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With the midterm elections just months away, it appears that a red tsunami will sweep in, restoring a Republican majority in both chambers of Congress. The real focus, though, will be on the presidential race in 2024.

Currently, it appears like a Republican will be elected in the next election, but Mitch McConnell believes that Republicans may still screw this up. “It’s actually possible. And we’ve had some experience with that in the past.”

“In the Senate, if you look at where we have to compete in order to get into a majority, there are places that are competitive in the general election,” he added.

“So you can’t nominate somebody who’s just sort of unacceptable to a broader group of people and win,” McConnell said. He has warned to step in with allies before a prospective candidate would cost the chance of toppling Democrats in the race.

While he didn’t directly mention President Trump by name, we all know who he is referring to. He wouldn’t just be saying this for no reason. What other Republican candidate would fit this bill in the eyes of Americans? Of course, it’s President Trump.

The sad thing is that President Trump is the best man for the job. He can at least get us out of this hole that the Democrats have dug, but the left and the RINOs (which is essentially the left as well) are too stubborn and too set in their ways to give let him do his thing.

What McConnell is really saying is that Republicans need to nominate someone who is the equivalent of Joe Biden, but on the right side of the aisle. He wants us to find another bureaucrat who is basically another RINO, that way more Democrats will be accepting of this candidate and who they can cast their vote for just to make sure the Joe Biden is removed from office.


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