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On Friday, the terrorist group Hamas, supported by Iran, released a video indicating that Noa Argamani, a young Israeli woman who was kidnapped by Palestinians during the October 7 massacre, is still alive.

In the one-minute clip, an audio recording of the 26-year-old Israeli university student taken hostage from a music festival urges Israelis to protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government for allegedly abandoning those kidnapped by Hamas.

“I am imprisoned with [Hamas’ military wing] Al-Qassam Brigades; I have been in captivity for more than 237 days and do not know until when,” it begins. “I say to the people of Israel: Have you become government partners with Netanyahu, Gallant and Gantz? Will my fate together with my colleagues be like Ron Arad’s fate?”

The reference is to an Israeli military navigator who went missing in action over Lebanon in 1986, believed to have been captured by Shiite groups. Evidence revealed that Arad was likely tortured and killed in 1988.

“Let thousands of women and men come out and block the streets of Tel Aviv and do not return home until we return home. Please, do not put our fate in the hands of Netanyahu and the War Council,” the voice continues.

“Save us! Time is running out. The people must decide. We don’t want to die here,” it concludes.

The video also depicts drawings emerging from the smoke. Argamani’s family, who gave permission for the video to be made public, claims that the drawings are hers.

In January, Hamas released a 37-second video indicating that Argamani and two other Israeli hostages were still alive.

The video showcased her, Yossi Sharabi, and Tal Tversky advocating for an end to the war in Israel. Tragically, it was later revealed that the two had been killed while in Hamas captivity in Gaza.

Argamani became widely known as a hostage when she was captured at the Supernova music festival during a terror attack by Hamas on October 7.

Distressing footage from the event captured her desperate screams and attempts to hold onto her boyfriend as they were forcibly taken to Gaza.

Her anguished expression while being driven into captivity on a motorcycle has become an iconic image of the attack.

Despite a temporary ceasefire last year, there are still unanswered questions about the continued captivity of Noa Argamani and around 20 other women who were deemed “soldiers” by Hamas because of their previous service in the IDF.

There is little information available regarding their whereabouts.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has revealed that he asked Chinese President Xi Jinping for assistance in securing Argamani’s release.

In November, the terminally ill mother of one of the hostages appealed to President Joe Biden and the Red Cross to expedite the return of Noa so that she could see her daughter again while she is still alive.

In December, she conveyed a sense of “hopelessness” following her daughter’s abduction.

She has also sent a written appeal to President Biden, asking for assistance in securing the release of her daughter so that she can see her “one last time” while she is still alive.

According to NBC News, it is believed that Argamani was abducted by regular Palestinian civilians, not Hamas members, who had joined the terrorists.

Several videos from October 7 show a positive reaction on the Palestinian streets to the news of the massacre.

Shortly after the attacks were reported, Palestinians both at home and abroad were observed celebrating enthusiastically.

Images and videos shared on social media depict Palestinian crowds welcoming returning militants as heroes and setting fire to confiscated Israeli vehicles in the streets of Gaza.

Other footage shows Palestinians gathering, distributing sweets, and firing guns into the air.

Not only were ordinary Palestinian civilians seen celebrating the massacre, but they were also actively involved in it.

Numerous groups were captured on camera crossing the breached border to join in the killing and assault of innocent people, as well as the looting of their belongings.

According to IDF spokesman Jonathan Conricus, a significant number of Palestinians without ties to terrorist organizations entered Israel and took part in the atrocities alongside the militants.

In addition, Gadi Yarkoni, the mayor of the Eshkol Regional Council, told the Free Beacon that the “second wave of Arabs who came into the country were just as cruel as the terrorists of the first wave.”

“We saw that it was not only Hamas who came to slaughter us,” he added. “It was all the residents of Gaza, including people who worked in our kibbutzim.”

In November, Breitbart News reported that survivors of the Hamas assault on Kibbutz Nir Oz recounted how Palestinian civilians took part in the attack on their community, engaging in looting and even watching Netflix while fearful homeowners sought refuge.

