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Are you one of the fortunate ones that can live without TV? If so, your life is probably a lot more peaceful. Otherwise, the whining and screaming coming from the Left are likely bursting your eardrums. (Thank God for a Mute button!)

This work week’s news cycle ended with the reports of the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Predictably, Democrats are now demanding that President Trump and the Senate hold off on nominating a replacement until after the election. They’re using terms like “respect” and “mourning period” to try to forestall what I believe is all but inevitable. President Trump is going to go full speed ahead with a shortlist of names for the next confirmation now that RBG is gone.


On Saturday, President Donald Trump says his nomination to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court is likely to be announced next week. On his way out of the White House en route to a campaign trip, he told reporters, “I think the choice will be next week.” When asked if he would choose a woman to replace Ginsburg, after she died on Friday, Trump replied, that it was “most likely.”

“I could see most likely it would be a woman. Yeah… I would say that a woman would be in first place, the choice of a woman would certainly be appropriate.”

The president has a “shortlist” of potential nominees, of whom he speaks highly.

“I’ve gotten to know many of them. From a legal standpoint, from a sophisticated understanding of the law, from a constitutional standpoint, I think it’s the greatest list ever assembled.

He was asked about Florida Judge Barbara Lagoa.

“I’ve heard incredible things about her. I don’t know her, she’s Hispanic and highly respected.”

Speaking about Judge Amy Coney Barrett, the president says she is also “highly respected.”


Senator Lindsey Graham is on board with the president and agrees that the vacancy should be filled right away. It’s not all hearts and flowers, however. Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) said that the Senate should not confirm a Supreme Court in an election year. President Trump:

“I totally disagree with her. We have an obligation. We won, and we have an obligation as the winner to pick who we want.”

Trump said that he agreed with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell “100 percent” that they should move to fill the seat. He said:

“We’re here now, right now, we’re here, and we have an obligation to the voters.”

Then-President Barack Obama put forth a nominee in 2016, but the Republican-led Senate blocked them. When asked about it, Trump replied,

“That’s called the consequences of losing an election. He lost the election. He didn’t have the votes. When you lose elections. some times things don’t turn out well.”

I hear echoes of the phrase “elections have consequences.” On a personal note, I’m particularly happy to hear pro-life voices speaking up in favor of moving forward. Donald Trump’s pro-life stance had a great deal to do with why he got elected in 2016.


Catherine Glenn Foster, president of Americans United for Life, is urging President Donald Trump to “move quickly to nominate Judge Amy Coney Barrett,” who currently sits on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, to fill the High Court’s vacancy. She said:

At this crucial time in the history of our great nation, it is imperative that a respected nominee is selected who will understand that the role of the High Court is to fairly interpret America’s Constitution and laws according to the meaning and intention of Congress and the Framers, and not seek to write their own value judgments into law.

Speaking of Amy Coney Barrett, she said Barrett “values upholding the original understanding and blessings of liberty inherent in our cherished Constitution.” She believes it is likely the Court “will be asked to rule on questions fundamental to the functioning of our Republic, including the most important human rights question of our time: the human right to life.” 

“We are confident that if appointed to the Supreme Court, Judge Barrett would prove herself a trusted caretaker of the Constitutional protections extended to every human person in America, including human lives in the womb.

Isn’t it funny how the Dems only want things to happen fast when it gives them the upper hand? At the last minute, they tried to ram through a liberal justice to offset any possible Republican victory in the White House. They were unsuccessful due to what has become known as the Mitch McConnell rule. That’s another reason why President Trump wants to move forward immediately. BHO wanted to stack the court as a lame-duck president. Trump is far from that, no matter how much noise the Left makes.

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