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Sometime in late 2019, or maybe even before, a deadly virus leaked from a virology lab in China. Some insist the leak was no accident. Scientists were playing around with deadly coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

One of the deadly man-made concoctions was unleashed on the world. There is some indication that the Chinese Communist Party may have done it on purpose. Nevertheless, COVID-19 spread across the planet like wildfire.

Countless people died, including millions of Americans. The ensuing pandemic launched the worst worldwide public health catastrophe in more than a century. Lives all over the world were devastated. Entire economies were crippled. COVID-19 changed the world permanently.

To supposedly stop the spread and prevent people from catching the virus, a vaccine was hastily produced. While the quickly approved medicine may have provided profound benefits for the highly immune compromised, there was no indication it was necessary for everyone.

Nevertheless, radical bureaucrats began mandating that everyone on the planet get vaccinated. There were some who resisted, believing wholeheartedly in their body’s natural immune system. It now appears these individuals made a very wise decision.

Not only do the vaccines not prevent spread, they don’t prevent people from catching COVID-19. In fact, CDC data shows the vaccinated to be twice as likely to get reinfected. In addition, research is exposing an increasingly dangerous number of side effects from the vaccines.

So, why are leftist bureaucrats and so-called scientific experts still pushing the efficacy of a medicine with shoddy results at best? And why are these same people not talking about the alarming number of research studies that say vaccines are not the best solution?

A team of nine experts just published new, paradigm-shifting research concerning the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine. The findings are not good. The panel also insists that mandating the vaccine on all U.S. college students is unethical.

The 50-page study was released in August. It was published on The Social Science Research Network. The extensive study analyzes CDC and industry-sponsored data on the vaccine. The data covers adverse events, including dangerous side effects.

The research concludes that vaccine mandates and boosters for young people may increase the risk of serious side effects by 18 to 98 percent. This compares to the minimal risks for this age group against COVID-19 infection-related hospitalizations.

When the study graphed the extreme risk alongside the potential benefit, the disparity was shocking. It’s far better for virtually anyone in this age group to naturally attack the virus than it is for them to take a chance on a dangerously risky vaccine. But these students have no choice.

They either comply with the unethical mandate or are expelled. This is tyranny. In many states, private universities are refusing to accept state-recognized vaccine exemptions. The mainstream media refuses to cover these stories.

They are ignoring multiple factors that have long since rendered vaccine mandates unethical. It’s now been proven that the vaccine is highly ineffective at preventing COVID-19. Furthermore, data shows that the potential for dangerous side effects is growing at an alarming rate.

There has been little to no dedicated research discussed that compares a robust natural immunity to the dangerous vaccine. The data shows that nearly 30,000 young adults must be vaccinated to prevent a single hospitalization.

The risk vs. reward for these people is astronomical. To force a suspiciously approved medicine on any person is unethical. However, when you know that the risk outweighs the reward, it is unconscionable.

There are a growing number of scientists and medical professionals speaking out against the vaccine. They are right, and may have been all along. These brave individuals are risking their careers. They need to be heard, or we need to ask why they are being suppressed!


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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    • That and consider the side effect damages that have been inflicted on previously healthy individuals- – -sudden “mysterious” deaths, blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, hemmoragic bleeding incidents, miscarriages, stillbirths, and the list has not ended. IMHO, ALL part of Gates (and others) evil plans for world “depopulation”.
      I am one of those individuals who is highly reactive to many things, including some metals, too many antibiotics and medical compounds. The research I have done indicates I would be dead if I had bowed to anyone “insisting” that I receive the vaccine, or most any of the recommended prescription drugs used to “cure” the illness once you have it. Fortunately, for me, when I did get the Wuhan virus, my doctor recommended “infusion” and I highly recommend that. I had no reaction to the process, tested negative in five days and felt absolutely fine on the seventh day. My doctor was very aware of all the substances I was reactive to and took a “safe route”; I am happy he did.
      Really would love to see some individuals wearing rope neckties for “universal genocide”. I won’t even bother to name them, because you already know exactly who they are. Call me “conspiracy theorist”, or whatever you like; I don’t give a rip; history will prove me right, even if I’m not around to see it.

      • You never had the Wuhan virus because there is no virus; they have never DNA sequenced it or any of the fake variants. This whole scandemic was a man-made, engineered, bioweapon pathogen that people were infected with that causes flu-like symptoms. The PCR test was proven to be worthless and misused to make people “think” they had this fake virus. People were infected by contaminated by the annual flu shot, the phony test swabs, the masks produced and sold by the pharmaceutical companies, and the fake vaccine. The fake virus and the fraud vaccine were both patented well before the release of this bioweapon.

  • Does UAF understand the AXIOS Report says the OPPOSITE of their claim?
    The CDC says the OPPOSITE of what is posted here

  • Trump got great advice when he tried to support therapeutics. Many credible scientists insisted no vaccine was needed but the of course were shouted down along with Trump. Democrats love to scream follow the science then they ignore all credible research that disagrees with their leftist views of the world.

  • Well we cant sue the pharma companies thanks to the government, so I guess everyone who died from the vaccine their families can sue the government. They pushed these ineffective shots on everyone well everyone dumb enough to believe the lies. You’ll see the tv ads in 20 yrs like the camp lejeune, if you got a COVID shot mandated by the government please call Huey duey and Louie

    • Actually the pharmaceutical companies and the government CAN be sued because there is more than ample proof that they LIED about all of it. They are not protected from willful misconduct, by the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA), nor the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP Act).

