The progressive left has one common characteristic that seems to bind them like glue. Radical leftists never believe anything is their fault. Lefties are adept at playing the victim card.

Left-wing progressives have perfected the art. Progressives insist that nothing is their fault by flipping the script to portray themselves as victims.

Americans should prepare themselves for yet another dip into the victim card bucket during a 60 Minutes interview. However, the person isn’t actually a self-proclaimed lefty. This man suggests that he is a conservative. Ray Epps is one of the most baffling names that have continued to surface surrounding the Capitol Hill chaos of January 6, 2021.

Epps was there. Multiple videos have been revealed that show him directing much of the activity outside the Capitol. There are even text messages from Epps to his nephew that boast about how much influence he had over people that day. Ray Epps claims to have helped orchestrate the January 6 chaos.

But Ray Epps has never been arrested nor charged with a single crime. Why might that be? Could Epps have been a government plant? That’s what some say. But he claims he’s not.

Now, Epps sat with the CBS’ 60 Minutes team and acted like he’s the one people should feel sorry for. Americans should feel compassion for the hundreds of jailed citizens, none of whom had any real part in the chaos. Why should we feel compassion for this man?

Well, according to Ray Epps, it’s because people like FOX News’ Tucker Carlson have questioned all the suspicious activity centered on him and asked why Ray Epps was never charged.

There is a mountain of evidence indicating that Ray Epps was instrumental in the chaotic events of January 6. He also managed to have an appearance on the FBI’s Most Wanted List erased.

Now, the man who obviously helped ignite violence got a national platform to tell a story that everyone knows is untrue. Ray Epps is not a victim, but anyone who buys into the hogwash that will air on CBS is.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • There is much more than meets the eye with Mr. Epps. He looked & acted suspicious & tapes don’t lie

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      • Epps claiming he is not a government plant has got to be the biggest lie associated with the January 6 incident. How else can he not have been charged and jailed with all the video evidence of him inciting people.

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    • The prick should die a painful death at the hands of a true American Patriot. I will instigate that request. Fuck you Ray Epps

  • Well what 60 minuets and Epps has to say seems not not match the facts! As there was plenty that did a lot less and are still in jail!He is just upset he was called out for his actions. another POOR ME I GOT CAUGHT!

  • Ray Epps is as innocent as Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd was of murdering the unarmed, Ashli Babbitt. They’re both guilty as sin. Epps for working with the FBI and Capitol police in entrapping peaceful protesters by urging them inside the Capitol and Byrd for murdering an unarmed American citizen with no legal provocation. In both cases, the incidents were captured on video for everyone to see.

    • If our leaders in Washington do not start holding their people accountable and punishing them, they are building their own case for a serious rebellion of the American citizens. As voters, we must start voting these corrupt leaders out of office. NOW!!!!

    • They should all be executed for their treasonous actions and for the deaths and imprisonment of innocents. I’m am too old now to serve Justice on the bastards but I pray every night that someone would assassinate them all since Justice can’t be found under corrupt Democratic rule and that includes Biden and his cohorts

  • Ray Baby is FBI up to his Nazi eyeballs. He was Scaffold Commander (FBI’s make-believe name for the “unidentified” provocateur) and talked on tape about “falling behind on the schedule” at one point. Yet they believe, like Hillary, that you REALLY ARE THAT DUMB.

  • Epps once again shows the American people that Communist Democrats always use the “Someone Else’s Fault” bullshit.
    Epps is nothing more than a Liar and a Communist FBI operative following orders to take President Trump down.
    Epps deserves a tall Oak tree and 6′ of rope just as much as 75% FBI, CIA, IRS, ATF deserve.

    • You forgot the Capitol police. There should have already been a forceful overthrow of the prison where all the innocents are being held and all Capitol police killed on sight for their atrocities committed against these innocents. Then on to Biden and the corrupt Dems!!!

  • Only one question will clear this up for me. If he’s one of the conservatives who was calling for going into the capital , then why are all the other innocent people still in jail and Ray Epps has never even been arrested? This reporter didn’t ask the question either.

  • The only disturbances, insurrection and crimes committed at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C, on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021 were planned, staged and carried out by the seditious DNC/FBI/SS/ATF/DC Capitol Police/ANTIFA crisis actors.

    …like FBI plant Ray Epps!

  • So now we know what Ray Epps has been doing these past two years. Personally, sir, I think you should get all yourmoney back for the acting lessons. Sorry, bud. Not believable at all!! What you should have said is that the FBI made you do it. Half of the nation would tend to believe you. At least they would want to, anyway.

  • Republicans have to put their big boy shoes on and solve this, put the real criminals in prison and execute when warranted and save America.

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  • He was personally responsible for jailing a lot of innocent people as political prisoners. Something this whole country should be ashamed of. That was one of the concerns when this country was founded that we do not have political prisoners or debtors prisoners. The democrats have been making sure we have both. Epps is a big part of bringing socialism to this country.

    • His sorry ass needs to spend some serious time in prison, just for admitting he fired up the crowd to enter the Capital building. As usual, their lying thru their teeth about him not working for the FBI. Check his financial records and WWII tax forms, but then again, they have probably already been modified.

  • even 60 min is also a woke program, it is funny he was never arrested while people that were never there were arrested, what a fake news u are

  • Ray Epps should be in jail. He’s a FBI Plant that got caught on live tv and thousand of pictures of him committing crimes. He should stay hiding like the sewer rat he is. They should hang him
    For Treason the guy is a complete liar and disgrace to America.
    Hope he gets what’s coming to him your going down hard wait and see what happening.

  • I have noticed, over the last two years he has NEVER EVER said one word of sympathy and or outrage for the Fascist trials throwing hundreds of innocent Americans into gulags

  • you know Epps was a traitor working for the commies when they are all here posting about their fake jobs trying to cover up the comment section!

  • CBS. 60 Minutes. That makes Ray the third liar in the cabal. I’m sorry, Raymond, but we know Bovine Feces when we hear it!

  • If Epps denies much of anything he was involved with that January 6th “Insurrection” (NOT), you know he is one of those ‘liberal elites’ because anytime their lips move they lie! I mean, you can’t believe these people think they can get away with anything, even when the idiots have recorded evidence against their acts!

    How does the ‘horned headdress’ wearing individual, who was ‘escorted’ throughout the Senate area by those Capitol Police agents, get locked up for a year for “trespassing” while the inciting to enter the Capitol building Epps is not even charged?

  • Ray Epps should be in jail with the antifa, blm and fbi plants that caused a peaceful demonstration to become violent when they broke the window and door into the capital and had all the other people there follow them inside. He was outside urging people to go into the capital, even helping pull down a barricade. He isn’t a victim, he is a traitor, and he is not in jail because he was colluding with the government to cause the “insurrection.” He is nothing but a LIAR.



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