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Political forecasters predicted that a massive red wave would sweep Republicans back into control of Congress. The red wave did not happen. Conservative candidates, many hurt by lackluster funding and a weak message, were soundly defeated.

Republican strategists are left scratching their heads. However, one red wave did materialize. In Florida, victories in both the gubernatorial and U.S. Senate races were more like red tsunamis. Governor Ron DeSantis and Senator Marco Rubio ran away with their races.

DeSantis’ landslide victory over Charlie Crist was especially telling. As the country watched candidates endorsed by President Trump lose, many wondered how the disappointing midterm results would affect the Republican Party going forward.

According to a recent poll, the effect was demonstrative. The shift in appeal between the two front-running candidates for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination was swift. Appeal with Republican voters virtually flipped overnight.

The YouGov poll produced some startling revelations. Roughly 1,500 U.S. adults were surveyed between November 9 and 11. Prior to this poll, virtually every other survey had former President Trump with a comfortable lead over his closest challenger.

That lead is no longer there. In fact, DeSantis has flipped the poll on its head. He now leads the former president by a full seven points. President Trump maintained a slim lead among those who identified as “strong Republicans.” His lead with this voter block was down to 2 points.

However, the Florida governor’s popularity among moderate Republicans and lean Republicans was overwhelming. The range of DeSantis’ appeal ranged from an average of 7 points to as much as 24 percentage points.

Less than one month ago, this same poll had President Trump leading Governor DeSantis by double digits. This support for the former president among Republican voters remained fairly constant for over a year. It’s not constant any longer.

Ahead of what is growing increasingly likely as a head-to-head battle with DeSantis for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, President Trump has taken off the gloves. He has already started to demean the popular governor.

While this attack-like strategy has worked in the past for the popular former president, many are worried it will backfire this time. Most of the individuals President Trump has verbally attacked have already been “less than popular” people. DeSantis does not fall into that category.

His appeal within the Republican Party is growing exponentially as well. DeSantis’ sweeping victory in Florida will only further cement this appeal. President Trump would do well to use caution before verbally assaulting an opponent on such an upward trajectory.

Missed arrows shot into the sky will fall back to earth. President Trump could find himself fending off political wounds from some of these errant arrows. President Trump still insists he’s about to make “a very big announcement” from his Mar-a-Lago home.

Most believe this will be him announcing his return to the political arena. However, he may be in for the fight of his political life this time. The Republican base is upset. They’re looking for a change. Ron DeSantis is looking more and more like that change.

Whether he chooses to run against the hard-punching President Trump remains to be seen. If this was a “made-for-the-big-screen” prize fight, Ron DeSantis would be like Rocky Balboa! After the dust settles from the Republican primary wars, we may hear, “Yo, Casey, I DID IT!”


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • I call BS. Trump was the subject of C Span this morning which is heavily Democrat. When they alternated calls, ALL GOP were voting for Trump. They were happy to hear him moving on from 2020 and talking about the future. If anyone can do this, it is Trump!

    • I am all for President Trump. However, he does need to stop trashing people. Not good for him, not good for the country. Trump/DeSantis would be a WINNING TICKET.

        • By all means, IGNORE the person who had a roaring economy, had China on its knees, followed the law and moved our embassy to Jerusalem, got hostages returned, made REAL Middle East peace deals, and held Russia, Iran, and North Korea at bay!

          • I couldn’t have said it any better Phillip! I’m ALL IN FOR TRUMP! He is the ONLY one who got anything done with assaults thrown at him 24/7! NO ONE ELSE COULD ACCOMPLISH WHAT HE HAS ACCOMPLISHED UNDER HIS CIRCUMSTANCES! It’s so human nature for some on these sheep on this board to fall for the BS & this is precisely why we are in trouble as a nation & as a world for that matter!

        • That loud
          Pith created the highest employment rate for minorities in our nations history, reduced our taxes, made other nations, like China, pay their fair share of import taxes, brought companies back from overseas that provided thousands of new jobs for Americans, AND he didn’t take one penny of his salary for four years!!!

