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Democrats proclaimed Joe Biden’s speech at Philadelphia’s Independence Hall to be a bipartisan event to unite the nation. It was anything but. Biden’s handlers used a blood-red backdrop to project the precise image they intended.

The speech was to indoctrinate Americans about what the radical left has planned for our nation. Biden’s hateful and divisive words cemented their aim. With a pending Republican wave in the November midterms, Democrats are working feverishly to implement the final dagger.

The progressive left is trying to destroy America. However, they are running out of time. When they lose control of both houses of Congress, Joe Biden’s final two years will be handcuffed. Conservative control of Congress will also result in a flurry of corruption investigations.

Everything is going to be exposed. That’s why Biden’s scriptwriters wrote the most divisive anti-American speech ever uttered by a U.S. President. It was disgraceful. Furthermore, it was destructive. Joe Biden attacked over half of the country with his hate-filled blast.

No president in modern history has ever spoken about a political rival like Joe Biden did. He slandered every Republican, independent, and moderate Democrat who’s unhappy with the radical progressive agenda he is peddling.

The man who said he would unite the nation is ripping it in half. After this horrific attack, many experts believe “the country is a mess” ahead of the midterms. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich says it’s because Biden and the progressive left have no answers for anything.

Even Biden’s supporting cast is attacking Americans who disagree with their radical agenda. A White House senior adviser proclaimed that the “hate-filled MAGA agenda” has “no place in a democracy.” Keisha Lance Bottoms made her remarks during ABC’s “This Week.”

Biden and progressives announced that 74 million Americans are extremists. The only thing they’re guilty of is being opposed to socialism. Biden proclaimed that “MAGA Republicans” are a “present a “clear and present danger to our democracy.” and “threat to this country.”

What Joe Biden and progressive Democrats are saying is perfectly clear. If you have a different opinion about how America should be governed, you’re an extremist. As extremists, expect the power elite to use every tool available to silence you.

Biden used the DOJ to target parents who were concerned about their children’s education. Once again, the FBI and the DOJ are being used to attack President Trump. The radical left had to ramrod through legislation to hire and arm 87,000 IRS agents.

Who do we really think these federal thugs are going to target? You can bet that it won’t be liberal donors to the Democrat Party. But President Donald Trump is standing up against the tyranny. On Saturday, he fired back at Joe Biden.

President Trump declared that Joe Biden is an “enemy of the state.” He is. Biden is an enemy to the American people. Biden and the progressive left are the true threats to democracy. President Trump called them “all enemies of the state.”

He went on to post some facts for Biden and the progressive left. President Trump said, “Someone should explain to Joe Biden, slowly but passionately, that MAGA means, as powerfully as mere words can get, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

But we’re not sure anyone on the left cares to listen to this logic. They know what MAGA means. They don’t care. The left doesn’t want America to be great again or ever. They want to tear down our country. They want to destroy America. Joe Biden’s Philadelphia speech was proof.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • MAGA has no place here??? What communist poop thought that fantastic vote getter stuff up? No, tear it down to institute a communist controlled bunch of gangsters. If the people fall for this, they will deserve the gulags they are sent to. Remember the goal is to reduce world population by 7-7.5 BILLION bodies, yours will be one of them. Remember one of their own even admitted that global warming was a farce to destroy the capitalist west and institute socialism worldwide. WAKE up America, there is NO free ride.

  • And when the people give these loons the Maxine Waters treatment! They will all wonder why it is happening to them! THEN! You will hear them screaming! WHAT ABOUT THE LAW????? The very laws they ignored for decades! Pray the Democrats don’t tell these loons to jump off a cliff! But the battle for which loon get’s to jump first would truly be epic!

  • I cannot see how BBB aka Biden’s Blooper Basket can surpass MAGA or compete with the US Constitution…..Ignoring immigration law is derelict and a crime, supporting terroristic communist thugs and using them to assault the rule of law is the basis of the DIM’s plan to socialize America, lies, misinformation and demeaning gossip is how the msn handles what the DIM’s want you to see and hear….Morality, integrity, accountability and merit is not the words they choose to live by…this means they have no place in a Constitutional free, open society because aspiration is just to tough for them to try and comply with….

  • What hate filled agenda? The hate agenda is coming from the TDS radical socialist democrats. You know the ones that riot, burn cities, shot children in drive bys, burn churches, threaten to murder justices of the supreme court, want to outlaw guns, but kill babies up to birth, etc.

  • That is right!! The liberals & rino’s are pushing the UN Agenda 21plan for a Communist one world government!! The elder Bush signed on in 1982! NO one reports on this but I did hear it from Glen Beck years ago, didn’t believe it so went to UN web site & found the document. Also found UN has an Office of Disarmament Affairs so got that document, one line says “we must confiscate weapons from civilians so we can finish implementing Agenda 21”. They are also calling this Agenda 30, I think they wanted it completed by 2021 and now going for year 2030!

