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The radical progressive left concocted a pair of bogus impeachment allegations against former President Trump. Neither one gained any traction because they were both a bunch of hogwash.

Each feeble Democrat attempt to remove the former president was based on lies. What the left alleges happened never did happen. Both impeachments were political theater.

But what about making a case for booting the current buffoon resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to the curb? If there’s ever been a U.S. president worthy of impeachment, it’s the man who currently wastes space inside the White House. Joe Biden shouldn’t even be president. The crooked liberal-left political machine manipulated and cheated to get him there.

But since Biden has occupied the Oval Office, he’s broken constitutional rules and violated more executive branch privileges than any president before him. Notwithstanding the total policy blunders and destructive decisions Biden has made, the man is steadily being implicated as the ringleader of a massive political scandal.

The scandal that has engulfed the Biden family is something Americans envision only happens in corrupt Third World countries. The Bidens have orchestrated the most crooked influencing scheme in U.S. history. Most of the focus has been on Biden’s numskull son, Hunter. But Hunter is too stupid to have organized the level of scams that have been used to bilk billions.

There has been direct reference to the “big guy.” Joe Biden is clearly that “big guy.” As the House Oversight Committee digs deeper and deeper into the Biden family’s corruption, new revelations are even more stunning. Bank records are proving that the Bidens have used Joe’s high-ranking diplomatic positions to make millions upon millions of dollars.

But according to Tennessee Republican Congressman Tim Burchett, Biden may be guilty of a lot more. As an IRS agent requests protection as a whistleblower, some substance of what will be revealed is gradually sifting into the news cycle. The House investigation has exposed at least nine members of the Biden family.

Each is involved at different levels in the family money laundering schemes. These family members have sold access to Joe Biden for profit. Much of the money has come from nations that would do the U.S. harm. By definition, what Joe Biden and his crooked family have done is the textbook meaning of “crime family.”

Just like the old-time mob bosses during America’s gangster era, the Biden’s corruption has ties to prostitution rings. Burchett told FOX News’ Maria Bartiromo, “I think if you delve into it deep enough, I mean there’s prostitution rings involved in this, human trafficking is rumored to be a part of some of this.”

The Tennessee congressman went on to stress, “They’re talking about impeaching Biden. How could we not impeach Biden if this does, in fact, reach him?” Joe Biden has been a total failure. He’s destroyed the economy, devastated the U.S. reputation abroad, and spawned a crime wave that’s engulfed the nation. If any of these new revelations are accurate, how can anyone vote “no” to impeach this clown?


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Why Lying Corrupt Quid Pro can’t be impeached? Here is why. RINO’s McCarthy and Beijing Mitch have publicly stated it’s not on their Agenda to impeach Corrupt Quid Pro. Besides the Senate is controlled by the Liberal commie Democrats and Bolshevik Schumer is not going to impeach the most corrupt POTUS in American History.

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  • Treason, Treason, Treason! I believe that every Biden Family Rat has committed Treason by essentially “Aiding and Abetting Our Enemies” by excepting their money! Hang Them All.

  • If people had really paid attention to when biden was campaigning from his basement
    they should have realized (if they had brains) that he was not fit to be president then.
    But they vote for him anyway. Now look where are at, in a great big mess. Everything
    is higher and he makes the most ridiculous laws.

  • If Biden’s not impeached within the next 1-2 months America will be the next Communist Chinese Party and the Communist Democrats will have the power to declare War on all Republicans and Maga conservatives, therfore he’ll order the illegals to kill off anyone who supports Republicans and Maga conservatives by arming them.
    He’ll also have the high ranking Woke military leaders such as the Communist Traitor General Milley to order the same.
    True Americans will have to fight to stay alive and we just might be up a creek without a paddle.
    It’s time to lock and load since it don’t look like the Republicans have the guts to do anything, they have aloud him to get away with way too much committing Treason.



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