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You occasionally run into a lefty who acknowledges that the Democrats are putting on a royal shitshow.

It would be a step in the right direction if people could just wake up and understand that that’s where liberal ideology necessarily leads to.

Alex Pearlman is one recent liberal who is becoming increasingly frustrated with the actions of the Democrats in Congress.

That name is probably unfamiliar to you, just as it was to me before I discovered his video.

Pearlman is a TikToker whose most recent video went viral after he vehemently criticized the Democrats for deciding that asking for donations was the appropriate response to the recent Supreme Court ruling that reversed Roe v. Wade.

For Pearlman, the Supreme Court’s Dobbs abortion ruling was the kindling, and some poorly timed Democratic fundraising appeals lit the match. “I’m not going to shut up about this,” Pearlman thunders into the camera, “because I can’t yell at the Republicans. They’re not going to change. . . . But I can yell at the Democratic Party, and I can tell them where they can at least make one f–king small change to stop pissing me the f–k off every hour right now. . . . Stop sending me fundraising requests right now. Okay?”

He goes on to note that Republicans patiently executed a plan over decades to repeal Roe v. Wade and a Supreme Court leaker gave them five weeks’ notice of the Dobbs ruling. The Democrats thus had plenty of time to hatch plans to counter these moves. But no: “Your response after five weeks of careful study and planning and thought has been to send us nonstop fundraising emails,” Pearlman roars before listing a handful of top lawmakers who have net worths in the multimillions.

This video does have a lot of explicit language, so you may not want to watch this at work or in front of kids.

@alex_pearlmanYou ever google stuff to just get angrier?♬ original sound – Alex Pearlman

So, while Pearlman and I may disagree on fundamentals, we are united in our distain of those rich Democrats in Congress.

Doug Goldsmith

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  • Almost everyone in Congress has MUCH MORE MONEY than the average citizens trying to exist under this oligarchy known as Biden/Harris/Pelosi/Schumer and McConnell (yes, McConnell too).

    What we need is a HUGE CHANGE in how we elect politicians. We need to ONLY allow money for primaries to come from those citizens within the area that will be potentially represented by that candidate. No more money from PACS, businesses, corporations, unions, special interest groups, outsiders, etc.

    Also, the donations to any one candidate cannot exceed a pre-determined amount. Maybe:
    $500 maximum for local elections
    $1000 maximum for state elections
    $1500 maximum for federal seats

    However, once the primaries are over, no more donations. All exposure (once candidates for each party are selected) would come from donated time by tv, radio, newspapers, magazines and internet sites. Anything these media groups do for one candidate, they must do equally for all the others in that race. In exchange, they will receive tax deductions.

    Any media outlet failing to give equal time to all candidates will face a STIFF PENALTY – maybe 20% fine of last year’s GDP of that media company. That would ensure everything is done appropriately.

    • Blah, Blah, Blah! Same ‘ole “what we need”. The truth is that what we need will NEVER be done!

      The Constitution established this nation as a Republican form of government, not a democracy. The only democratic part of our system is the people voting for the candidate they believe is best suited to doing the jobs they are being elected for. Where we have failed is in allowing people with an obvious hate of the Constitution and it’s established ideology to hold office. The only people who have the right to hold governmental office are those who support that ideology, no one else – neither leftist, nor muslime, nor communist, nor …). We completely lost that fight when Lincoln was elected and began his vendetta against the south with excessive taxation and later with the Act of 1871, which sold this nation to foreign interests.

      The only solution would be to remove ALL of the elected and appointed government officials that support anti-Constitutional ideology and make it law that none can even run for an office. All of them need to be stripped of all assets and given the choice of leaving this country or being investigated for any wrong doing (including treason), charged, prosecuted, and if convicted given the proper sentence. But, as I said before, after seeing the inaction of citizenry when the left has blatantly and often openly committed fraud, lied, murdered, stole, broken our laws, committed treason, and persecuted the citizenry, the solution I mentioned will never happen.

    • That could work too. I thought perhaps a donation cap of say $20K per registered voter for each election cycle , divided however the donor chooses among candidates, but that’s ALL he may donate in the cycle for any or all candidates , & NO foreign donors, non-citizen donors, unions, corporations, or PACs, donating period. Personal funds only, & registered voters only. I think a system could be managed now (not so much a few decades ago), to prevent pols from being bought by special interests, so easily as they now are, but we have to get voters on board, & away from the “win at all costs” notion, that’s hurting us all.

  • Pearlman’s message to those very rich Communist Democrats was what the voters needed to here.. Where did they get their $millions, “not from the checks they receive from the tax payers” but from foreign donations and insider trading and kick backs and pay to play and they except bribes and theft from the tax payers. Most of those Communist Democrats and Rinos have 2-3 multi million dollar Mansions and yachts while wanting more and more money.. Their all thieves, liars, pedophiles and murderers.

  • What’s this guy’s problem? He voted for these jerks to kill babies, shut down oil production, and condone crime and violence and that’s what they are doing. Why doesn’t he want to REWARD them with his “contributions?”

  • I don’t blame Pearlman. I get tons of requests, too and it is aggravating. Most of the donations the Dem’s get go to paying individuals and corporations to do what the Dem’s want anyway. The Dem’s are not fooling us anymore. They are all evil. EVIL!

    • The Dems are evil. That’s why they paint any Republican they deem as a threat as evil right away. Who was Trump? A businessman that you saw at boxing matches, waving to the crowd. No problem with him at all. Until he runs for president. Then he’s Satan’s child. Who could be stupid enough to believe that? Trump did many good things for the US. The Dems are not a party. They’re a gang.

  • How many recognize that the common thread is that those in power mostly get what they seek, and yet they cannot get enough?

  • And yet this pearlman idiot, with his man-bun, will STILL vote democrap! It’s no different with the Republican Party, most of them are ridiculously wealthy, unaffected by the BS happening to the economy, yet they still solicit funds, and people are stooooopid enough to send it to them. What have the Republicans done, nothing.

  • How is it this dud hasNOT figured out the leftist answer to all problems is to throw more $$$ at it, which, of course, they don’t have to throw. Sadly the Repubs have generally gone far enough left that they, too, have adopted that tactic, & constantly have their hands out for more $$$ too. Sorry to disillusion you, kid. NEITHER bunch will change, & both are wrong. But even the Constitutional original it’s are begging for money all the time too, so not much help there either… Oh, BTW, inside DC, it’s an uniparty; they only don “different hats” when leaving that protected circle. Just FYI.

  • I as well am equally sick and tired of getting all those money donation ads in my regular email and my spam as well….no matter if you unsuscribe many times they keep coming back. So yes the reason is the manner in which elections are done.

    My take is that the Convention of States may be onto a right answer in that there is a list of items on their agenda that leads to term limits, revised rules for candidate donations, a line item veto for the president, and many more. I strongly suggest that everyone check it out, become a member and you have the opportunity to be involved if you want. There is no other organization doing this, and especially it would never work if presented as a bill thru congress. All those rascals would laugh it out the front door. There is simply too much money flowing into Washington DC folks…and thus as the Word says….”money is the root of all evil.”



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