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When it comes to humanity as a whole, we all have flaws in our character. There are species-specific weaknesses, and it is not possible for animals to take advantage of those vulnerabilities and use them to their advantage against us. Their intelligence is limited, and they are unable to provide us with information on their own weaknesses, but that doesn’t mean that other humans can’t and don’t use our own weaknesses against us.

The desire for wealth and money, for example, is one of our many flaws, and it has led people to commit horrific crimes against their fellow man on several occasions. There have even been instances in which people have been slaughtered for a fistful of dollars because they are so desperate or so driven to the pursuit of money that they are willing to kill.

However, there is another weakness that is just as potent, and perhaps even more enticing, and that is the weakness of sex. It isn’t a big secret. How many crimes have been perpetrated as a result of a person’s desire for another man or woman? How many marriages have been shattered as a result of one partner’s inability to control his or her desires?

As it just so happens, it’s a big weakness for younger people in our country as well and Marxists know that and are using it to their advantage to destabilize and destroy our country and society.

According to author and expert on the matter, James Lindsay, the goal is to destabilize society and to make it ripe for communists to seize power.

And their plan has been afoot for more than a century.

“This is a deliberate program that Marxists have employed since at least the 1910s, starting in Hungary, to try to sexualize children to cause sexual and gender confusion so that they become political activists on behalf of some other agenda,” he said.

Lindsay pointed to Georg Lukacs, a devout Hungarian Marxist who served as deputy commissar of education in 1919 during the short-lived Hungarian Soviet Republic. He introduced sex education to children at the elementary level, he said.

“[Lukacs] sexualized the children of Hungary in order to separate them from their family, to separate them from their religion, their nation and their culture,” Lindsay said. “Essentially getting children … all into these ideas so that when they go home, they would tell their parents, ‘you know, things have changed, or the Bible is wrong, or whatever our religion is wrong, our traditions are wrong.’”

If you think that we’re not fighting an ongoing battle to preserve this country you are severely misinformed. But I’m sure that you are aware of it. We see daily the stunts that the radical left try to pull, but thank God that we have good men in places of authority and we have an awakening happening in our country in which people are once again fighting for good. It’s not going to be an easy fight, but it must be done to protect our children and grandchildren. We must abolish this radical leftism that encourages the sexualization of our children and our society.

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