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Reports indicate that the Biden Administration is preparing to wire $6 billion of unfrozen Iranian funds to banks in Qatar, which would trigger a sequence leading to the release of as many as five detained U.S. dual nationals from Iran and a similar number of Iranian prisoners held in the U.S. flying home.

The first step was achieved on August 10th when four U.S citizens were released from Tehran’s Evin prison into house arrest, where they joined a fifth who was already under house arrest at the time.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken referred to this move as the first step of a process that would lead to their return home.

Joe Biden chose not to destroy the nearly $85 billion worth of US military equipment before leaving the country, instead opting to provide it to the Taliban and their Islamist allies.

Reports suggest that the Biden Administration has left behind more weapons for the Taliban than those passed to Mexican cartels during Obama’s Fast and Furious program.

This includes videos of pallets of weapons and stacks of $100 bills seized by the Taliban as they assumed power across the country.

Furthermore, reports state that pallets containing hundreds of dollar bills were left in Afghanistan, raising concerns over the possible criminal activity committed by this government.


So, was this part of the deal Joe Biden made with the terrorist regime?

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Doug Goldsmith

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  • Biden and his Crime Family are Traitors and should be executed as such. Used to be by firing squad or buried up to their necks next to a stinging Red Ant’s Hill. What say Ye?

  • I don’t care who the president is, quit paying ransom for stupid people who go to unfriendly countries and get captured! It’s on them. I don’t care if it’s seized money or not. The way I see it is that money is only a down payment for the millions of dollars it’s cost the US to counteract Iran’s threats since their 1979 revolution. They still owe us. This money should be treated like the US government treats the money they confiscate under forfeiture laws imposed on innocent US citizens who are not convicted or even charged charged with any crime.

  • Biden is the biggest fool to ever waste oxygen. He has no sense as to what he is doig to the USA. He keeps spending like money has no end. He is an idiot!

  • America never negotiated with Terrorists, but That faggot Muslim Barack Obama did and now He has Biden doing the same Damn thing.
    Iran will use the money to further their nuclear arms and chant Death To America, just as they did when the Communist Muslim Obama was in Office.
    We now have China, Russia, North Korea and Iran getting ready to strike America, since we have the weakest piece of sh** that’s illegally stole the election in the White House.
    Biden and his worst joke of an Administration, all of which are Anti-American Communist Democrats and Rinos need to be taken out by any means necessary.
    Hopefully a Civil War comes soon before the bombs start dropping on America.
    We The People, better start getting serious on what’s coming before its too late.
    George Soros and Obama and Bill Gates are involved in assisting our enemies to destroy the American people, many will die of radiation and will disintegrate in cities where the bombs hit.
    Get serious American Patriots and, prepare to use your firearms A/S/A/P or America will no longer exist in the world.

    • The democrats are now completely controlled by socialists in congress. They lied through their perjured asses when they took the Oath of Office swearing (or affirming) they would PROTECT AND DEFEND the Constitution of the United States. They had no intention of doing that as evidenced by their first act was to change and still trying to destroy it.

  • So what is the o’bidens crime family cut of the 6 billion? You know he negotiated some of it to himself. He’s not going to miss out on the graft.

  • BIDEN is NOT ALLOWED to give not one red nickel to Iran of whom keeps crying out “DEATH TO AMERICA”!! BIDEN needs to be FIRED and PROSECUTED IMMEDIATELY if not sooner! He is working with both CHINA and IRAN to take America down! “We the People” can no longer allow this Communist DEM BIDEN to be in any American government of office let alone President ‘n chief!

    • These TAX DOLLARS of which is BIDEN so freely giving to IRAN is a CRIME AGAINST AMERICA! Biden should be ARRESTED and PROSECUTED! He is a criminal against the American people!



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