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On Tuesday, radical left insurrectionists stormed the Texas State Capitol as proceedings were taking place on a bill that aimed to ban child sex surgeries.

These groups, who promote child mutilation, were apparently triggered by the bill and caused chaos both inside and outside the House Chamber Gallery.

he agitation grew to such an extent that House Speaker Dave Phelan was forced to order the state police to clear the gallery so that proceedings could continue.

It has been reported that while some protesters chanted “trans rights are human rights,” others carried banners in support of child mutilation.

Moreover, the situation escalated further when rioters outside the gallery assaulted a woman who supported the state legislature’s efforts to protect children.

The protesters had been gathering at the Capitol since Tuesday morning, awaiting debate on SB 14 – the bill that seeks to ban gender reassignment surgeries for children.

Though the protesters thought they could get away with their chaos, they were in for a rude shock as soon as Texas police arrived on the scene. The police gave them a taste of their own medicine by ‘bodily’ handling some of the rioters. Such strong action was taken to send a clear message to anyone who thinks of messing with Texas.

In typical leftist fashion, some others took to Twitter to whine about the situation, unreasonably blaming the police for their forceful actions.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the police’s main goal was to maintain public order and ensure that the legislative process is not disrupted. Overall, the Texas police did an exemplary job of diffusing the situation and preventing it from spinning out of control.



Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • These pig protestors should be fed to a paper shredder. Godless mindless no human perverts.

    • They are NOT protestors, they are the followers of the horned one, we call him by many names, Satan, Lucifer, etc. They have chosen to follow his immoral and evil chaotic sinful ways. Thus why they are know by both historical and modern day terminology, these leftist liberals as “Lucifarians”.

  • Advocates for child mutilation are a bunch of hypocrites. They support gender transition of children citing the desire of the child to transition. If the child is mature enough to make that decision and the in the opinion of the hypocrites that support it, then why aren’t they advocating allowing children to marry as a child or drink alcoholic beverages as a child. If they have the mental maturity to make lifetime altering decisions concerning their physical bodies, then surely they can make decisions regarding their lifestyle as well. What are positions regarding these decisions?

    • Lawrence, you are raising particularly important questions here. I think those demands will come soon. Those people are not just sexual perverts, they are pedophiles too. So, I already hear some of them demanding decriminalizing sex with minors. Biden must be impeached as soon as possible and all of his entourage from DOJ, FBI, DHS, and CDC, who condoned these appalling behaviors in schools’ teachers’ associations supporting CRT, Genderism, and the new slogans like “inclusion, diversity, and equity” must go with him.

      • you are right friend , but it will not come to pass, go and look up the word Reprobate and then you will see that it fits this generation to a tee. As the scriptures plainly prophesied . in the last days, GOD will turn them over to a REPROBATE MIND.

  • 100%. I would put all of them in the same jail room and watch how quickly they turn their trans perversion on each other.

  • Hope they photoed all the trouble makers and will check out their criminal activity and their families

  • Texas is not a Demrat state were tugs can do what they want. A big hand for
    the State Troopers who did an excellant job. the cry babies need to go back to the state they came from.

  • There are no “trans’ rights”! Only Yhwh God can determine human rights, which He did long since and our Constitution protects for ALL citizens! What these are whining about are special privileges exclusive to “trans'” only, that infringe on the God-given RIGHTS of everyone else when exercised! They are seeking to exercise he very WORST POSSIBLE child abuse on innocent children, with impunity; child sexual abuse to the max! These seeking this are evil- minded “monsters”, who absolutely HATE children! The truth is “trans” is a MENTAL health issue, a delusional, learned belief that requires cognitive therapy, not chemicals or mutilation surgery, especially not before the child is mature enough to fully understand the consequences of such steps. Children’s brains are not fully matured ’til about 25 yrs of age; no such mutilation should be allowed before that age, chemically or surgically. If, as a fully informed and consenting adult, a person still wants to go through with such procedures, then so be it, provided he can pay for it himself; that’s elective,, and should NEVER be covered by insurance paid for by others! Living that lifestyle is a CHOICE, not a biological reality or imperative; it’s based on “feelings”, not science. Elective procedures should never be covered by funds provided by others (insurance, Medicaid, VA or military heath care, etc), since no one else benefits, and it is not medically necessary.

    • SISTER , YOU ARE CORRECT . But the Government started it all by allowing the LGBTQ + to teach their perversion in sex education classes for the past ten years. also this was done to reduce the population and that’s why the Government supports it and the transgender confusion and abortion . can you see a pattern ? all in the name of GREED to totally control the world . FOLLOWING IN THEIR FATHERS { SATAN} FOOTSTEPS. may GOD have mercy on our souls for allowing this evil to happen !

  • Any parent that WILLING lets his or her child submit to this sex change should be
    arrested for child abuse. The parents should be getting together and telling then
    NO in no uncertain terms.

  • This sex change of children has to stop. They aren’t old enough to know what they want or they think they do or are pressured by teachers or other. If they want do to this, they will have to wait ’til they are adults. Even then I would question them WHY?



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