  • America has fought many wars for freedom and lost many sons in the effort to keep freedom!
    Democrats proclaimed Joe Biden’s speech at Philadelphia’s Independence Hall to be a bipartisan event to unite the nation.
    It was anything but. Biden’s handlers used a blood-red backdrop to project the precise image they intended.
    His speech was to indoctrinate Americans, to trick many into voting for his Klan to keep him in power!
    If one replaces his words “MEGA” with one word, JEWS this speech was Hitler’s.
    The only thing missing was a Swastika.

  • Joe Biden the installed Puppet should be on death row for Crimes against America. He is a Domestic Terrorist and he and his puppet masters need to be taken down

  • The Democrats have manifestly lost the art of persuasion, which is the heart of the political arts. Candidates for elective office have to persuade the voters – all of them – to get the votes they need to be elected. Without the art of persuasion, such candidates lose elections – as indeed the panicked Democratic Party, desperate to hold onto its phony god Power – which cannot save them – or anyone else – will lose – Big Time – and they know it.

    Meanwhile there is no excuse for such a demagogic speech by a sitting president – senile, demented, and declining old man as he is – alienating half of the country.

    Anything about other threats to our country? Communist China? Iran? North Korea? Russia? Our porous southern border? Inflation? Recession or – God forbid – Depression? Human traffickers and its consequence, slavery? Drug cartels and fentanyl? REAL terrorists entering illegally? The supply chain crisis? Rioters such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter? Illegal picketers of SCOTUS justices violating section 1507 of Title 18 of the United States Code (18 USC 1507)? Pro-abortion terrorist groups such as Ruth Sent Us and Jane’s Revenge? No. Nothing. Nada.

  • Who sponsored senile, demented Joe Biden’s speech and exercised very poor judgment in so doing? Biden violated the following Federal Laws when he delivered it: 18 USC 47 (fraud and false statements), 18 USC 63 (fraud – comprehensive), 18 USC 115 (treason, sedition, and subversive activities), 18 USC 241 (conspiring to oppress or intimidate any person in any State in the exercise of his or her rights), 18 USC 373 (solicitation to commit a crime of violence), 18 USC 879 (threats against former presidents and certain other persons), 18 USC 1038 (false information and hoaxes), 18 USC 1961-1968 (RICO Act – Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations), 18 USC 2101 (incitement to riot), 18 USC 2381 (treason) and related Laws such as 18 USC 2382-2384.

    It is not Make America Great Again Constitutional patriots who are the threat to our representative democracy – our republic – but rather the power-hungry, disregard-the-Constitution Democrats and their demagogic and incompetent so-called “leaders.”

  • The only symbols missing during Joe “Beijing” “Beady-eyed” Biden’s Philadelphia speech were the swastika and the hammer and sickle – and a few red stars (symbolizing the People’s Republic of [Communist] China.

  • The Communist Democrats including that pedophile, lieing, empty headed, Obama and Sorros controlled dumb-a$$ Biden has committed nothing but Treasonous acts against America and their getting away with it.! The Communist FBI and the Communist CIA are in the Communist Democrats pockets and their going to do even more damage to America before the Midterm elections.
    All those Communist bastards should be arrested and shot for crimes against humanity or sent to Gitmo without due process.
    They’ve incited violence and murder across America and helped those who were arrested post bail.! They’ve released thousands of violent prisoners into society, indoctrinated our children, placed Communist AG’s in office, created Antifa and BLM, shut down our oil and gas, purposely caused inflation, torn down our historic monuments and statues, put America deeper in debt, destroying our military, pushed a deadly vaccine on people, killing millions around the world, colluding with Communist China and Iran, opened our borders and allowed millions to of illegals to invade our country, killing unborn babies and those up to the point of birth, raising taxes.
    F*** all of you Demonic Communist Democrats and Rinos.!!
    If I left anything out please add more.

  • Since I am a deplorable, and whatever else the dumbocrats are calling me these days I haven’t stooped as low as whale poop slandering them. They know the red tsunami is coming, and they need all the dead voters to be able to win the election, they can get.

  • Every day Biden proves he never won anything! And his brainwashed NAZI Democrat Party gets close in starting a civil war! Colorado clerk caught the Dominion people red handed changing voter data! There is no maybe now! The proof is absolute! And the corrupt courts are trying their best to stop it But it just keeps getting bigger and the people are waking up to them robbing the country blind! And the entire planet now knows how corrupt the FBI and DOJ have become! If they start a civil war they will regret it no matter where they hide! And at this point I DIDN’T KNOW WON’T HELP AT ALL!

  • He Stay on Vacations and does not but Divide this Country and Destroy our Way of Life too. Him and Joe Manchin and others that ram thru the Last Bill that Hires Armed IRS Agents and Buying Million of $$ in ammo should all Be Impeach Now Including Harris who broke the Tie too

  • I guess that the lefties don’t understand; or never knew, what MAGA stands for !!!!!!!!!!
    Only in the small minds of COMMUNISTS !!!!!!!

  • Biden’s speech reminds one of one of Hitler’s saner moments. Biden doesn’t surprise me but the Demorats who can’t wait to man the camp walls does.

    America can not endure these vile fascists.

  • This will never get better, as we on the right seem in fear of the left! Even when we have total control of DC the Commie Left still rules.
    How is that? Why is that? Is the voted-in people on the Right part of the Left? Seems so.



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