The Jewish State is presently engaged in a conflict with Hamas in the Gaza Strip following the October 7 massacre, during which the terrorist group carried out the most lethal assault on Jewish people since the Nazi Holocaust.

The atrocity involved the torture, rape, execution, burning alive, and kidnapping of numerous Israeli civilians, and received extensive support from Palestinians.

The Iranian-backed Islamist militant group carried out attacks on a music festival and southern Israeli towns, while launching thousands of rockets at civilian centers in Israel.

The brutal assault led to the deaths of around 1,200 people and left over 4,800 wounded, with over 242 hostages taken, many of whom are still held in Gaza.

The majority of the victims were civilians, including several American citizens.

Concerns about the treatment of hostages by Hamas persist, with Israeli authorities investigating numerous claims of rape and sexual assault during the October 7 attack.

Over 1,500 testimonies have been collected, including reports of gang rape and post-mortem mutilation.

Lt. Col. Richard Hecht, the International Spokesman for IDF, expressed deep concern about the violence against hostages by the Israeli army.

He made these remarks following a meeting with freed captives who shared firsthand accounts of their ordeals and various abuses during their captivity in Gaza.

ICYMI: Protestors Hold Signs Displaying Sick Messages As Families of Captives March

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  • Gaza deserves no respite. They wanted this war under HAMAS and now they are losing it. Let them starve and die. They celebrated the deaths of Israelites, let them celebrate the death of their own children. Such people are not even wanted by other Arab nations, why should we help.

  • The statement was that “you will learn thier fate” tells us that they intend to do harm and or kill more kidnapped civilians.
    There is no excuse that ANY PERSON would uphold the ideals of the people of this area that still will not surrender and turn over all the terrorists. They themselves CELEBRATED TERRORISM, MURDER, and kidnapping of civilians to use as barter and shield (both highly illegal actions in international law).

    It is time that the ENTIRE world that had designated Hamas and the other organizations in the region as terrorists to go in and completely destroy them and their ability to terrorize any longer. This is not about rights and never has been, this is about TERRORISM.

  • This is exactly why the IDF needs to wipe out Hamas, to the man. There are no “innocents” among the adult Gazan’s. They elected Hamas and celebrated with Hamas now they want to be separated from Hamas, nope.

  • This you idiots think America shouldn’t protect Israel and let you run around America protesting. Get the heck out of our country.

  • 20, 40, 60 and 75 years ago little sweet Gazan baby boys, indoctrinated with Nazi inspired Islamic hate from birth, grew up to be rapists and murderers. So will the little boys in Gaza today.

    Gazan’s overwhelmingly voted Hamas into power. They would do so again.

    Egypt and Jordan refuse to take these animals in for the threat they pose to their own rule. KiII’em all Israel!

    • Sadly, it isn’t just the boys that are indoctrinated to hatred. Girls and women are also brainwashed into that. All one has to do is look to Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar plus her daughter to see that in action. When they chant, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” what they are not saying is who they will be free from. What they mean is from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, (all of Israel) will be free of Jews. The Gazans are not interested in a separate Muslim state. They want it all with the Jewish people in the country slaughtered. That is the definition of genocide.

  • Israel must take out its true enemies arming and funding Hamas and the Houthis, Iran and the Biden administration!

  • They need to turn the tables around on Hamas and give them 1 option and only 1 option let the hostages go or all die including those that praised Octobers massacre no more little rockets no more gunfire, just one big nuke it would remove all including the rubble thats been left behind and the tunnels those rats are hiding in. The virgins they believe are waiting for them in heaven would be vaporized…

  • And, we are supposed to feel sorry for all the suffering that the Palestinians are going through? I cannot, for the life of me, understand how some people (brain washed college students for ex.) can stand up for the militant moslems throughout this world. What the protestors refuse to believe is the fact that the die hard moslems would gather them up and do the exact same thing that they do to others who do not accept their UNGODLY religion. I have NO PITY for any of these blood thirsty, mooHammed, useless people. ISRAEL FOREVER.

  • I stopped giving a crap about Palestinians when they danced in the streets September 11th, 20001 when America was attacked.



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