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Ohio Governor Mike DeWine (R-OH), who is often labeled as a RINO, has proposed a special legislative session to bypass state laws in order to ensure that Joe Biden is included on the November ballot, despite the Democratic Party’s failure to meet registration requirements.

This decision follows a warning from Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) about their lack of compliance with Ohio’s strict nomination laws.

According to Ohio law, presidential candidates must be officially nominated at least 90 days before the election, setting this year’s deadline at August 7.

However, the Democratic National Convention is scheduled for August 19-22, which falls well beyond this deadline. May 9 was the cutoff date for Ohio lawmakers to take action.

LaRose has emphasized his commitment to upholding the law and stated that without a legal remedy or adjustment by the Democrats themselves, their nominee would be excluded from the ballot as per the regulations.

“I’ve said from here to Colorado that it’s in the best interest of voters to have a choice in the race for president. I’m also duty-bound to follow the law as Ohio’s chief elections officer,” LaRose wrote.

“As it stands today, the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee will not be on the Ohio ballot. That is not my choice. It’s due to a conflict in the law created by the party, and the party has so far offered no legally acceptable remedy,”

“The Ohio House speaker said today there won’t be a legislative solution, so I’ve sent a letter to [Ohio Dems] chair seeking (again) a solution that upholds the law and respects the voters. I trust they’ll act quickly,” LaRose said on Wednesday.

The letter sent to Democratic leadership reads, “The conflict between the August 7, 2024 certification deadline and the date of your party’s nominating convention is well established. In my correspondence to you dated April 5, 2024, I offered two possible remedies: a change in the date by which your party formally nominates a presidential candidate or action by the Ohio General Assembly to create an exception to this statutory requirement. Today, the Speaker of the Ohio House told members of the media there would not be a legislative solution, as there is “just not the will to do that from the Legislature.”

“With a legislative remedy taken off the table, I must remind you that the deadline is fast approaching, and the matter remains unresolved. Unless your party plans to comply with the statutory deadline, I am duty-bound to instruct boards of elections to begin preparing ballots that do not include the Democratic Party’s nominees for president and vice president of the United States,” it added.

Nevertheless, the disloyal RINO governor condemned the Republican-led Ohio House for failing to pass legislation that would modify this mandate, ultimately making it easier for Biden to appear on the ballot.

“The Senate has passed several bills that would remedy this situation. However, the House of Representatives has failed to do this. The legislature had a session yesterday and again failed to take any action. This is simply unacceptable,” said the RINO governor.

“Ohio is running out of time to get Joe Biden, the sitting President of the United States on the ballot this fall. Failing to do so is simply not acceptable. This is a ridiculous, this is an absurd situation,” he added.

“Therefore, tonight, pursuant to Article 3, Section 8 of the Ohio Constitution, I am calling a special session of the Ohio General Assembly to begin this coming Tuesday, May 28th. The purpose of this session will be for the General Assembly to pass legislation ensuring that both major presidential candidates will be on the Ohio ballot in November, as well as legislation that would prohibit campaign spending by foreign nationals,” DeWine announced.

The special session called in Ohio marks the first since 2004, according to WLWT. This move is seen as a direct affront to Republicans in Ohio.

As Democrats pursue legal action and indict former President Donald Trump to prevent his appearance on state ballots, Governor DeWine is seen as making significant concessions to accommodate President Biden.

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  • This RINO showed his true blue color during the shamdemic. Let’s hope the next Governor of Ohio is a true conservative because this weasel is definitely not

  • Is Ohio the only state with this problem? We settled this hash in our Utah precinct caucus last March and our June primary will select the down ticket candidates.

  • See, this is exactly why I don’t give any money to the RNC. This party is full of RINOs who should have their re election monies cut off unless they toe the line. You don’t see this shit in the Dem Party do you?

  • The heck with Biden. Maybe the democrats don’t want him on the bill. Most of the rest of the country doesn’t want him on the bill! So if they are too ignorant to move their convention a couple of weeks earlier, so be it! They know the rules, make them live by the rules!

  • Democratic National Committee (DNC) FAILED compliance with Ohio’s strict nomination laws so they expect special treatment, just like in the two classified document cases in which one person was handled with kid gloves.

    Laws for thee, NOT me! Tis the D’s motto.



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