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There has been a lot of debate as to who should be the next Speaker of the House among the Republican party. But emerging from the rubble is Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green explain her reasoning as to why there is only one choice if Republicans actually want to get something done over these next two years.

She says that the Republican party needs to vote for Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House on and fight like hell to deliver those promises to the American people.

The opinions reflected in this article are not those of my own, they are those of Marjorie Taylor Green. I just want to explain to everyone why she thinks McCarthy is the only man for the job.

Since the beginning of November, many conservative members of Congress have been trying to mount an insurgency against the election of Republican Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker. Supporters of the movement, nicknamed the “Never Kevin Five”, include Reps. Matt Gaetz and Bob Good, along with Andy Biggs, Ralph Norman and Matt Rosendale.

The ironic part is that Rep. Gaetz’s first vote in Congress was for Paul Ryan as Speaker, a move that showed his support for what he knew would be a conservative agenda. This lack of delivery is why many members are now running for Congress against the establishment.

Rep. Good is one of those members who seems to oppose McCarthy at every turn, even though McCarthy provided him with over $2 million in 2020 and 2022 campaigns. His passionate stance on “Never Kevin” has seemingly blinded him to January 3rd and beyond, an issue that needs to be addressed if the GOP wants to get anything done in this Congressional session.

The reality is that it takes more than just holding the gavel to be effective. Being Speaker also requires having a full staff ready from day one to handle everything going on in and around Capitol Hill. It also requires hiring and firing people such as the Sergeant at Arms — something Pelosi refused to do prior to January 6th when National Guard protection should have been brought in earlier.

McCarthy has spent months preparing for this job and appears ready for the responsibility ahead despite attempts by some fresh-faced conservatives being misled by false information or promises from other candidates who don’t have what it takes to govern effectively or even keep their word. The GOP must understand that winning this election isn’t enough; they need 218 Republicans voting together on bills and investigations if they want any progress this term — something which McCarthy can deliver on through his openly stated conservative plans and promises that show he is not only serious about becoming Speaker but also delivering results for everyday Americans.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Not for nothing, but it’s Trump who is pushing for Kevin to be speaker as well. I’m puzzled as to why, as Kevin is weaker than a weak fish & he has a history of attacking Trump when the going gets rough then becoming part of the pile on. It’s so much easier to pile on with the bullies than it is to be the lone wolf, staying true to oneself & standing up for what one truly believes in. It’s so much easier to be a sheep following the herd than to be a Lion hoping for the herd follow.



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