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Many people are protesting the unofficial Supreme Court opinion that was leaked by Democrats.

The reason I say it’s unofficial is that…well, it’s not official. There is nothing binding in this leaked opinion and it’s not expected to be released until June or maybe even July. You’d better believe liberals are doing to b**ch and moan about this until it’s time for the opinion to be released and then they’ll just b**ch and moan even harder and act like the world is ending because they can’t kill babies anymore.

Take a look at this: the individual in the video appears to be black, as you can see, and is speaking to the protestors outside, who are all wearing masks.

The moment the man begins to talk, one of the women holding a sign suddenly kneels like she is in the middle of a wrestling match in front of him, asking if “all black lives matter or just some?”

It was agreed upon by the entire group that all black lives matter.

The man then asked the audience if all black lives mattered, including those who were killed in black-on-black crime. The crowd responded affirmatively. The mob chanted once more that all black lives matter.

Then the man asked as to whether all black lives mattered, including those taken in abortion clinics, and you could hear a pin drop among the audience.

Afterwards, the man delivered an impassioned speech in front of the hushed crowd, calling on them to honor the lives of black unborn children.

Throughout this time, pro-abortion supporters have resorted to violence in other regions of the country.


Police have erected a large fence in front of the Supreme Court building in response to the violence.

Seven pro-life demonstrators who were outside the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner’s office in Washington, DC, were detained by police.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • These people just can’t stop proving how stupid they are and most of them are so downright brainwashed, braindead and outright ugly, it’s actually a good thing for them to choose to either move to a Communist state who regulates their rights to even have children or states that allow abortion in order to protect the rest of the human race. Phew

  • This man is sharp and proves exactly how people just can’t stop and admit the fact that the unborn black children, and in fact ALL unborn children, are important!! These people should move to a Communist state who regulates their rights to even have children and give us a break from their lunacy.



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