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According to an internal memo from the Department of Justice (DOJ), Attorney General Merrick Garland is deemed immune to prosecution for contempt of Congress.

The 57-page document, released by the DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) and obtained by The Hill, explains the decision not to hand over an audio recording of President Biden’s conversation with Special Counsel Robert Hur despite congressional requests.

This choice was made even though the GOP had a transcript of the interview. Furthermore, the White House confessed to modifying the transcript of Joe Biden’s testimony to make him appear more competent.

This development follows a lawsuit filed by the Heritage Foundation and Judicial Watch against the US Department of Justice, seeking access to the original recording of Biden’s testimony.

Biden personally utilized Executive Privilege in an effort to withhold his contentious interview with Special Counsel Hur from The Heritage Foundation and Judicial Watch.

“Biden Justice Dept cleaned up transcript of Biden’s interview w/ Special Counsel Hur to remove his stuttering, pauses & other indications he lost his train of thought. Judicial Watch chief Tom Fitton: “The transcript is not accurate & was changed in a way to help Biden,” Paul Sperry wrote.

“The WH doctored the Biden transcript with Special Counsel Hur about his classified docs!!! They just convicted Trump for fake crimes. Does everyone see what is happening??!!! We control the HOUSE. We have to act. No more pathetic excuses,” Rep. Marjorie Greene wrote on X.

According to The Hill, the OLC, serving as the DOJ’s legal adviser, claimed that no administration official has been prosecuted for failing to comply with a subpoena when the president has invoked executive privilege.

This assertion seemingly excludes individuals such as Peter Navarro, Steve Bannon, or any other Republicans.

The memo states, “For nearly seven decades and across presidential administrations of both parties, the Executive Branch has taken the position that the criminal contempt of Congress statute … does not apply to Executive Branch officials who do not comply with a congressional subpoena based on a presidential assertion of executive privilege.”

“Consistent with this longstanding position, no U.S. Attorney has pursued criminal contempt charges against an Executive Branch official asserting the President’s claim of executive privilege,” the memo added.

On Wednesday, the House GOP voted to advance Garland’s contempt resolution by a narrow 208-207 majority, while 16 lawmakers did not vote.

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna has declared her intent to push for a vote on the arrest of Merrick Garland if the Justice Department fails to act following a contempt resolution.

Luna expressed her lack of confidence in the Biden administration’s Justice Department and emphasized her readiness to initiate a vote on Garland’s arrest.

Earlier this year, journalist Matt Viser disclosed that Special Counsel Robert Hur found that Joe Biden had recklessly mishandled sensitive materials found at his home and former office.

The investigation also revealed that Biden had shared government secrets with his ghostwriter, highlighting his disregard for national security.

In addition, it was disclosed that during interviews with the Special Counsel, Biden struggled to answer basic questions such as the years he served as Vice President or when his son Beau passed away from brain cancer.

Despite this, the DOJ chose not to press charges against Biden, expressing concerns about his mental competence to stand trial.

The White House faced a crucial decision regarding the release of the interview transcript, with Biden’s legal team arguing that references to his memory issues were misleading and prejudicial.

Following the report’s release, Joe Biden criticized Robert Hur during an impromptu press conference.

“There is even a reference that I don’t remember when my son died. How in the hell dare he raise that?” Biden previously told reporters in an impromptu White House press conference. “Frankly, when I was asked the question, I thought to myself, it wasn’t any of their damn business.”

In March, the Republicans intended to hold U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt due to the Justice Department’s refusal to release the audio recordings of Joe Biden’s interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur.

“The House Oversight and Judiciary Committees issued lawful subpoenas to Attorney General Garland for the audio recordings of President Biden’s interview with Special Counsel Hur, yet he continues to defy our subpoenas,” House Oversight Chairman James Comer said in a statement. “These audio recordings are important to our investigation of President Biden’s willful retention of classified documents and his fitness to be President of the United States.”

White House counsel Ed Siskel criticized the House GOP in a strongly worded letter, alleging that they were only seeking the recordings in order to manipulate them for political purposes.

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  • Joe Bidum(b) can’t resist making up crap. “There is even a reference that I don’t remember when my son died. How in the hell dare he raise that?” Biden previously told reporters in an impromptu White House press conference. “Frankly, when I was asked the question, I thought to myself, it wasn’t any of their damn business.” First of all, Joe brought up the subject, not Hur. Then, he actually couldn’t remember when Beau died, making himself the fool. Then, dem national committee denizens cravenly tried to raise $ off of this faux outrage, accusing Reps of being insensitive. The transcripts prove JOE lied about his account. Another fabricated story- another lie. He can’t help himself.

  • These politicians that don’t vote on executive motions need to be fired including RINOS. These politicians represent the Voters not their personal preference we need a government who represents the taxpayers people if they can’t then we will defund them and get real people who think the way Americans really want. This democrat administration destroyed all hopes for America. They don’t deserve to be in control of the people’s lives when they are all crooked corrupt politicians.

    • Sue, that’s a good thought but the Communist Democrats and Rinos have total disregard of the Constitution and the Rule of law and their all getting away with it.
      America has fallen and We The People nolonger have Representatives since we are now experiencing a total take over of the United States by Anti-American, Anti-Constitution Communist who will soon appoint a Dictator, if the cowardly, Spineless Republicans don’t step up and call in the Military to aggressively remove all the hate filled Demons.
      Other than that the Communist will continue to steal money and take bribes, and threaten the MAGA conservatives with the promise of killing each individual.
      Biden has already threatened War against Americans. Biden’s orders are from the Communist Anti-American homosexual Muslim Obama and Soros, and they have complete disregard for human life.
      This is Muslim Obama’s 3rd term and if nothing is done it will soon be The Muslims 4th term since the steal is already planned out.

      • Obama is ALREADY a banana republic DICTATOR in FACT, and has “fundamentally transformed” our Constitutional Republic into a lawless, corrupt banana republic when he seized control of the government through a FRAUDULENT banana republic election in 2020, and the GUTLESS Republicans won’t do ANYTHING to stop him except pass meaningless “symbolic” resolutions and send strongly worded letters. SMH.

  • The OLC, serving as the DOJ’s legal adviser, claimed that no administration official has been prosecuted for failing to comply with a subpoena when the president has invoked executive privilege.
    Nixon was also denied executive privilege but this is how corrupt Democrats rule. Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress and Obama’s DOJ did nothing because Obama claimed executive privilege. But like this article says, executive privilege only applies to contemptuous Democrats.

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  • Of course the OJ would say their boss was not culpable. What kind of idiot would even ask? DOJ was not responsible for hiding Hunter’s laptop. The 51 Democrat spooks were not responsible for lying about the laptop. The DOJ is not responsible for anything they do.



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