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Recently, it has been difficult for White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to discuss the recession. She has been attempting to redefine it and support Biden’s assertion that a recession won’t occur.

Guess what, though? A recession has started. The GDP has decreased for the last two quarters in a row. But try telling that to the Biden regime.

But this time, Peter Doocy of Fox News wasn’t going to let KJP off the hook so easily.

“If things are going so great, then why is it that WH officials are trying to redefine recession?” Peter Doocy asked KJP.

“No, we’re not redefining recession,” KJP retorted.

Doocy shot back: “If we all understand a recession to be two consecutive quarters of negative GPD growth in a row and you have the White House officials come up here to say no, no, no that’s not what a recession is…how is that not redefining recession?”

“Because that’s not the definition,” KJP said.

Doocy continued, “[Brian] Deese said in 2008…’economists have a definition…of a recession, which is two consecutive quarters of negative growth’ & yesterday he said, two negative quarters…is not the technical definition of a recession.”

KJP: “It is not.”

Doocy: “What changed?”

KJP: “It is not.”

Well, let’s just see what Deese said this week compared to what he said back in 2008.

It sounds like they’re talking out of both sides of their mouth to me. They are liars through and through. They simply cannot own up to anything that makes them look bad, and you know what it’s doing? It’s making them look really bad. Instead of Joe Biden fooling himself into believing that he’s doing a good job and that everybody likes him, maybe he should actually listen to what people have to say and own up to his mistakes. It would go a long way.

Doug Goldsmith

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  • The late President Reagan once said, “A recession is when your neighbor is out of work; a depression is when you are out of work; and come this November is when the American people will get their chance to put Jimmy Carter [Democrats] out of work!”

    I would love to see history repeat itself as long as Nancy Pelosi and all of her underlings find themselves out of work this November!
    And, this applies to you too Patty Murray and all of your malcontents who are destroying a beautiful state, country and culture!

  • “Embarrasses Jean-Pierre on Live TV” is very easy when you have a commie democrat pedophile racist cult party putting her out in front to try and make up lying commie democrat propaganda about a complete inept dementia jo and giggles the ho commie regime!

    • Do you think and enema would be in order? It would remove all the fecal mater in their system.

      • Just look at her, she is fecal matter from bottom to top! If you ever notice, these “press secretaries” and most of the out-spoken leftists are always women – women possess the two perfect traits: 1) they will do anything for money, and 2) they will lie about anything. When you find a greedy man, there’s a 99% chance that there is a woman behind him! A guy like Gates couldn’t get laid by a dead woman, but with money he attracts all of the gutter trash he desired.

  • Typical Demon-crats talking. What it was yesterday is not the same thing today and it will be different tomorrow. Replace all of them.

  • It doesn’t take much to humiliate Lying corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe’s Propaganda & Disinformation Minister.

  • Words, that’s what they do, play with words. They have no concept of reality. They fill their gastanks on the taxpayer’s dime. They don’t even cook their own food. They become multi-millionaires on civil servant salaries. They don’t care about us. They care only about money and power.

  • Two consecutive quarters of Joe Biden makes a sad state for this country. WHEN WILL THEY STOP LIEING TO THE PEOPLE? THE ANSWER IS YES WE’RE IN A RECESSION. PACK YOUR BAGS JOE AND TAKE THE TOE WITH YOU.
    Common sense American with brains.

    • WHEN CAUGHT U MADE DEAL TIME FOR PAYDAY ALL INVOLED TAKE WHAT IS COMING FROM BOTTOM. LOOKS AS PRESIDENT AND SON FBI CIA HOUSE ALL AND VICE PRESIDENT make sure nancy shulmer carry thier 2 iligetment son nadler schaff in to sonset never to return

  • Liers, Liers. How can the American people continue to support this situation? When are we going to rise up to the fact that we are losing our country under an administration who cannot lead, and a President who is mentally incompetent?

  • Total hypocrites Democrats are, they are the ones who want the country flooded with illegals, but don’t you dare send them to us. Absolute racists to the extreme.

      • Do like I do, have the HEMI and a small cheap econocar, problem solved. Used to have a widebody Hellcat but alas the lease was up, waaaaa…. miss that car.

  • Dear Mr. Abbott can you do me a big favor can you send several busloads to Martha’s Vineyard, send them there under the promise they will camp in front of Obamas house, thank you sir.

  • There is no one in the Biden administration, including China Joe, that shows any level of competence.

  • SP. let’s say we called two consecutive quarters of downturn a woogie. And then as time went on, a woogie had taken on a negative connotation because it usually foretells bad things in the economy. Then if a woogie happened, would you insist we not call it a woogie on your watch? Could we then rename it to a recession? What is your preferred noun?

  • Cant make up mistakes that weren’t.
    He’s not the duly ELECTED PRESIDENT!!
    We know it and so does the whole world!!!!!!

    TRUMP WON!!!!!!!!

  • I can only wonder what they will come up with when we have a third negative quarter. Actually I don’t have to wonder, somehow it will be the Republicans fault.

  • I feel sorry for this kid! She thought she was getting a promotion. But instead they are throwing her off a cliff! Well the good side is she won’t be there long now that the Dominion machine were exposed as the vote cheaters! Looks like the My Pillow Guy will be rich and the state using the machines will have to have another way to cheat!

  • Did these fools really think that a black lesbian would shield them from ridicule. She is as hapless as the fraud who thinks he won in 2020.



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