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On Monday, tragedy befell Los Angeles when an elderly Jewish man succumbed to his injuries sustained during a pro-Palestinian protest on Sunday.

The Yeshiva World reported that the victim was involved in an altercation that occurred on Westlake Blvd in Ventura County.

An altercation reportedly erupted between an unnamed Jewish man and a young pro-Palestinian protester while the former was walking near the protest.

Eyewitness accounts state that the pro-Palestinian protester struck the victim in the head with a megaphone, causing him to fall onto the ground and suffer from a severe head injury.

Shockingly, a woman carrying a sign reading “Free Palestine” rushed to provide assistance despite her political stance.

Emergency services arrived at the scene swiftly, and the victim was taken to a hospital in North Los Angeles, as reported by Ynet News.

Unfortunately, despite medical professionals’ efforts, the man succumbed to his injuries on Monday.

“The Acorn has confirmed that the 65-year-old Jewish man who was injured in a confrontation with Palestinian protestors at the corner of Westlake and Thousand Oaks boulevards Sunday in T.O. has now died from his wounds,” the outlet reported.

The cause of death was determined to be a brain hemorrhage, according to Ynet News.

“The Los Angeles police reported late Monday that a Jewish man died as a result of an Intracerebral hemorrhage caused after a pro-Palestinian protestor hit him in the head in one of the pro-Palestinian rallies held in the U.S. state,” Ynet News reported.

The victim has been identified as Paul Kessler.

“Paul Kessler a 65 year old Jewish man, who was pro-Israel was beaten to death in Los Angeles by a pro-Palestinian activist with a megaphone. The victim was evacuated to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The LAPD has confirmed this,” Berkowitz wrote.

Berkowitz posted a photo of the suspect, clarifying the scene at the time of the incident.

According to Berkowitz, “Pro-Israel peace activists were holding a vigil for the victims of the October 7th massacre and demanding the release of the innocent people kidnapped by Hamas, when they were approached and attacked by a group of individuals, including the man in this picture. Please share any information about this man for the LAPD’s investigation.”

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  • Look at those cowards, just like all their ilk. Afraid to show their faces, ganging up on an old man to kill him for existing… PATHETIC!

  • No court date. Just let this man’s family have a chance to dish out the punishment. Biden should be deporting all these terrorists out of America. NO more visas for people from other countries. They are just getting free everything just like the disgusting illegals. Useless to America. Go back to your own countries you freeloaders.

  • Rashida Tlaib and Illhan Omar must be loving this along with the Communist POS Biden joke of an Administration.
    Obama, Soros, Biden and the hateful Muslim Bitc*es, planned, orchestrated and caused all the hatred against the United States and Isreal.
    It’s also happening in the UK, Canada and several other countries. Do the really stupid dumbasses actually think their going to be protected and happier under sharia law.?
    Biden threatens Comer and gets away with it, they blame it all on Republicans and causes more chaos while Communist Biden remains in power.
    Get ready America, it’s coming sooner than we thought.

  • This is what Palestine is about and those that support them! DEATH! VIOLENCE! Israel is right in pursuing the total eradication of every member of a Hamas and those supporting them!

  • “First they came for the Jews. Then for the Christians. Then for homosexuals. Then for the atheists. And nothing remained of the soul of Europe except a distant, fading memory.” Stop anti-Semitism now, while there is still time.

  • Naturally the COWARDS supporting these SAVAGES(Hamas) is keeping their faces hidden so they can’t get into trouble. Most are probably whites want to appear WOKE and not real supporters at all. My money says they are just like those of ANTIFA. They HATE even themselves because of their OWN WILLFUL IGNORANCE.



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