  • Remember patriots, the lying media are in it for the left, they are paid just like prostitutes to do what they do. Stay strong, Trump is the only one who can lead us out of this disaster the left has put us in. Best president we ever had in the history of this country. The globalists are still fighting our Make America Great Again with every dark tool they have. They hate GOD, and Trump has brought Christianity back full force, and if you don’t think this is a fight for Good over Evil, then I wish you the best.

    • Liz, you hit it on the head when you said that this is a fight between Good & Evil. It long ago passed being about right & left or even good & bad. It has now become the start of the final great war between those on the side of God & those on the side of Satan.

      • One of a few true statements by Senile Joe is that “we are fighting for the soul of the nation.” Problem is he’s on THE WRONG SIDE!

    • From your mouth to God’s ears, Liz. I would write-in Trump even if he wasn’t on the ballot. God chose him once. I pray He chooses him again. Trump may be our last chance to save ourselves and our country.

    • I voted for Trump twice, but I am afraid that there is too much generated hate for him. DeSantis is cut out of the same cloth, but less caustic.

      • I love my President Trump, but I also think DeSantis will be a good President. Just for one minute, let’s think about what our unpaid President went through in the past. He’s been called everything but a white man, he’s been impeached twice, he’s been investigated numerous times, his home has been violated, his personal banking records have been demanded, his wife, children, family and friends have been criticized, subpoenaed, arrested by armed Law Enforcement or the FBI, and he was cheated out of an election all while watching Hillary, Obama and Biden (all corrupt) lying to the American people about what a poor President Trump was and crippling our Country. Really? We had a great economy, closed borders, lower taxes, no war, more freedoms, no inflation, no immigration problem, and people were making more money. No wonder the man is cranky. Trump deserves 4 more years to finish what he started, if he can. Biden may have destroyed America by 2024.

      • If anyone thinks the Swamp and its media accomplices will be any less hateful to DeSantis than Trump, they have an IQ under 75!

  • When the media starts to prop up a Republican for any office , run and go the other way . I’m not saying DeSantis is not a good man he is but when the fake news gets their man nominated they will turn on him just look at history, don’t trust them.

    • He has been a great Govenor but that is a world apart from being a President of the whole USA. If he was to run on the ticket with a man who has been there and done that then he might be ready at the end of the four years turn.

  • Now that Trump has come back, it’s the time to STOP trusting the polls. Trust Trump. Haven’t we had enough fake polls, turncoats, and fake news? Americans need Trump – now. Period.

  • TaaRump attacking patriot DeSantis like he did lying weak RINO’s Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney is stupid and insensitive.

    DeSantis 2024

  • this article is so fake. first of all, McConnel pulled money from two senator candidates and put it on Murkowki Alaska already a Republican. $8million dollars to be exact.

    • McConnell did indeed pull the rug out from beneath his team-mates and the Republicans. But what can you expect from the son-in-law of a Chinese? And please don’t fall for the “Taiwanese ” claim. Remember, the Chinese have the patience of Job. They sent James Chao and his wife to Taiwan to have — as I recall — both Elaine and Angela. They then brought them to the U.S. to later give control of their large international shipping and trading company, “The Foremost Group,” to daughter Angela. Elaine had to settle for becoming Secretary of Transportation of the United States. If you have enough money backing you (or should I say “Yuan”?) you can achieve almost anything in this country, even the presidency. And on that sorry subject I would add, the quite-possible future of this once-great nation.

