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As critical race theory and its Marxist apologists are ravaging schools across the country, parents in California took a strong stand.

Parents of students attending Inderkum High School in Sacramento, California stormed in on the school board meeting Wednesday night, voicing their disgust after Gabriel Gipe – a high school AP Government teacher – was caught by Project Veritas boasting about indoctrinating students with pro-Antifa lies.

Gipe unashamedly spewed far left-wing stances towards his students and had extremist symbols such as a flag for the Worker’s Party of Korea (North Korean sympathizers), an Antifa flag, a portrait of Mao Tse Tung, a non-binary flag, and more. He was exposed in an undercover operation this Tuesday.

24 hours after the release of this information, the school district took the appropriate legal action to remove Gipe from his position.

Still, it was an extraordinary scene this Wednesday night, as parents yelled at school board members for allowing their children to be subjected to Gipe’s madness.

One parent, in particular, made his opinion blatantly clear, as he blasted the school board for allowing Gipe to maintain his job despite the extremist views that he had spread across the walls of his classroom.

One mom spoke very passionately about how in just a couple of weeks this man had such a serious impact on her daughter that he’d convinced her to get involved despite the teachings of her own family, saying:

“He’s putting her in harm’s way. What the hell are you all doing? How long does it have to go on before somebody says something? What are you going to do? Get him out of here!”

Another woman explained how this was not just with this teacher in the government classes, that there was “subtle indoctrination” in other classes as well. That mother explained that she was from Venezuela and didn’t want this country to go through what people had to deal with there under the communist regime.

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