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What a story! A year packed full of one blunder after another, and an incessant line of utter failures tells. All throughout the 2020 presidential campaign, the crooked mainstream media either hid information from the American people, or flat out lied. Joe Biden was their boy.

They put all their efforts behind this buffoon, an old man who was unfit for the presidency. With the help of radical social media platforms and corrupt liberal news outlets, many Americans were tricked into casting a vote for Joe Biden.

Even though these radical leftists manipulated the system, Biden still had to cheat his way into the White House. But now, these liberal blowhards are having something akin to “buyer’s remorse”.

Many within the mainstream media and across the Hollywood scene are wondering if they haven’t made a bad choice, a terrible choice. No one can escape what Joe Biden is doing to the country and now the entire world.

Apparently, Democrats can no longer avoid the obvious. This man is a total failure. He should never have been allowed to take over the country. Now these radical leftists are watching this clown dismantle things they even value.

Even most crazy liberals don’t like the thought of a world war. They’re finding the narrative virtually impossible to avoid. These people, who proclaimed Joe Biden as the answer, are now realizing he is dragging the country down. There is no way to deny the obvious.

Joe Biden has destroyed the economy, destroyed our national security, and blundered in every single policy decision he’s made. Now, his total ineptitude has the globe on the verge of a world war. He is a total idiot. Biden’s performance has destroyed the liberal left’s narrative.

They have nowhere to turn. So, now these Biden supporters, such as HBO’s Bill Maher, are lamenting how things might be if President Trump was rightfully still in office. Maher insisted that asking the question of “why Putin waited for Joe Biden to take over the White House to invade Ukraine”, must be asked.

There are other questions as well. Why have the numbers of illegal border crossings continued to set all-time records? Why are gas prices now higher than they’ve ever been in history? The skyrocketing prices at the pump are not totally the result of Putin’s invasion.

We were pushing towards record highs before. The liberal Maher wasn’t alone. Trevor Noah, a huge Trump-hater, slammed Biden over his handling of the Ukraine crisis. Like Maher, Noah believes that the invasion would never have happened under President Trump.

This sounds rich coming from lefty liberals who helped put the dunce in office who is basically tearing down our great nation. It’s too late to reverse the damage Biden has done at the southern border. In truth, the liberal Democrats don’t want to. It’s all part of a bigger plan.

As well, our country may not soon recover from the economic calamity he has caused. But as Biden continues to screw up the Ukraine crisis; we may get more than we bargained for. Joe Biden, including all those who supported him, will have blood on their hands.

Chaos will ensue as we’re all dragged into a global military conflict because of Joe Biden. Maybe these liberal late-night buffoons should have thought about this when they put Biden up on some fake pedestal. Let’s see how many laughs these clowns get, then.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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