    • yes thank you..president trump worked his butt off for all the American people and America..he even worked to better the lives of people that were getting out of prison to have a training so that they could earn an honest living and never make the mistake of ending back in prison like so many have and do..none of the other presidents have ever done half of the things that president trump has done..he is a very good man and has donated more than people even realise..that Jennifer Hudson..she is a disgrace..when her mother and sister and nephew was murdered by her ex brother in law..guess who helped her out and let her stay at trump tower for free ?? yes food and shelter at trump tower..7 months she stayed me she never had anyone help herlike president trump know she had the gall to dis president trump and sing at that crooked nutcase child molester biden when he go to be in the whitehouse from that stolen election in 2020..that was how she had the gall to thank president snubbing him and doing that for that crook biden..nice slap in president trumps face..that is what we call the N word..I dont use that word of say it but yes Jennifer Hudson is just that..what a disgrace she is…we will have president trumps back as he has had the American people and America…GODBLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP..GODBLESS THE LEGAL AMERICAN PEOPLE..GODBLESS AMERICA…FJB…

  • In the 2020 presidential election Democrats claimed suburban woman supposedly hated President Trump so he lost, until we found out about all the 2000 Mules – Dinesh D’Souza
    2022 supposedly saw GenZ hating The Republican Party…
    wonder what kind of games we’ll discover were played by the Democratic Socialists THIS TIME??? ?

  • First, Trump isn’t to blame for the disastrous midterm outcome for Republicans. How often must Trump convey to ALL voters that the election system/apparatus is a joke. This is why we have an incompetent senile fool in the White House now. Trump did his best to warn us of the shenanigans that were sure to pop up and they did. Fast forward to 2020 midterms and the VERY SAME BS was committed. Only an idiot would NOT find something wrong/unsavory with machine breakdowns, 8-10 hr waits in line for voters to cast their vote. Mysterious Box 3 appeared and voters were told to “place their ballots in the box and they would be assured their votes would be counted. Others were told to walk a couple blocks to,another voting precinct and vote there. Then Arizona had an 8 hr lighting blowout in 5 of their voting precincts. Imagine ALL OF THESE “Errors” took place in PREDOMINANTLY REPUBLICAN Precincts, because they DID! One does not have to be a skeptic to realize the deck was stacked against republicans. Lo and Behold who was in charge of seeing to it that the voting ran smoothly? None other than the Secretary of State Katie HOBBS who was Kari Lake’s HAPLESS opponent. She did Not recuse herself but insisted with a straight face that “these things happen sometimes”. She said she didn’t have to recuse herself so deal with it. Come on people, this election was once again, STOLEN-this time from Ms. Lake. HOW LONG ARE WE GOING TO TOLERATE THE DEMOCRATIC SWAMP GETTING AWAY WITH THIS? Why bother to vote if you know your vote will likely get tossed or lost-thanks to these election democrat judges. I blame McConnell, most of the Democratic Party and their lapdog media. Trump as usual gets blamed but is innocent. I will gladly and proudly vote FOR Trump again. I Ike DeSantis and appreciate the astounding job he did in Florida and the midterm success he had, but he is young enough to wait 4 years and then run in which case I will happily vote for him. Folks like Biden, Fetterman, Hobbs, could NOT get elected dog catcher if the elections were fairly run.

  • I don’t know anyone who is “moving away from Trump”, unless it’s independents. And if Arizona’s elections were truthful (more likely, bull), independents voted solid democRAT. If you believe that, I’ve got some ocean front property in Tucson for sale. This is just another propaganda ploy by the media to upset Republican voters. Hang in there. By 2024 people will be tired of O’Biden.

  • Pure bullshit. We are getting all of this news (?) from the liberal FAKE ASS Media and every liberal slug around the world. if you believe this crap, your either a liberal slug or your brain dead.

  • Why is it always the Fake MSM and Liberal Democrats who are always telling us conservatives what we should think and do, and how to interpret local political or world events in the light of the Left Wing Agenda.

    The Democrats, Liberals do not have the best interest of the Constitution in mind, Which means they do not have the best interest of the Nation as their first concern, or give one rip about the health of the Conservative Wing of the Nation.

    Yes story after story from the left wing view of might and right, for the liberals and Democrats best interests FINITE! All others need to shut up and serve…..

