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A chilling video has surfaced depicting a large transgender (male) student assaulting a smaller and weaker girl in a women’s restroom at a high school in New York.

The disturbing incident, which occurred at Greece Arcadia High School in Rochester back in February, recently came to light when it was discovered online, prompting a bomb threat to be directed towards the school.

The footage, revealed by the feminist website Reduxx, shows the transgender student barging into a restroom stall and viciously attacking the defenseless girl as onlookers capture the assault on their phones.

Despite the incident happening months ago, the school has remained tight-lipped about the violent altercation.

In the video, the transgender teen can be seen dragging the terrified girl by her hair out of the stall and into the hallway, where more punches are thrown before school staff intervene to stop the one-sided brawl.

The victim’s screams of fear echo in the background as another individual eventually steps in to assist and remove her from harm’s way.


WXXI News reported that Greece Arcadia High School received a bomb threat with offensive language targeting the transgender community just after 6 a.m. on Friday, following the viral video incident.

The threatening message, as reported by WHEC, criticized the school for not ensuring a safe learning environment and accused the district of promoting unacceptable behavior among students in connection to the recent brawl.

As a precaution, both Greece Arcadia High and Middle schools were evacuated. Classes were delayed for two hours while authorities investigated the threat.

Superintendent Kathleen Graupman labeled the bomb threat as a hate crime and suggested that external parties were using the violent incident to push their own agenda.

“It is clear that this is being used for an agenda, whether it’s a personal or political agenda, it is being used. That fight that occurred was significant and very, very upsetting and disturbing, and also, I want to be very clear: it involved minors, and it involved minors that deserve respect and privacy. We don’t get to share videos and names and peoples’ personal identities out there,” Graupman said.

According to WHEC, Graupman continued by stating that the school district is assisting in locating and prosecuting the person or people responsible for the bomb threat.

Yet, it remains unclear if the authorities will investigate and prosecute the violent assault on the young girl by the transgender student.

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Doug Goldsmith

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  • This transgender crap is bullshit! stop allowing these mentally ill people to do this and get away with it. This is a man who wants to be a woman so he dresses as one and then goes into restrooms to beat up little girls. this is insanity, these kind of mentally ill people need therapy, not acceptance!

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    • Your so right Ralph, it’s time those transgender males start getting the shit beat out of them by a straight male for beating up real girls.
      No matter how many operations and injections they get their never going to be a female.

    • “the best”?????? Hardly. But what do you expect from black savages?
      Wait until the kweerz & black thugs try that crap with the Hispanics and Chinese.

  • I have been to many zoos and the animal kingdom behaves better than what we are seeing in the schools today. Who is raising these kids that cannot control their anger? What type of program is in this school that is not abreast of this behavior. What type of punishment is doled out to counter attack these beasts? Was it similar to the one day suspension that the two boys that raped the 9 year old in Portland received?

  • STOP pandering to the transgender lunacy, it only makes it worse. Dressing up as a girl and pretending you are one does not make you one. It’s only going to become a bigger problem.

  • Don’t send your kids to Public schools.They don’t get an education ,they get beaten down by the Obama LGBTQ crowd

    • Expelled???? Yes. To the Middle East. The Mozlems love to bugger boys and throw kweerz off the tops of buildings.

  • WOW! Even after that thumping from the freak that little girl still wanted a chunk of his hide. Good job democrats for allowing these creatures to roam the halls of our schools pretending to be what they are not. Also, good stop by what I believe to be a resource officer or someone with the sense to put a halt to what could have gone tragic.

  • The first thing to do to him is kick him in the groin. Then you will have proof of his gender. When he is writhing in pain holding his nuts you will have your proof.

  • mental illnesses are real and should be dealt with accordingly. the bible is the gold standard by which all shall be judged. refusal to follow the word of god in this life needs to be addressed. this is what mental institutions are made for.

  • Don’t be surprised. This is what you get when you pretend that these mentally retarded people are normal. And you force the normal people to have to be subjected to their psychotic episodes!

  • You want to know a hate crime. That girl getting beat with none of the students helping her. The ignorant piece of shit commented a hate crime as did all the ones filming. If it weren’t for me being a Christian I’d use some very choice words about the cowards.

  • Hey did you know that 15% of the population is responsible for 52% of all crimes. FBI statistic.!
    Now You Know

  • Reparations ……..Now!
    One way tickets to Africa!

    Losing 13% of the population will cut the US crime rate in half easily!


  • Trannies are agents of Satan. They are vicious and disgusting.
    All you Leftist and virtue-signaling creeps that fought on the behalf of the GBLTQ bunch have blood on your hands. It’s only a matter of time before the GBLTQ perverts turn on their benefactors like the rabid dogs they are.

  • So the leftist loons running this school has decided that the bomb threatener is the worse criminal here. The bs is that the article states that the bomb scare was against the trans community!! Really!! A new bomb that kills only trans?? The bomb threat was because of the trans not directed at them. Typical leftist lies.

  • This “trans” seems to be old enough to determine that HE wants to change his body and the State has in allowing this already determined this “child” to be an ADULT.
    Therefore HE should be tried for aggravated assault with intent to cause severe bodily harm. He should face this as and ADULT and face the MAXIMUM sentence allowed by law.
    There is NO other way that justice can be seen to exist in NY.

  • And the left will swear that allowing men in the women’s bathroom will not end like this! Yeah right! These people are mentally ill and need help! Stop the insanity!

  • The assailant deserves justice. I suspect that justice will have to find him/it. The administration of law does not seem to provide deterrence.

  • So, what action was taken against the boy who committed this senseless attack? He should have been arrested and hauled off to jail. But, then again, this happened in New York…

  • If you really believe you are not the gender you were born with then you definitely have a mental problem. Otherwise you are just a pervert.



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