will be exempt except the elites.

      • I agree. Disgusted with the corrupt Biden family and other corrupt politicans with their hands out.
        About Ukraine I must admit tho I would be hard pressed to turn my back on a country (especially w/o proof of their corruption)about to be destroyed by
        Russia and like minded countries. We could be the next country under atack by China & Russia.

    • Exactly brilliant comment by you, from an English patriot to an American Patriot, GOD BLESS YOU FOR PUTTING OUT TRUTHS, PEOPLE WORLD WIDE NEED TO WAKE UP and SMELL THE COFFEE. May God keep you and all humanity fighting such evil safe.

  • Trillions of American taxpayers dollars sent over to Biden’s corrupt Ukrainian business partners in one of the largest money laundering scams the crooked politicians ever pulled on the American people and not a single person will even be questioned let alone see a jail cell.

    • Same here in England U.K. PM Boris Johnson sent trillions of our taxes and all our armoury to UKRAINE, leaving our Country depleted of arms, and our pensioners ripib of their taxis paid in for years destitute. They are literally flooding our country with millions of all illegal world wide foreign immigrants, day and night, seven days a week, 52 weeks per year, putting them up in 4* hotels up and dow n our country. Stealing our ENGLISH SOVEREIGN LAND INCLUDING OUR DELIBERATE DEPLETED MILITARIES LAND, AND BUILDING CONCRETE HOUSING JUNGLE ACROSS OUR COUNTRY, TO PLACE THOSE illegal immigrants in at our tax payers expense, whilst our own indigenous English people are left penniless destitute @nd homeless in our own streets. Those British Nazi EU Cabal (WEF, WHO, BILDERBERG, ROTHSCHILDS and the like Societies) And puppet minions who have and still are ripping off humanity and DESTROYING the world, NEED DRAGGING OUT CASTRATED, HANGED DRAWN AND QUARTERED AND LEFT TO ROT

    • We here in England U.K. have the same, re PM Boris Johnson sent trillions of our taxes and all our armoury to UKRAINE, leaving our Country depleted of arms, and our pensioners ripib of their taxis paid in for years destitute. They are literally flooding our country with millions of all illegal world wide foreign immigrants, day and night, seven days a week, 52 weeks per year, putting them up in 4* hotels up and dow n our country. Stealing our ENGLISH SOVEREIGN LAND INCLUDING OUR DELIBERATE DEPLETED MILITARIES LAND, AND BUILDING CONCRETE HOUSING JUNGLE ACROSS OUR COUNTRY, TO PLACE THOSE illegal immigrants in at our tax payers expense, whilst our own indigenous English people are left penniless destitute @nd homeless in our own streets. Those British Nazi EU Cabal (WEF, WHO, BILDERBERG, ROTHSCHILDS and the like Societies) And puppet minions who have and still are ripping off humanity and DESTROYING the world, NEED DRAGGING OUT CASTRATED, HANGED DRAWN AND QUARTERED AND LEFT TO ROT

    • It’s $40 billion, not “trillions.” 1% of the budget. Gigantic difference:

      The magnitude of difference between 1 million and 1 billion is not that intuitive and can be illustrated with this example of the time scale:
      – A million seconds is 12 days.
      – A billion seconds is 32 years.
      – A trillion seconds is 31,688 years

      • You know what, Mark ??? Thats 1% more of the US budget then I got !!!
        Ive had enough of foreign countries. ! Fight your own wars with your own $$$ !!
        BTW, FINISH THAT WALL while we’re at it !!!


      • The MIC drives the USA wars now for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Winning quickly defeats the effort! Losing is irrelevant. Another war will be started.


  • Few people know that the eastern part of Ukraine always belonged to Russia before Stalin cut a big piece off Russia and transferred it the Ukraine to make Kiev (the capital of Ukraine) in the middle. After the fall of the Soviet-“union”, the different regions wanted their quasi independence and free to cut their deals (some very corrupt) internationally. The prime example of “rotten to the bone” corrupt system is the Ukraine. That’s why the Biden crime family was almost exclusively doing business with the Ukraine. And that’s the reason that Biden gave 60 billion of our tax money to them to prevent Russia from regaining their original territory.

    • This is BS! The eastern Ukrainians are RUSSIAN!! Why would they evacuate? They are the ones that sided with the Russians begging for help to save them from the barbaric Western Ukrainians who have been bombing them for 9 yrs.

