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Portland, Oregon, once a thriving city known for its food, culture, and natural beauty, is now facing a crisis of crime, homelessness, and drug abuse that is driving away businesses and residents alike. The latest victim of this urban decay is Cracker Barrel, the popular restaurant chain that serves Southern-inspired comfort food and sells country-themed gifts.

Cracker Barrel announced last month that it is closing its last remaining location in Portland, citing the impact of the pandemic on its business. However, employees told a local news station that the real reason behind the closure was security issues in the area, where theft, vandalism, and drug use are rampant.

The area where Cracker Barrel was located, is littered with drug paraphernalia, clothes tags, and abandoned shopping carts. Customers who tried to visit the restaurant on Tuesday were greeted by a sign that read “Closed Permanently”. Some expressed shock and disappointment at the news, while others said they understood why Cracker Barrel decided to leave.

This economic downturn for major retailers is one of many issues that have plagued Portland in recent years. Shootings have tripled since 2019 while homicides have reached record levels. Car thefts have doubled since 2019 which is indicative of a much greater problem with crime in the area. Portland’s homelessness crisis has also gone unresolved while police staffing levels have declined almost 200 sworn officers since 2019 making it even more difficult to maintain order within the city limits.

According to reports from 2020, over 2,600 businesses in Portland had closed their doors due to a combination of factors including the pandemic and political unrest. To those of us with common sense, we all know why they leave and how this is ultimately going to play out if this trend continues. Some of the biggest cities are going to become completely rundown and in ruins if they don’t give up on their radical leftist agenda.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Portlandia–that is, whoever remains– the most obvious solution to your problem is not to abandon your beautiful city and your home. It is to start voting, and STOP voting for Liberals. They are eating you alive.

    Vote NOT DEMOCRAT. At any level.

  • AAAAHHHhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  • I do NOT blame Crack Barrel at all for leaving. It would NOT be a safe place for their employees or customers, plus all of the robberies they would make any money.
    What the Demo Democratic party has done to this country is unbelievable. One day soon many of them will be paying the price, a very high price for what they have done.
    All for power!

  • Typical Democratic policies are to blame. This is what the Dems want, our country to fall flat on its face. FTD, FJB, FCS, FNP, Fem all.

  • Although Portland voters may take a step back from the abyss and vote for a less-crazy Democratic administration, things are not going to change much in Portland, and other Democrat-controlled cities. What’s happening in Portland is just their share of a the deep, fundamental crisis that is approaching in all of the United States.

    Sane people — patriots — must leave the Blue States and emigrate to the Red Ones. If that’s not possible, move to a ‘Red County’ — the eastern Counties of the whole Left Coast have not yet lost their minds.

    Then, when in a safe territory, patriots must organize into Community Defense Teams — basically, organized ‘prepping’.

    No one knows the future, but it’s likely to be very turbulent. Don’t be a victim of “Normalcy Bias” (look it up!).

    • Ever see the movie version, I know some say the book version much better, but the movie versions up to date of our times. “Atlas shrugged”. By the end of the third and final movie, the best of the best headed to the “New ‘Atlantis” hidden in Colorado mountains while all the Blue cities and lands collapsed under the Liberal leftist blues tyrannical thumb!
      Pretty much like what is happening in our time right now!

    • Yes yes yes and when President Trump made that observation my my what a horrible naughty way for the POTUS to speak his words are ringing so true not the biggest embarrassment to our country which they still can’t cage or gag him Jilly must be tired of the job so CH can take over

  • QUOTE>> Cracker Barrel is the latest business to flee Portland, Oregon as the crazy liberal utopia continues to implode. Just 11% of Portland voters now believe the city is headed in the right direction:

    11% of Portland voters think city going in right direction!?
    Must be the Leftist elites running the city, the drug users and the illegals and the gangs! Nobody else left to make up the 11%!

  • The Democratic party is a cancer on society. They sanction dysfunctional behavior, are pro criminal, anti religious freedom, anti fracking and immigration enforcement. Their values and sentiments are out of touch with most Americans.

  • Trouble is with the gutless GOP losing city after city there won’t be any big cities left to run away from. Even with the horrible policies and rumination of city after city the democrats still win over the republicans. This has been going on for decades but still even what should be the best of times for the GOP they still manage to lose.


  • As this madness grows each and everyday, their really is REALISTICALLY ONLY TWO WAYS OUT OF THIS! If I’m wrong in anyway here, please, I bug your indulgences and value your opinions on any ideas to solve this crisis before our country folds in or is completely consumed under foot of the socialist left agenda!

    The two ways I see out of this—OPTION ONE—-WE are forced into a CIVIL WAR II. RED political values with prayers and hopes majority military and enforcement type police follow our lead. The vast majority of red gun owning reds strategically cut off the blue cities and regions in siege type situation. All access of food, supplies etc. WE force the liberal left in in to mass surrender or death, and the survivors must forever be exiled from U.S. shores forever, citizenship and all ripped away!

    The second way out of this—OPTION TWO— Survive and wait for the revelations ‘RAPTURE’, and let that path take it’s course…..

    Lastly, Ask yourselves, what would our past ancestors from WWII all the way back to revolutionary soldiers and of course our founding fathers that fought, if they were here now, what would they do?



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