  • I will always be a Trumper, and DeSantis should be ashamed of himself for turning on President Trump. Where is his ethics or his morals? I will be praying for President Trump, and not for the traitor that DeSantis truly is.


  • We as Republicans cannot let the media decide who our candidates will be. They have been trying to poison Trump as a candidate since 2016. We have to stay firm and back him. I for one will NEVER let the media decide who I vote for. If the Republicans go back to a establishment politician (sorry but DeSantis is a politician, not an outsider and not saying he wouldn’t be a good candidate) I and many others may just sit the next election out. Not that we will ever have another fair election anyway.

  • we owe Trump 4 more years, as we all know 2020 was a cheaters paradise. 2022 midterms we’re no different. they know where they got caught cheating in 2020 because “2000 Mules” proved how they cheated on a massive nationwide scale. now, 2 years after, democrats are still cheating America and Americans. traitors will be prosecuted and dealt with accordingly.

    • Unfortunately, 2000 Mules only shows PART of the cheat.
      Peter Navarro identified all the other areas they used in his initial reports.

  • My family is voting for president Trump. He will continue to drain the swamp. In 2028, DeSantis can step into the ring. President Trump 2024

  • With many already talking about working with the communist Democrats we might as well say we are screwed. Democrats only work with other Democrats and idiots like Liz Chaney.

    Get rid of the lying and conniving journalists and we will be able to get rid of RINOs. The people manipulated by Democrat and journalist lies will finally realize what is going on.

  • We must NOT let the stolen 2020 election stand. Everything in this country of a governance nature has been fatally tainted from that initiating crime, as NOT reflecting the actual will of The People. What do I think should take place? The 2020 election should be decertified under the judicial principle that ‘Fraud vitiates everything,’ and be rerun, within 120 days. That way, Trump can pick another running mate. For those who have been keeping a close eye on things for some time, they will understand when I bring up the subject of JFK Jr., and how he is still with us, having opted to fake his death (before he was actually taken down) and go incognito while he a) found out precisely who was behind the assassination of his father, and b) plotted to bring them to justice, with the help of his father’s friends in the military and his personal friend, the very independent Donald J. Trump. By running with Trump as his VP, they will bring the country back together again, sufficiently to take it out of the hands of the NWO crowd who have been plotting their takeover of this country for a very long time. And we begin to move out from under this international gang’s dark cloud, and into a Golden Age, replete with advanced medical and physical technologies, etc. etc. etc. It’s a far, far better scenario than just ‘Trump running again in 2024’. No major breakthrough for either America or humanity as a whole there. I suspect that we will begin to see such a Light on our horizon soon. It makes far more sense to me than this farce that we are embedded in right now.

    • Trump is still letting the states straighten out the cheating that goes on in them. The problem is RINOs are involved in it and we have been captured from within. 2020 DOES have to be rectified. I want Biden stricken from the records as a president. In 1992 we went over to all mail in ballots in WA state and have been controlled by D’s ever since and we have had horrible D govenors. It is sickening. It is hard to get justice when we are in this vice grip!

  • Those are democrat votes . They loaded the box to get De Santis to run against Trump to split the vote and let the democrats walk without having to rig the machines again. Every time a Republican “savior” magically appears, the people get screwed. That is the result of political parties controlling the narrative and the dumbed-down voters, too lazy to investigate, fall for it every time. Got to get these parties under control.

  • more attention needs to be on voter fraud. if we don’t stop it we will loose this country. Every state is experiencing it. but you do not hear about any prevention. Why???

  • Win or lose, professional boxers don’t hold grudges for being punched. I am a big fan of Governor DeSantis. I hope he is a good “professional politician”. BTW: I wish article authors would learn the meaning of “exponentially”.

  • If you believe polls, then consider yourselves sheeple. Polls are political predictions and hope to sway voters to vote as the pollsters want them to vote,. And I don’t believe polls for a minute.