  • This operation was contrived between the US and Ukraine in order to launder money and it is time people wake up to this truth. The corrupt US and Ukraine have been conspiring with each other for decades and Ukraine has so much dirt on the Bidens, Obamas and Clintons and I have no doubt they were using that dirt to get more US tax payer dollars and I am sure laundering some of that money back to the US criminals was part of the deal. Anyone foolish enough to think that Ukraine could defeat Russia was just that, a fool. The US had no business interfering in the business between Russia and Ukraine and the illegal President and VP (she is not a natural born citizen folks) poked the bear in order to start the skirmish. Our biggest enemy is our own government.

    • Our government will not allow any reports as to where and how our taxpayer money is being used in Ukraine. Someone needs to ask WHY!! When the Republicans take back I do hope someone will ask this question.

    • Amen. Deep down, Biden wants Russia to win, so that they will hopefully destroy any Ukraine records that exist with the Biden crime family. By now, the DC crooks have raked in enough $$$, so it is time to shut this syndicate down. Without any accountability of the money and weapons that America has sent, it does not take much effort to realize where the $$$ have gone.

  • If you don’t have air superiority it is very difficult to win any war and that has been proven time and again. So besides air superiority Russia also is a much larger country with more resources.

  • Maybe Ukraine should demand money from Klaus Schwab & the WEF since Zelenski is a graduate of their Young Global Leaders program. They have plenty of cash &, if worse comes to worse, they could tap their Rockefeller backers or even the Rothchild’s if they need to go up a level…
    For those who don’t have a grasp of history, in the 18th century, Baron Nathan Rothschild financed Rockefller, JP Morgan, and others. JP Morgan owned 18% of JP Morgan and I “assume” that the terms were the same for Rockefeller & others.

  • If you check the offshore bank accounts of the people in Congress who allocated all this money, I’m pretty sure you’ll find a lot of it. This was a GIGANTIC money laundering operation to enrich American politicians at taxpayer expense. So WE got screwed financially, and the Ukrainian people suffered physically, and I’m sure the Globalist Zelesnky got HIS fair share, too.

    • Zelesnky , for a poor boy has a $30 million house in Florida and other places in Europe. This is total money laundering. The Nazis sold a lot of US equipment to Iran. Most of US politicians [on both sides] got their share .

  • I just wonder how much Russians have paid for this article. The Author is blind and dishonest and does not like Ukrainians.

      • Lee I WAS THERE. How about you? What do you know about Ukraine outside of Twitter? I lived in Kyiv for 5 years and was an international observer in the Donbas conflict zone with OSCE, having led over 100 patrols across the Line of Contact. Funny thing, never met any of these “Ukrainian Nazis.” It’s Moscow propaganda. We’re supposed to be more intelligent than liberals on the left.

  • Who wrote this? “Russian forces have seized large areas” Seems to me that wanting to pull your people out before friendly fire kills them is quite smart! I’ll bet the Russian military leaders are elated that their troops have a bit of a safety net…like setting up your headquarters in a hospital or grammar school…. Maybe Zelensky doesn’t want dead Ukrainians from friendly fire… Just thinking…

    • Your comment makes far too much sense for most of this crowd. None of them can even begin to understand the tactical advantage that will be lost to Russia if Ukraine falls and gives Russia their highly desired land bridge.

  • Doug Goldsmith, if he is the writer, does not understand war. Evacuation of civilians has nothing to do with winning or losing the war; it is only, exactly, about preserving civilian lives. Whether Ukraine wins or loses, they have certainly put a dent in the capability and credibility of a US enemy, and they have shown that down deep, Russia absolutely is a US enemy.

  • Long ago they should have brought the war to Russia! Cross the boarder and attack their cities and force them to stay home and defend their own country! Standing in front of a freight train thinking you can stop it . Was a losing game from the start! Hope he kept all the dirt on Biden! As it was most likely Biden that sold him out. So the Russians could destroy all the evidence on Biden!

  • There were many ups and downs when Americans had our Revolution but we persevered and so will Ukraine! I say give Ukraine Cruise Missiles and if they hit the Russia so be it. NATO can give the weapons to Ukraine but they aren’t responsible for where they land. DO IT!!

  • I have to wonder what the author will say if after Russia annexes Ukraine, it then goes after Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Georgia ?

