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Twenty-two state attorneys general have requested the Supreme Court to halt Special Counsel Jack Smith’s swift prosecution of former President Donald Trump for allegedly conspiring to overturn the 2020 election results.

They are urging a pause until the Court rules on whether such a trial is constitutionally permissible.

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall led this group in filing an amicus brief with the Court, arguing that Smith’s rush to prosecute Trump before the 2024 election has raised concerns about potential ulterior motives and could impact the fairness of the legal process.

They believe that waiting for a decision on Trump’s presidential immunity would help uphold public trust in the justice system.

Trump has submitted a request to stay a ruling by the D.C. Circuit that presidents can be prosecuted for actions taken during their time in office

. Marshall and his colleagues support this application, emphasizing that such a significant issue regarding presidential immunity should be decided by the highest court in the country.

“Before a former President faces a federal criminal trial for the first time in our Nation’s history, this Court should decide whether such a trial is permitted by the Constitution.”

The brief raises additional questions regarding the DOJ’s failure to file charges on the actions raised in the allegation for over two years before insisting on its “relentless” demand to take Trump to trial “as promptly as possible.”

“To say the least, the timing is suspicious, and it warrants explanation,” the brief reads. “But the United States has never offered one.”

“[T]iming a criminal prosecution to influence an election is no way to protect democracy, and it is not a legitimate end of law enforcement,” the brief continues.

The brief’s authors suggest President Joe Biden deserves a share of the blame for the appearance of impropriety:

President Biden himself, in November 2022, declared that Donald Trump “will not take power …. I’m making sure he, under legitimate efforts of our Constitution, does not become the next President again.

” It does not look good, and it looks worse when the prosecution presses every court reviewing President Trump’s constitutional claims to move more quickly. This week, the prosecution’s amicus said the quiet part out loud: “[T]his is not just any case,” argued the Protect Democracy Project, because a stay might “delay the trial until after the 2024 election,” “denying the voters relevant information.”

Trump declared his intention to seek the nomination on November 15, 2022, after hinting at his plans in the days preceding Biden’s remarks.

Marshall and a group of attorneys general advocate for a delay to safeguard the constitutionality of the procedure and to reassure the public that the Department of Justice is not interfering in the election.

“Contrary to the prosecution’s haste, the fact that the defendant is a former President is a reason to move carefully—to be sure the prosecution is constitutional from inception. And the fact that the defendant is potentially a future President is even more reason to ensure the appearance and reality of fairness.”

Alabama is joined by Alaska, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming in the case United States v. Trump (No. 23A745) before the Supreme Court of the United States.

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  • Well If This Charade Continues? Then I Can Think Of Another Standing Criminal President That If These Phony Charges Stick? -Will End Up Dying In Prison!-Or Will It Pardon The Entire Regime?-Including its Demented Self?-The Scum Think It Can Avoid ALL This Extreme $$ Laundering By Pardons At The End Of The Destruction Of a Nation!-Hiding On Small Islands and Looking Over Its Shoulder Every Hour Spending its Blood $$ On Foreign Mercenaries Who Work and Do Everything For $$$-Including Lots Of $$-And Whose Paying?-Might Be Safer To Bury Itself in a Bunker?

    • You are dead wrong. The liberal left are the real criminals in today’s society.
      The left just wants to turn this country into a Marxist state. Anyone who disagrees with them will be canceled or worse.
      Donald Trump stands for America first, unlike the excuse we have for a president right now.

  • I see the logic of the prosecution. They never proved anything. Trump says he is worth 2 billion, but if he does not pay judgement, they can say he was lying because he doesn’t have it. That would prove it and that would not work for Letitta because it would be a new issue for debate. Also, everyone would hide assets the bulk of their capitol.

    • All of the indictments and charges against trump is all a conspiracy orchestrated by Biden, Obama and the rest of the Democratic swamp. They should be impeached and Trump should be elected for another 4 years. Best president ever. He cares about all citizens not just one particular race or party. Democrat’s have proven beyond a doubt they are all criminal by nature.

      • Thank you for a very common sense approach. I wish more people understood what you are saying. As you noted, no other individual has been hounded like Donald Trump. I would not be surprised if there was an exchange of money for the indictments against President Trump. Since Donald Trump left office, this country has not really had a president.
        I’m with you.

  • All of the indictments and charges against trump is all a conspiracy orchestrated by Biden, Obama and the rest of the Democratic swamp. They should be impeached and Trump should be elected for another 4 years. Best president ever. He cares about all citizens not just one particular race or party. Democrat’s have proven beyond a doubt they are all criminal by nature.

  • If the Supreme Court rules in favor of Jack Off Smith and Leticia James and shithead Joe Biden, then War should begin.
    The assholes already ruled in favor of Joe Biden to cut the razer wire along the Texas, border and my Texas, Governor Abbott is CONSTITUTIONALLY Disregarding the Supreme Courts ruling by adding more razor wire.
    Communist Democrats want War against my State of Texas, then we are saying Bring it ON.!!

  • Soros has all these crooked da s in his pocket with those billions this man has t be stopped he is crooked as day one in europe he caused revalutiions and shorted there dollar and made billions and hes doing it here ita on wikopedia web site

  • It’s funny how quick they want to incriminate Trump before elections But asshole Biden’s crimes are held up on Democrats not releasing the documents republicans want. The Biden’s keep interfering in criminal investigations funny how they keep getting away with all bogus crimes. Biden should of been impeached on hundreds of illegal actions he committed. He will go down in history as the worlds worst president. The whole Biden family is a disgrace to America. Hopefully all of them will be put in jail for life no parole ever. FJB & Family

  • All of these charges are nothing but fraud or sham of the highest level. They sat on all of these indictments so as to time it during the general election. The left are as cooked and dirty and having taken it to another level as ever. Most people (republicans) would ride off in the sunset and just go away. Not President Trump he’s a fighter. I really think these charges are making him stronger as a person, they certainly are in the polls and thankfully the American people are seeing through this nonsense. I think it’s funny that all the claims against the right the left has already done or is doing. Take a look at Fulton County, GA. When you claim you’re the smartest person in the room, you had better be or THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE! Give them time folks they will figuratively hang themselves, they always do because the left always takes their smartness just a little too far. I personally love watching this. Trump is playing chess and is very good at it and winning. Trump/Noem 2024 People across the fruited plain need to vote. Vote early, harvest where legal and help family and friends vote. Another four years of this nonsense will effectively destroy the US. Together we can save what’s left of Her. Trump/Noem ’24



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