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Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is not one to mix words with arrogant liberal Democrats. He is known for his hard-hitting questions, demanding direct answers for his constituents. Paul has pushed back especially hard against unrealistic COVID demands from pretentious medical bureaucrats.

Earlier this week, he leveled a barrage of tough questions at Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra. Becerra is the epitome of liberal arrogance, particularly when they’re spewing Draconian mandates that are not based on the science.

Like millions of Americans, Paul wanted to know why no one is willing to discuss or consider how effective natural immunity is against the China Virus. In the radical leftist circles of the Democrat Party, it appears to be taboo to discuss this extremely important question, but why?

According to Joe Biden, and his minions like Becerra, the unvaccinated need to get the jab or be ridiculed as deplorable “flat earthers”. Paul has held firm in his disdain for the senseless banter that the so-called experts have been belching out at Americans for over a year.

Sen. Paul said,

“Quit lording it over people, acting as if these people are deplorable and unwashed. Try persuasion instead of government cudgels. Try humility instead of arrogance. Try freedom instead of coercion. Most of all, try understanding there is no more basic medical right than deciding what we inject into our bodies. Today, half a hearing that millions of people in a study prove — show without a doubt that there is a great deal of immunity from getting it naturally, do you want to apologize to the 100 million Americans who suffered through covid, survived, have immunity, and yet you want to hold them down and vaccinate them? Do you want to apologize for calling those people flat earthers?”

He has questioned their science, as a doctor himself, with a solid foundation for his inquiries. Paul continues to face constant question dodging, or flat out bogus information, in an attempt to pacify his hardline stance against governmental intrusions into our medical freedoms.

The Kentucky Senator thinks the medical bureaucracy should try honesty as opposed to the failed efforts to ram shots in every American’s arm. The Joe Biden COVID playbook is to belittle everyone who has questions about the viability of the vaccination.

This is an American right. The Constitution of the United States clearly gifts every American with the right of choice for how they deal with their body. We all have the right to make a personal decision before we inject something into these bodies.

We are not clones. Americans have rights. However, the radical left-wing bureaucrats seem to think that everyone who chooses to exercise this right is either insubordinate or stupid. There is never any discussion about inherited immunity or other vaccine questions.

Paul made a direct request to Becerra for an apology to the more than 100 million Americans who have already battled and beaten the China Virus. He insinuated the goal of the Biden administration is to strap down every American and force a COVID shot into their body.

Those are the types of governmental mandates that spawn storylines for Orwellian-type political fiction. They are not the way we do things in America. One thing we have the right to do in America is to speak up for ourselves. Thank God we have Senators like Rand Paul who continue to do so.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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