  • The whole thing was about CONTROL and social conditioning !!!!!!!!! It was ALL LIES, and any questions were shut down immediately !!!!!!!!! The only good thing about it was that it showed the American people that they can NOT trust ANYTHING that the government tells us !!!!!! It also helped to exposed MORE RINOS and swamp dwellers !!! People need to question EVERYTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I believe the COVID19, Covid Offensive Virus ID19, was co-sponsored and released by the CCP and the DNC in tandem.

    Dems wanted Trump gone, he was ruining their grift trip.

    Chinese wanted Trump gone, he was in the way of their world domination.

  • BS that ‘millions die’… WHERE??????? Not in MY state…. What they di was count EVERY freeking death ( from anything ) then ADD some 0on top of that!

  • “”First do no Harm ” Law written after the Nuremberg trials 1946 , that exposed the medical atrocities & experiments ,they illegally performed on the POW’s . ”No law or government can force the taking of an experimental product ” The mNRA spike protein is not a vaccine but was marketed as one . Key words here EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCTS. Doctors can no longer claim well ” I was just following orders ” . They have all forsaken their oath , they committed treason and crimes against humanity . They need to be held accountable , judged , convicted and sentenced to death . The FDA-CDC-WHO-BIG PHARMA , are criminals & mass murderers . Along with their treasonous, bought & paid for , corrupt politicians , who gave the pharmaceuticals IMMUNITY against injuries and deaths caused by their deadly jabs , they need to be arrested ASAP . Fraudci , must not be allowed to be above the law . That little hobgoblin is responsible for countless thousands , nay millions of injuries & deaths . The biden crime family , the clintons, bushes, obamma + so many more , the Alphabet Agencies + the corporations who owns them , can no longer escape the law . DEMS are the enemy of the people, as the libs are enemies to the people in Canada… Only our UNITY will end their attempt @ global genocide……”.

    • Amen, brother. Everything you say is spot on. Additionally, you didn’t hear a word about treatment for those who tested positive, except “go home, take a Tylenol, stay hydrated and rest”. Doctors and pharmacists were threatened with loss of license if they were to prescribe and dispense the two best therapeutics, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, both of which were unmercifully demonized primarily because they ‘re cheap and BIG PHARMA won’t make any money. Plus, you never heard a word of advice to the general populace about how they could strengthen their immune systems, the first line of defense in warding off the China Death.

  • We know that the jab did nothing to stop the infection, spread or dying from covid. My issue with the article is when the author starts out with “millions” of U.S. citizens died. That’s as bad as something Jean-Pierre would say. Makes you wonder about the veracity of the article.

    • Dr Mary Holland President of Children’s Health Defense said that The COVID Death Jab has murdered Millions around the World and tens of thousands of Pregnant Woman who took the Jab lost their Babies

    • NO ONE DIED OF OR FROM COVID. ALL of the deaths were from preexisting medical conditions, forced improper treatment mandated by the government (to include Remdesivir and use of ventilators), and the administering of a fraud vaccine.

      This is NO virus. It is nothing more than a patented, man-made, engineered pathogen used to induce flu-like symptoms. This has been documented by Dr. David Martin.

  • Does no one remember that Bill Gates came out that the earth is over populated. Call it a conspiracy. But if you look at this, the vaccine was pushed way to hard and way to many objections to it were knocked down. Put out a virus that can kill those with conditions. Add other deaths to that and make a vaccine that will stop it. Make it look as though the elites get their vaccine shot, but in reality do not. Then without fail, give it to everyone else and let time diminish the population. That leaves the elites in charge of whats left. Have fun with this one.

    • It could be. There was an edifice in Georgia that said 500 million is the desired # of people for earth. It was blown up but I always suspected Gates built that. I saw it with my own eyes and it was massive, much like stone hedge in England but smaller.

  • What do these politicians and drug companies care whether you live or die, as long as THEY get their MONEY !!!!! WE TOLD THESE LIBERAL FOOLS THAT THIS WOULD HAPPEN ALMOST TWO YEARS AGO BUT THEY WERE TOO IGNORANT AND ARROGANT TO LISTEN, NOW IT’S TIME TO DIE !!!! Nobody should EVER trust anything that this government says EVER AGAIN !!!!! WE MUST accept the FACT that “OUR” government is actually OUR ENEMY !!!! Nobody will EVER “VACCINATE” ME, TAKE YOUR GOVERNMENT APPROVED CLOT SHOT AND STICK IT !!!!

  • I agree, there is not enough research for myself nor my husband to get the vaxx. We are in our mid seventies and have researched this for ourselves and think that it was purposely created to kill people and the vaccine was just a “money grab”. I think is is also terribly wrong to give this vaccine to children. A very minute amount of children died as a result of this virus and having the virus provides a better immunity than the vaccine that contains terrible things I have never heard of and tried to study with no avail. So many young, health people have died after having that vaccine. Autopsies show long stringy blood clots when draining the blood from these victims. This can cause heart attacks. I believe that the vaccine causes these blood clots and blame the vaccine for their deaths. I will never accept that poison as long as I live and the government cannot and will not tell me I have to have it.



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