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As the United States financially hands out free cash to millions of migrants illegally crossing our border, American citizens are living in the streets. Many of these down-on-their-luck homeless people are military veterans, men and women, who fought to defend our freedom.

That situation alone is heartbreaking. But veterans are not the only American citizens who are being forced to live on our U.S. streets. Skyrocketing inflation, especially on rental properties, is going to make the situation worse.

America has a homeless problem, primarily centered in Democrat-run cities, that spans all skin colors and ethnicities. Homelessness also doesn’t care about gender, or lack thereof. But in perfect liberal form, San Francisco’s mayor just announced that it does.

San Francisco’s far-left liberal Mayor, London Breed, proclaimed that she has a plan to “end transgender homelessness” in the city. Furthermore, Breed insists that her plan will eradicate homelessness in this targeted gender identity group by 2027.

Well, if Mayor London Breed has a plan that can get transgender people off her city streets, what about the patriotic veterans who are sleeping on the curb? What about the wave of black Americans who do not have a place to call home?

Does Breed have a solution for the increasingly alarming number of American children who are homeless? Breed is going to funnel $65 million in taxpayer funds towards a single, minority percentage of her city’s horrific homelessness problem.

That seems like a frivolous use of taxpayer money. Breed says, “The plan focuses on getting the transgender homeless population housed quickly, making any instance of homelessness brief and rare.” Does that mean non-transgender can remain homeless indefinitely?

But what about the “real” numbers behind San Francisco’s burdensome homeless crisis? First, surveys estimate a total of 320 transgender homeless in “The City by the Bay.” Second, there are over eight times more homeless women in the city than there are transgender homeless.

What about the other 5,000+ who make up San Francisco’s startling number of homeless? With an estimated number of homeless people exceeding 8,000, maybe the woke-all-inclusive Mayor Breed should formulate a plan to help everyone, without regard to race or gender.

But that’s not the way of the progressive left. They always have to appear overly sympathetic to the minutest minority.

Twitter users were quick to criticize the mayor’s plan for prioritizing certain homeless people based on their gender identity.

“What happens if someone is homeless and not transgender?” self-described moderate liberal Michelle Tandler asked.

Former UFC fighter Jake Shields wondered, “So if I’m homeless and say I’m transgender I get a home but not otherwise? Makes perfect sense.”

Another Twitter user slammed Breed’s plan as divisive, writing, “We speak about how division is bad for this country and yet here’s a mayor dividing the homeless. Does this make any sense? Are we going to differentiate addicts based on race, religion, eating habits, etc.?”

If you want blatant proof that the left wants to continually divide the country, this is it. Liberal Mayor London Breed doesn’t want to just divide everyday San Francisco residents; she wants to drive a wedge within the homeless population. It’s just more of the same old liberal hogwash.

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