    What if that emboldens China to take the S. China Sea within its claimed Dash Nine line?

    Will he deny he’s a Quisling or a Chamberlain?

  • Who is going to worry about America first? Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe? How About Marxist/Communist Obama or Susan Rice, or Corrupt Quid PROs incompetent bureaucrats? They want America to be first? They want America to be first at being last. If this inherently present govt. of the U.S. wanted America to be first, America would be energy independent, America would have a secure Southern Border, and they wouldn’t be preaching to defund the police, our first line of defense against anarchy. Corrupt quid Pro is trying awfully hard to turn America into an America patented after Socialist Europe, and an American Government patented after Communist China. America uses it’s. Democracy too freely. America should be eliminating the threat from within, legal or otherwise, eliminating the threat that is detrimental to the survival of this nation. Instead America has a Buffoon for an AG, and and FBI that runs around like ex-Soviet Union KGB agents. Wray may be right, he has talked to a lot of hard working FBI agent’s only they are not located in DC. Wray is just as corrupt as Comey. Parents that oppose school boards in ref: to Transgenderism, and racist CRT are not the internal threats and criminals of the U.S. How long does on think that BLM/ANTIFA would last if they started up trouble in Communist China. They would find themselves in the nearest landfill.

  • The Democrats (Biden) helped start the war. That’s what they do. Then they spend our money on needless stuff like CRT etc. Increasing the money supply causing inflation (Govt Spending) and then having the Federal Reserve raise rates to control the inflation that they caused, which caused the current recession. Dem’s playbook war, inflation and recession.

  • Why did we get involved? To protect our corrupt elite’s big money playground, with Biden family in the foreground. Have you noticed? What Biden did to Russian oligarchs and never even mentioned the corrupt Ukrainians? The fourth most corrupt country in entire world where Zelensky is just as corrupt and as authoritarian as Putin. With laughable excuse of urgent need to protect their democracy and their borders. What democracy? There has never been any. there. Who is protecting our wide open borders? Who is protecting our democracy where the left is stepping on it day in and out squeezing our middle class out of extinction with open borders, lawlessness, sky rocketing energy prices, raging inflation, out of control crime, out of control national debt, and failing corrupt unionized public education? We better wake up and do it soon, our country as we knew it is disappearing.

  • Let’s get something straight…just because an evacuation is ordered, it doesn’t signal defeat, and the author of this article has misjudged this.
    There could several reasons for a call to evacuate:
    1. spare civilians from heavy fighting.
    2. know which civilians are pro-Russian sympathizers
    Until there’s an outcome to this war, we don’t know who won.

    • Your logic is lost on most of the crowd here. You have to cut it down and put it in comic book form for many of them to understand.

  • I read all 33 comments, I agree with most ,there is always 10% who are different. OK now I am waiting to hear what, how and when we can do some thing to correct all this. We know what is wrong now we need a solution.

  • The reason we are involved, is the Biden’s have taken protection money from them for years, and had to make a showing of helping out.

    • He’s trying to destroy the tracks to his bank account(s). So far he has profited handsomely. But it won’t last forever. Some are getting close to uncovering the payback schemes.

  • Are we now going to leave all that munitions and guns in Ukraine? Just another Afghanistan. Taxpayers are fucked again. Just got to Love Biden. What an asshole.

    • Totally agree with what you are saying . Bidens are corrupt and have been for years and getting rich off the war and disruption of the U.S. as well .Just like in Afghanistan leaving million or Trillions of dollars worth their for them to salvage . Bet your booty this will happen again . This family needs to be gone and we need to take our own country back and fight for our own freedom

