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Former Speaker Newt Gingrich recently voiced his vehement objection to the lack of support for Kevin McCarthy’s bid for Speaker of the House, branding those against him as “Kamikazes.”

In his words, Gingrich asserted that these individuals “will sink the whole Republican Party.” Unfortunately, many suggest that it is not the Kamikaze objectors but rather the weak and secret-sleeping Republican party itself that has led to this decline.

McCarthy is not seen by many as the leader America needs right now in light of its slow descent into communism and subsequent erosion of individual rights.

This sentiment only intensified when The New York Times investigative reporters Jonathan Martin and Alex Burns revealed passages from their book “This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden, and the Battle for America’s Future” detailing a private phone call between McCarthy and Liz Cheney on January 10th 2021.

In this call McCarthy allegedly advised Trump to resign before his term ended, an assertion which was promptly rejected by Mark Bednar on behalf of McCarthy who said that he had never suggested such a thing. Rachel Maddow then released a leaked version of the conversation later confirmed by Tucker Carlson whose warnings regarding McCarthy’s potential speakership if Republicans gain control of Congress in 2023 further solidified public opinion against him.

It was only recently when Matt Gaetz released a damning video exposing McCarthy’s true colors that any doubts have been silenced.

It showed without a doubt why Republicans should not trust McCarthy with leading them in a post-Biden world should they regain control of Congress and must be taken seriously before making any decisions about him. Ultimately, it seems clear that Newt’s accusations are pointing at the wrong group, instead, it is likely to be weak Republicans’ poor handling of their own agenda that has sunken their own ship – one which Kevin McCarthy cannot save them from now.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Aren’t there enough problems already in the USA, that a few dirty Republicans can’t seem to get enough of? Whatever it takes, the Democrats must be defeated in their quest to destroy the USA.

    It’s so sad that I am being forced to be ashamed I am a US Citizen.

  • The GOP lost its way a long time ago. They seem in fear of the left. “Do nothing” is its motto!
    Each year we lose more seats to the commie left! They seem obvious to that fact.
    The left stuff the ballot boxes and the GOP turn a blind eye.
    They are a doomed party, just like the WIG Party of past.
    So, any member that stands up and tries to change course is called a traitor.
    Even when the GOP does get control, the Dems still run the government! How is that?
    During Trump’s first 2 years we had the house, the Senate, and the White House, yet we could not get a dance on the south border, how is that?
    The Republicans seem to hate each other, they attack one another, and they vote with the commie left all the time. Last week, 18 GOP senators voted for a 1.7 Trillion Democrat bill.!
    The GOP is doomed.

    • I said in 2008, we became a ONE party system when everyone chose to vote for a half black, Muslim community activist only to “make history” on the false pretense of “Hope & Change”! I honestly believe that it was well planned & calculated to throw 2 RINO’s in the ring to run against Obbumer BIG EARS giving him an easy 2 terms. It’s been a rapid downhill slide ever since with a slight reprieve when Trump took them off guard by winning the election against Kilery (another history making terrorist Commie)!! I fear that there is no looking back. WE ARE SO F’ING DOOMED!
      BTW, I commend Gaetz, Biggs, Bobart, Norma, Rosedale for standing their ground to see to it that this “Deep State Establishment” needs to END & it needs to END NOW – STAT! It’s time to represent, “We, The People”, not their BIG donors or their lobbyist friends! I think what these individuals and most of US would like to see, is Trump come to the rescue & state that he will run for “speaker”! I honestly think that he would have more power as speaker of the house than he did as POTUS. That is just my HO.

  • So, Newt, you want the same RINO trash doing it again and again. Apparently you’ve gone senile. We don’t trust anyone from California and McCarthy has proven himself unreliable. It’s a shame you can’t see it.

  • You Newt are the sleaze and dishonesty and self-dealing that oozes from the politicians these days your past on cheating your wife when she was sick make me vomit and as a politician do not thrust you and left a permanent stain when you were the speaker for the GOP but woken republican want politicians with cojones to fight Socialists DEMOCRATS even if I am a Latino DEMOCRAT and we will together we’re going to return our governments to the people of the USA Constitution, amigo.

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  • Usually I agree with Newt. However, not on this topic! McCarthy made the statement of his not going to prosecute Biden!!! Clean the Swamp!! It begins by putting in office Staunch Republicans who aren’t afraid of diligence and hard work! We need to get rid of those tired old men and put younger Republicans like Gaetz, Lake, Jordan, Marjorie TG, Boebert to our conservative representatives! Not McConnell, Romney, Graham, McCain, Rand Paul, Kinzinger and so on!!!

  • I don’t trust or like Gingrich. He was in power when the Republicans finally got control of the Senate after the Democraps had held onto way too long. He and his cronies then tried to ram through every piece of crap legislation the Democraps had denied them. He did a lot more harm that good.

  • Hey Newt
    What makes your god damn opinion any more important or smarter than the American peoples who have had to put up with you worthless, overpaid, corrupt politicians for God knows how long, regardless of party allegiance.

    I can’t even remember when you pricks represented the American people and their needs.

    Now is the time for Republicans to stand up and go after every corrupt Dem, Biden, the DOJ, FBI and the rest who have been complicit in their treasonous acts to overthrow our government, our economy our Constitution and our way of life.
    Impeachment isn’t the solution…Execution of the guilty parties is the only solution.

    Term limits need to be implemented, political excessive benefits need to be curtailed , Executive order privileges need to be stricken from our laws, laws to stop our US taxes from.supporting overseas countries or illegals and the such need to be instituted and many more revised.

    McCarthy is a weak piece of shit who aligns with the corrupt Dems when it benefits himself and as such is not the right individuals to lead the Republicans to take the fight to destroy the corrupt Democratic party , other politicians and government officials who have tried to censor and rule the American people.

    • TJ, you are right on the money! I TOTALLY, 100% agree with you! The only problem is, which I think is a set up, Kevin is the only one on the republican side who wants to be the speaker. Honestly, I do not think it’s by coincidence & just like everything else, it’s well planned out & calculated, meaning that “My Kevin” as my other half likes to say, is being shoved down the R’s throat! Like I mentioned earlier, I think Trump needs to step up to the plate & shake things up by stating that he will run for speaker! The unfortunate thing is that we will see just how DEEP “The Deep State” really is when they do not give Trump the numbers to be speaker. Another poster wrote, perhaps our whole government should be blown apart and that will take it hitting rock bottom! We need to start fresh & start all over again by letting everything crash & burn. I hate to say it, but I really think that is what we need at this point.



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