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Once again the fascists of antifa attacked the federal courthouse inside the Mark O. Hatfield building in Portland, Oregon. This time was a little different inasmuch as they used an IED device. (Improvised Explosive Device) When it hit the building it burst into flames and the tremor from the explosion could be felt a block away.

The fireball produced by the explosion could have been strong enough to set the building on fire, depending on what kind of fuel there was for burning, such as wood or paper. The anarchists in Portland are getting more radical every day. And why not? The city has turned over themselves to the rioters.

But it does raise the possibility of armed conflict sometime before this thing is over as antifa gets bolder by the day. Protesters gathered at the site where the statue of an elk had been set ablaze and rioters built a fire where the statue once stood. I guess the elk had ancestors that owned slaves or something.

Rioters with gas masks, helmets, shields hockey sticks, golf clubs, fireworks, and other objects  met by the federal court building. This has become a nightly ritual. Every night they meet and try to burn down the building. They set fires outside the building so they can attack the federal agents as they try to extinguish the fires.


The federal officers have been making arrests and ironically, since they will be facing federal charges will be tried in the same building they have been trying to burn.



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