  • This must be a Rhino story but it is something to keep a dam eye on I have noticed that all these story keep popping up as soon as the midterm was over Now the red wave we got it but i think we were bilked out of this election the way it should have gone due to a Whole host of thing big Tech voting laws in swing states that really need to be fixed but it seem they may not time for different strategies, some of these candidate’s did have solutions and fight hard enough message is a big thing then there is down right cheating which we all are seeing has happen this what happen to the tsunami that should have happen so here we are it going to be a tough fight but freedom is not free and it is up to us to fix this as only We The People can do it

  • i heard that 219 endorsed by Trump won and 15 endorsed by Trump did not win. Is that such a loss that you believe it affects Trump’s win in 2024?

  • They wish Trump won’t run. Media pipe dream. Trump is the one who can lead this party again. He’s much wiser now and knows how dirty the swamp is. He’s the only one who can.

  • I’ll just have to say BS to that. They want the support gone, I’ve noticed that FOX is pushing that narrative consistently, but after watching them for the last few months I come to realize FOX has moved to the left so they can pick up on thew Democrat viewers. It is MONEY to them. BUT ITS LIBERTY FOR US.

    It is still possible for a Trump -DeSantis ticket or a Trump-Lake ticket. The only hope for the Republican Party and everyone who blieve in Making America Great Again is to put Trump back in and set DeSantis-Lake or Lake-DeSantes up for 2028 and 2032.

    We will need that time to fix what damage the China and pervert loving Marxists have done to our nation.

    • DeSantis will never be loyal to Trump. It is better is DeSantis stays Gov of FL till Trump is done, then run for all the marbles. But if he forces it now, he will lose very badly nationally. Trump is the only one who can fix this mess. You know it, I know it! My only hope is this time he puts Obama and Soros in jail for their treason to our country.

      • Coco, you are RIGHT ON THE MONEY! DeSantis, may be a good governor, but he is not perfect either. He is part of the establishment & word out there he is working behind the scenes with the Bush’s & a Globalist hedge fund doner.

  • Sadly the 7 year effort by the MSM, DNC, DoJ and other deep state actors have convinced those who rely on the MSM for their news that he is a bad person and so that electing him becomes a hill that he may not be able to climb over!

  • I am a Trump fan, but I believe the Opposition has destroyed his ability to win another election. MY VOTE FOR PRESIDENT IS MIKE POMPEO! This man is strong. He understands government and foreign affairs and is wholly likable. Would he run? Probably not, but he would make a remarkable President!

    • Does not have the clout Trump does. Do not let them fool you. They are intentionally trying to weaken Trump, best president ever. No room for turn coats.

      • LydiaMay you are right about that, plus Pompeo is another Swamp creature who joined the Trump bashing bandwagon. So human nature……

  • LoL DeSantis may win FL by a landslide, but if he wants to play for all the marbles, Trump is 89%, DeSantis 9%. That is the real poll! Deal with it!

    • thank you..I will stay with loyal to president trump..what has me pissed is desantis was a nobody till president trump helped him to get everyone to vote for him..he has dissed president trump..desantis isnot loyal..I dont trust him..I will take president trump who has busted his butt for the American people and took president trump to tell the American people the truth about the corruption that has been going on for years and years..I cant believe how the republicians are blaming president trump cause they didnot win by a landslide with the senate..I am telling you these democrooks are rigging this mid election just like they did the 2020 election..are the people that stupid?? wake the blank up..we have a crooked nutcase child molester biden in the whitehouse he got in from a rigged election..the proof is massive and no one bothered to over turn that was rigged..even an idiot knows it was rigged..there is no way in hell the American people would vote for that crooked nutcase child molester biden when president trump had everything in America the best it has ever 7pm present trump was 600,000 votes above biden and 84 million voted for president trump..his rallies were massive..these scumbags have been trying to pin their dirt on president trump even before he was going to run in 2016..president trump is not corrupt..these lowlife maggots can see how crooked these democrooks are…they dont give a flying poop about the American people or is all about the money..they made their own laws for themselves..they are wolves in sheeps clothing..the Spanish and latino’s see how good president trump is..he has helped everyone..they all love and respect president trump..he worked his butt off for all american people..we must always have president trumps back as he has had ours always..FJB…

