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A fresh video emerged this week showing a man trafficking ballots in Detroit. It’s one of the most compelling pieces of evidence that fraud was definitely afoot during the 2020 presidential election.

Bill Barr was recently interrogated by the J6 sham commission to try and crucify President Trump. He told the commission at one point, “Uh, the election was not stolen by fraud. And I haven’t seen anything since the election that changes my mind on that, including the ‘2000 Mules’ movie,” Barr said as he laughed hysterically.

I used to believe that Bill Barr was a pretty decent guy who was on our side, but that has completely gone out the window at this point.  He obviously hasn’t seen the “2000 Mules” film because he dismissed it so condescendingly, arguing that they can’t prove anything. That’s just stupid.

Let’s imagine that you’re a Door Dash driver and I find your phone records that same way that the folks who worked on “2000 Mules” did. I would see you visiting a number of fast-food restaurants and a number of corresponding houses. Honestly, without even knowing that you’re a Door Dash driver, if I only had those records, it would be safe to conclude that you are in fact a food delivery driver based on the GPS coordinates showing you visiting a dozen or more different fast-food locations per day.

Likewise, when we see the records of individuals going around and visiting dozens of ballot drop boxes and visiting DNC locations in between, it’s safe to conclude that you’re running ballots for the Democrats. Is that definitive proof in and of itself? No, but it’s not meant to be and that’s the trick that these Democrats and RINOs try to pull. They try telling you that it doesn’t prove anything. This is just like claiming that a puzzle piece is not a puzzle. We know that. What we’re saying is when the puzzle pieces are put together, they make a clear picture.

Combine that with video like this one showing the man getting out of a post office truck and dumping multiple stacks of ballots into a ballot drop box and you have a big problem.


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  • This is just book 2 , ‘THE MISSING LINKS” for Bill Barr, send him reminder to do more Video reviews, this is not a production from CNN, it is not FAKE!

  • Bottom line? Dem cheated and they will again in November. Best way to stop them is to vote so they will be left with trying to explain why there are more votes than voters.

    • They really don’t have to explain anything and for decades never have had to. This isn’t something that just happened yet show me anyone who has been put in prison for doing so.

  • The 900 pound gorilla in the room for Bill Barr, the RINOs and the entire Marxist Democrats is that if the technology that was depicted in 2000Mules doesn’t amount to anything, then why are the J6 folks still locked up for more than a year when they used the exact same technology to locate those folks?

  • Apparently, as my ancestors would say, Bill Barr speaks with a forked tongue. He is two faced and either lied his way into his position under Trump or is lying now, or both!!

  • There is no doubt that President Trump was cheated in the 2020 election. Why WHY has the federal government law enforcement not interviewed the cheats who are dropping all of the ballots in the drop boxes. If the weasel director of the FBI was not crooked and a lying cheat he would do his job and investigate the obvious cheating of the election. Why has not one of these cheats been interviewed? They let trespassers set in solidary confine for over a year but let the cheats go. Wray is part of the deep state who is ruining this country.

  • I wonder if we had a video of someone punching Liz for lying ! If they would claim that doesn’t mean anything. Because each video is evidence in a crime the Democrats have spent millions on not wanting someone to see! WHY????? The 80 judges that went along with the crime all need to be prosecuted. How dare they pick who can be heard and who can’t? This is bigger than we can imagine . Trump did an excellent job exposing them all! Now we need to drag them out of office to pay for their crimes! The one thing we all know is joe never won anything! If they didn’t cheat they wouldn’t have a problem with people looking!

  • It’s called circumstantial evidence, & courts of law DO recognize it as valid, when presented as part of an evidence package, even in murder trials. So are things like more cast ballots than the total number of registered voters in a county or precinct, an happenstance being repeatedly experienced across multiple precicnts, in multiple states, over elections for over 2 decades, at the least. In every instance, the excess percentage of votes are, perforce, illegitimate, yet they have been unlawfully counted, because the cheaters had control, & LIED, precisely as they are still doing!

  • Dems have cheated in Detroit at least since Coleman Young was mayor, but it had never gone to the federal level before. This needs to stop now. No one trusts elections any more.



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