As you know, not only have classified documents been found at President Trump’s, Joe Biden’s, and Mike Pence’s properties, but apparently, they’re not wanting to stop there.

Now, the National Archives has demanded that the last six administrations’ presidents and vice presidents search their personal records for classified information. This was only after it was discovered that former Joe Biden and Mike Pence had these materials in their possession. This includes Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Dan Quayle, and even includes individuals dating back to the Reagan administration, including Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush who aren’t even alive anymore. This situation is getting well out of hand if you ask me.

The scope of the PRA includes all Presidential records from Reagan onward and not just those that are considered ‘classified’, they expect every President to comply with their request. It’s insane that they would expect anyone to give up personal materials without any insight into what exactly they’re looking for. Representatives of the four living former presidents have said they turned over all relevant materials upon leaving office, however, Cheney, Gore, and Quayle provide no clear evidence as to whether or not any of these documents were indeed classified.

And this whole time, Kamala Harris has nothing to say on the matter…well, none of the Democrats really do for that matter. It was only when it was President Trump that it was a big deal. Republicans want answers as to why it isn’t being addressed by the Biden regime when it’s something so serious, especially when transparency is supposedly at the forefront of President Joe Biden’s agenda (yeah, right).

The White House didn’t even comment on why Harris has been silent regarding her thoughts on the President’s document scandal. It seems like they’re trying to hide something from us. And if that wasn’t enough, three major establishment media outlets have reported that both the White House and Justice Department agreed to conceal this scandal from us.

I would be willing to bet that this would go a lot further even if they really wanted to make something of it. I’ll bet people like Hillary Clinton and John Kerry have some documents as well.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • “This situation is getting well out of hand if you ask me.” — Maybe that’s to muddy the waters so much it will deflect the impact on the Biden papers.

  • Everyone knows this was just a ploy to take down the Donald, and now it has become a joke. Just like every democrat party deep state scam has!

  • Daniel. If you actually are a “conservative” then I’m sure you would recognize the potential security issues if classified documents are unaccounted for. In your push to make this “the President’s document scandal”, you are forgetting the essential facts. President Biden has willingly turned over the documents. Trump on the other hand, failed to comply with requests from the Archives.

    • Apparently, you didn’t realize that O’Biden’s son, Hunter is an ENEMY
      AGENT of at least a half dozen foreign (enemy) countries !! Try to keep
      up, check out the “Laptop from Hell”, Dementia Joe should NEVER trust
      a “crackhead” to keep Family secrets and finances, well, SECRET ??

    • LOL
      Vice President and President DON’T have the same rules. ESPECIALLY if your a Communist China asset.
      No Free Speech for Communists, DemocraCommies and they WOKE-ss terrorists.
      Stay out of the intersections, Karen.

  • What’s that smoke coming from Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and Dan Quayle’s chimney?

  • Maybe the FBI needs to raid all living Vice Presidents and all living former Presidents, regardless of political party. People like President Obama and Vice President Dick Cheney have always been so in themselves, I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t have Classified Documents.



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