    • Why Nancy? Why is DEE cold-hearted? Because she can see through the BS? Are you one of the 30% that thinks Bide-a-ween is doing a great job? That his ‘Guidance’ and the rest of the ‘’ is on YOUR side? looking out for Your interests? You’ re family? Do you feel looked out for? I sure don’t. Is our current thief resident even ‘In Charge’ anymore ?’or even Alive still?. Who’s sitting in the BIG chair now pulling the strings that make the sheep dance? Does it give you the ‘Warm-Fuzzies” knowing that if anything happened to our fear-full leader next in line is Kackling Kamala? or Pelosi the ghost! There aren’t a lot of good options here is there?
      Do you feel SAFE anymore? Have thing’s in your neck of the woods gotten safer the last couple of years? Do you still have your job? did you wear masks happily when ordered to? Did you get all the Jab’s? Boosters? , Yeah,? how many? How do you feel right now?
      Watch out kid the next big LIE is coming your g’vment “Monkey Pox!’ GOOD LORD! monkey-pox are they kidding! It even sounds like a lie! I can see the lines forming already! are you ready for the sequel? Pandemic 2 MP Strikes! get ready for more Isolation, social disease distancing! more ‘Jab’s’? It worked for THEM before why not use the proven Con again? People are sheep/stoopid.
      Have any of your friends suddenly died? They haven’t killed enough of us yet some are still resisting.. Remember in Trek when the “Borg” tried to Assimilate everybody what was their catch phrase ? ‘Resistance is futile” Maybe Biden-borg was a fan too! …I’m jus’ sayin’, if you feel life is Grand and all is well in your world Congratulations! You are either an asleep Shepple or you are a fool or both . This country is in a bad way and (too many) people are going to die because they refuse to wake up! This isn’t a conspiracy , this isn’t right-wing extremism talking, I am NOT an Extremist home grown Terrorist! I could care less if you are a democrat or a republican. It’s YOUR choice!. None of my business. What I do care about is all the wonderful American’s who are dyeing @ an alarming rate now. People in their 20’s, 30’s 40’s + all of a sudden from Cancer, suicides, tumor’s etc. previously healthy people that since getting the JAB/boosters have succumb to these awful diseases. Look @ the rich and shameless for instance, they are dropping like flies. They ALL got the Jab I bet ya. ‘Influencer’s’ and ‘Rapper’s’ for some reason are taking a huge hit lately. Have you even noticed Nancy? THEY have! Kinda sad really.
      When faced with Tyranny what will be your choice? Enslavement or Death? If Elvis has already left the building in this conversation and you’ve already decided I am a right wing nut, that’s ok. I am NOT trying to ‘awaken’ you. Not my job. The final decision is yours….or is it? I’m just trying to figure out how anyone @ this point could still possibly feel this is all part of the plan for America/American’s. Did ja ever take a ‘road trip’ and know in your heart this isn’t the right path? We should pull over and ask ‘somebody’ for the directions? You KNEW you were lost/going the wrong way, you felt it down to your bones. Well, maybe I am your bones talking. But if just (1) person say’s ‘Hey wait a minute’ this really doesn’t feel good. Then maybe this wasn’t a wasted effort on my part . Would it kill you to look @ the situation a little more closely Nancy?, it just might kill you if you don’t.

  • Goes back to Hunter having his hand in the cookie jar in Ukraine and Brandon is trying to save this money and also helping the arms and munition corporations financially. The answer is to stop Putin here or maybe he will want Alaska next even tho they sold it to the USA . Russia has always wanted control of a year round harbor for shipping.

  • Doug, you are a fool, apparently nothing is worth fighting for in your view. I am very glad to supply the Ukraine with weapons and training to fight the worst curse on earth. (Hitler said it first). In other words just tell all victims of Russia, just roll over an play dead. Is a democratic regime not worth help. What did PM Chamberlin learn about appeasement?

    Don’t you remember Russia’s first incursion into Afghanistan. I told my wife, “You don’t know what they have done”. After repeating that several times, she said, “What have they done?”. I said, “They have walked into their own Vietnam”. And they pulled out after several years.

    Maybe they have walked into their second Vietnam. And think of all the people who have died fighting, in your view they are all fools for not welcoming Putin’s boot in their face, forever. They knew the meaning of Communism, apparently you don’t. Please roll over and go away.

    • Putin’s boot in their face, forever…I can’t help but laugh at the replies from nitwits who spout the spoon fed globalist talking points. Since you are SO uninformed here’s the Cliff Notes version. Globalists want Russia to bend over and he said no. They thought they could pressure him like that traitor Biden and found out they were wrong. Globalist and EU hubris brought on the Russian offensive which when finished will turn Ukraine into a parking lot. I’m good with that even if certain dumb asses have no idea of who caused what. Putin said he would not allow an EU nation against Russia’s border. Globalists, assholes in the west, and the EU all thought they could make Putin bend over. Apparently they never studied his history. Now whiners like you flap their lips knowing NOTHING about what’s really going on. Say, I have an idea. If you like the idea of fighting Russia why don’t you go fight Russia in Ukraine? I get it. You want to talk tough but are in essence a coward who wants others to fight and die for you. How about this…shut up moron.