      • N T, so true, SO TRUE! Everything you stated is FACT! Since 2008 when everyone wanted to “make history” by electing a Muslim community activist monkey with BIG ears as our POTUS we became a ONE party system! WHAT AN EMBARRASSMENT! The DemonRATs are leading the way to making our country a full blown COMMUNIST country with more than 90% of Republicans supporting it. That is, so to speak, the elephant in the room that no one is talking about. We need Trump now more than ever, but remember, he is just one person, and this is why I say “human nature” will be our demise.

  • POLLS? Or just more fake news? Trump is the republican party! This sound like an attempt to split the vote away from Trump! To a lessor person! Not like the Arizona secretary of states sister didn’t say that is what they do! Or Colorado’s secretary of state trying to register 30,000 illegals twice! I think it is just more Democrat cheating as they don’t have anybody! Why even post this crap?

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  • dont believe everything they are saying..fake news are just trying to mess with president trumps loyal supporters..we are not going with desantis..he has done nothing for the seniors..he seems to have forgotten he was nothing till he met with president trump..what has me not caring for desantis is that he seems to not thank president trump for having his back..I dont trust desantis..he got too cocky..he doesnot have the smarts to do what president trump has done for the American people and America…I will take president trump over desantis any day..desantis ISNOT LOYAL.. president trump is loyal..desantis could never light a candle next to president trump’s smarts….desantis thinks he is above I said desantis has done nothing for the seniors..were is the left over money that he was given for the virus money?? ..why are other states giving theirs to the seniors..desantis has given the seniors nothing..but yet he has been sending out mailings for donations. ..desantis makes a dam good living..were is my donations from him?? the wind blows both ways..he seems to think it blows only his way..I stay with president trump..

    • N T, DeSantis has the Bush’s working behind the scenes with him, along with a few Globalist hedge fund hitters giving him hefty donations, so that if he wins, many folks will be disappointed to find out that he is just another NWO politician & it “politics as usual”!

  • BS! They want you to think that. They are trying to divide the maga people. Trump all the way!! The ONLY reason there were not more R wins is the CHEATING!!! It is STILL going on. It has been captured but too many cowards and corrupt people ignoring it. I am sick of it. It has been going on in WA state since 1992 when we went to all mail in ballots. We have had a D gov and 2 D senators ever since. The 3 most powerful positions in the state. Our first debacle made us a poster child to show them how to cheat. Before that, we had both parties winning at different times. 30 years they have been able to get away with it. Polls are garbage, just like the macines and drop boxes. I liked DeSantis, but he should never have hired back the gal who destroyed 50K ballots before they were supposed to be. He has big $ backing him by questionable people. I will still take Trump over DeSantis. We got fooled by Bush and Romney, not again!

    • BTW LydiaMay, you are right about DeSantis donor backing & since you mentioned the Bush’s, I might add that it’s out there that the Bush’s have been working behind the scenes with DeSantis. Trump is the only reason why DeSantis became governor. Had Trump not endorsed him FL would have been stuck with the crackhead monkey who was found in a hotel room with a dead man who was his date, kinda scary. To this day, I have yet to hear DeSantis acknowledge Trump or thank him. There are other RINO scenarios out there about DeSantis as well. People need to do their research.

    • David,
      You got that right! I couldn’t agree with you more! It’s the same as usual, LOTS OF NOISE by the Globalist Commies to BS the DumbDown!

  • If I could get trump’s ear it would be to make desantisnhis running mate desantis cab still learn alot from trump as well as si many people are afraid of trump. Desantis can be working quietly behind the scene since everyone will know he will be president after trump. As for the mid terms, between Democrats cheating and the McConnell republicans who believe they dint want trump, but desantis will be easier to manipulate, I hope they are wrong.



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