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Over the years, I’ve noticed a number of deaths involving certain individuals that don’t seem to be the result of pure coincidence

But I’m not saying that it’s not a coincidence

If you’re familiar with Stanley Meyer’s story, you’ll know that he invented a totally water-powered vehicle. According to rumors, he was poisoned during a business meeting with two “NATO” investors because he constituted a threat to the oil industry.

Well, it’s rather fascinating that an ex-police officer who had recently invented a powerful “water-powered engine” was killed in a recent shooting in Buffalo. Was it planned for him to die in the middle of a mass shooting? A conspiracy?

If you exclude those thugs who live in crime infested neighborhoods where there is a lot of gang violence, not a lot of people die from shootings. It really is rare in the grand scheme of things considering the U.S. population that is greater than 330 million people. So it is extremely odd that it just so happens that another man who invented a water powered engine was murdered.

Natural News reported,

Aaron Salter Jr., a security guard at the Tops Friendly Markets store in Buffalo who was killed in the recent mass shooting, had reportedly just patented a new type of vehicle engine that runs on water instead of gasoline.

Describing his invention as a “newly discovered energy source,” Salter, just prior to his death, had been working on and speaking publicly about environmentally sustainable vehicles that have the potential to replace existing ones that rely on either internal combustion (gas) or battery-powered (electric) engines.

Salter’s LinkedIn profile reveals that one of his main passions in life was coming up with a free energy transportation solution. In a YouTube video, he demonstrated how his 2010 Ford F-150 truck operated using an AWS Hydrogen Fuel System, which is based on water.

“So we’re going to do four experiments today for the patent examiners,” Salter, an ex-cop, said in the video while proudly displaying his Police Benevolent Association shirt.

“What my system has done is take advantage of the residue that’s produced by electrolysis,” he further explained. “So we’re going to actually start this vehicle without electrolysis … I’m a jack of all trades and a master of none.”

I’ve looked into the idea of building something like an HHO generator before, but I wouldn’t want to take the chance on blowing up the car or myself so I never went through with the idea.

One more coincidence that I’m starting to notice is that it seems that a lot, if not most, of these shooter have all had encounters with federal agents. Why is this the case? I’ve never spoken to one before. Why is it that they all seem to have done so?


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • I don’t believe in coincidences. Especially involving the Buffalo psyops, that was too well planned and organized to be anything but deliberate.

  • I repeat what the author wrote: “One more coincidence that I’m starting to notice is that it seems that a lot, if not most, of these shooter have all had encounters with federal agents. Why is this the case? I’ve never spoken to one before. Why is it that they all seem to have done so?” In reply to these shooting, the FBI admitted that all the shooters had taken some “rare” drug. Scientists and physicians wrote reports that the drug made them violent and psychotic and called it a “mind control” drug. More than one whistleblower came out and said, with evidence, that the drug was manufactured by our government and that the FBI had obtained it. Add to this that after every shooting the FBI always says “We were watching him” and had previously known the shooters. Coincidence my foot!!

  • I ran an HHO generator on a 40th Anniversay Corvette Coup. Which I devised myself using necessary electrical load devices, and a self-designed electrolysis array. I received a tax credit for alternative-fuel automobile, providing test results while using ‘cruise control’ both low and high-speeds. I also, while testing, purposely blew the lid of our cook-out bar b Q with a balloon-full of “Brown’s Gas.” That’s the Aussie-name of this type of water electrolysis producing 1776 cubic feet of hydrogen from a quart of water. Of course the other gas is oxygen and it’s highly combustable too. The great RESET nerds do not want hydrogen. They want human-cellular-destructive electro-magnetic energy which will shorten your distances travelled, And shorten your life-span. Eventually that British movie about a sterile global-populace is realized.

    • We sure would like for you to post more often Jack.
      We’re really tired of the GW tripe rammed on us.

  • After watching how corrupt the FBI, NSA, CIA , IRS , MEDIA and courts have become nothing surprises me! I think a few have decided the world is theirs and we are they slaves. This has never worked anyplace but CHINA! But America is well armed and when pushed will fight! Not like this would be the first time in America where the corrupt government was over thrown! Ask and most never even heard of it! Now that America is paying dearly for the corruption it won’t be long ! And the corrupt will be screaming what about the law?? The same laws they ignored for decades!

  • This ex-cop didn’t invent schitt! HHO generators have been on the internet for decades, fueling everything from lawnmowers to automobiles to cooking stoves. It’s pretty easy to build on any gas powered vehicle with minimal fabrication.

  • This will keep happening as long as the Right People don’t start to experience the same type of misfortune….



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