  • Dont worry I am sure the “big guys” family is set for generations now…. And Russia probably got more military surplus than the Taliban.

  • The crooked Biden regime supporting the even MORE crooked Ukraine regime was a non-starter with regards to tussling with Russia. That said Biden used American taxpayer dollars to protect his crooked interests in the region. I’m glad this’ll be over soon and pretty much all of Ukraine is once again owned by Russia. Ukraine is a craphole of corruption and needs to be purged of the scum presently in charge.

  • I have seen our military’s ability be decreased during my service of 22 years … Carter and all that. Now, the 2023 Defense budget has cut billions from R&D and maintenance, and provided loads of $ for social training of our troops and all the woke things that go with it. The latter does not win wars. The enemy doesn’t care what pronouns we use or how we regard trans folks. Our leaders need to get their heads back on their shoulders and think straight.

  • Congress appropriated $40bn for Ukraine. Less than 1% of the budget. We spent double that every year for 20 years straight in Afghanistan, never mind Iraq. Where were your articles then, “Doug Goldsmith”? If your theory is correct, why haven’t the Russians taken over by now? They’ve had 5 months to do so.

  • Putin loves this clickbait, that is, if someone in the Kremlin didn’t write it (which is entirely possible). I don’t see anything in the articles you cited indicating that the media are suggesting Ukraine will lose. The appropriation–of which only a small part has been spent–is $40 billion, not “trillions.” To put that in perspective, the U.S. defense budget is $778 billion per year, and the U.S. 2020 budget was $4.8 trillion. If you can’t tell the difference between a billion and a trillion you shouldn’t be drafting articles.

  • The NYT pimped for the USSR 100 years ago.

    ‘The New York Times’ can’t shake the cloud over a 90-year-old Pulitzer Prize
    May 8, 20227:17 AM ET
    Heard on Morning Edition
    David Folkenflik

    Yet the war in Ukraine has renewed questions of whether the Times should return a Pulitzer awarded 90 years ago for work by Walter Duranty, its charismatic chief correspondent in the Soviet Union.

    “He is the personification of evil in journalism,” says Oksana Piaseckyj, a Ukrainian-American activist who came to the U.S. as a child refugee in 1950. She is among the advocates for the return of the award. “We think he was like the originator of fake news.”

  • Sad to say but this is a total waste of tax payers money and lives of our military aiding in this war. We need to stop and look at the big picture here. We had problems with both of the country’s and now we are helping support their war. Time to look at who is pulling the strings here. Back off and let them pay for what is done . They will never repay our country for the help . Not to be an ass or anything but i feel it is using our aide and we will be the ones to pay for it in the end and get screwed thanks to Biden and his son .

  • NO, Ukraine didnt waste US dollars !!! They just took what the Assine folks in the WH handed them !! Biden and his Imbeciles wasted OUR money !!!
    Time for this to STOP !!! Get out and VOTE in your Primary !!! We MUST stop this wasteful spending of our tax dollars !!! My husband and i are in our 70’s and we STILL are paying in tax dollars every April 15th !!! ENOUGH, FREAKIN ENOUGH. !! PLEASE, vote Republican ! My husband and i were raised Democrats, but after Obama’s second term we said ENOUGH ! Now we’re Republicans!

  • You should keep your idiotic opinions to yourself. Russia will never win this war, despite a more than 3-to-1 advantage in artillery that is taking its toll; Russian armor and personnel losses are triple those of Ukraine. If we in the West actually provided more than a handful of HIMARS, M777s and NASAMS, the Ukrainians would be kicking the Russians all the way back to Belgorod. Evacuation orders are so Ukrainian counterattacks will not kill/injure Ukrainian citizens, Mr Clueless; the Ukrainian army, unlike the Russian, actually cares about civilian lives.
    All the ignorant who complain about “depleting our arsenal” have zero clue that practically every US tactical weapon was designed specifically to counter the Soviet/Russian war machine, and most if not all of it is nearing the end of service life. Energetics like warheads and rocket motors in particular have 20-yr lives; sending it to Ukraine is actually cheaper than EOD scrapping. BTW, I engineered a significant number of these weapon systems for 37 years.



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