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Democrats continue to weaponize the FBI and DOJ against President Trump. As wrong as it is, the most recent scheme to destroy the popular president shouldn’t come as a surprise. However, the latest effort to erase President Trump from the political spectrum may backfire.

Since 2015, when President Trump announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination; the left has concocted plots to undermine him. Every single one to date has been exposed as a sham. The Russia collusion investigation was a hoax.

Both liberal-driven attempts to impeach President Trump were bogus. Even after they cheated him out of a second term, President Trump has been targeted by the radical far-left Democrat Party. They envision another run at the White House by him as a dangerous threat.

President Trump is a threat to the entrenched bureaucrats who have a stranglehold on Washington, D.C. The list of swamp rats is resigned to only Democrats. There’s even a healthy load of crooked Republicans who say one thing, but then turn around and do the opposite.

The most recent attempt to smear President Trump was a preposterous raid of his Mar-a-Lago home in Florida. This raid was an unannounced attack. It was neither necessary nor warranted. The warrant itself was little more than a wide-open invitation to conduct a fishing expedition.

As with the crooked Russia collusion hoax and subsequent Mueller investigation, liberals used the Department of Justice to trigger their scheme. A bogus list of supposedly “highly sensitive classified documents” was the bait.

An Obama-supporting liberal judge in Miami was used to sign off on a search warrant. The FBI then orchestrated a predawn raid of President Trump’s home. It was senseless and politically motivated. Dozens of former FBI agents and federal prosecutors have weighed in on the raid.

The vast majority agree on one thing. There are far more questions than there are answers to why this raid had to happen, and why it happened when it did. Most believe sincerely that the DOJ and Attorney General Merrick Garland are not being forthright with the American people.

When have they ever been, when dealing with President Trump? Merrick Garland made a public spectacle of himself when he defended the raid. He didn’t answer questions. Garland’s canned response was noticeably forced and clearly dishonest. Merrick Garland is dishonest.

As this suspicious assault on President Trump unfolds, Garland could end up being a scapegoat for the left. John Bolton hasn’t always been an open supporter of President Trump. At times, Bolton has taken potshots at the former president.

Bolton is clearly disgruntled over being canned for his inept job performance while serving as President Trump’s National Security Advisor. Many conservatives do not agree with Bolton’s often radical foreign policy ideas. He’s a warmonger.

But in talking to CNN about the Mar-a-Lago raid, Bolton actually made a few flattering comments about his former boss. Bolton sat down for an interview with CNN’s host John Berman on New Day.

Bolton began by telling Berman that he believed, “I think it says there are very significant problems here for President Trump and many of his advisors, post-presidency.” Bolton couldn’t say what exactly those problems were.

However, he also clearly indicated the biggest issue could be for Merrick Garland. Bolton said, “But I think we’ve got to distinguish between the legal battle that’s going on and the political battle.” Without explaining how the legal battle will unfold, Bolton talked about the political side.

He thinks that the DOJ is about to be “overwhelmed.” At that point in the interview, Bolton cautioned the DOJ that, “If we were in a coliseum with two gladiators, one of them Donald Trump, the other Merrick Garland, we’d be about to witness the slaughter of the lambs.”

Bolton, like most legal experts, went on to say that he too felt that the DOJ “is not doing enough” to justify the search warrant. He said, “They’ve got to do more to explain what they’re up to.” To millions of Americans, what the FBI and DOJ are up to is obvious.

Once again, they’re being weaponized against a political enemy. They haven’t won any of their previous attempts to destroy President Trump. By all indications, they will not win this time either. The liberal left has tried to discredit the former president in every way imaginable.

They have failed every time. Each time they try one of their crooked schemes, they reinvigorate the vigilance of President Trump’s loyal base. The left cannot allow him to run again for president. But this could be the final straw. Does President Trump have a trick up his sleeve?

Could this all be bait to get the corrupt DOJ and FBI to react? If so, this will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. President Trump insists that the Washington, D.C. ruling class is corrupt. This most recent effort to destroy him might finally prove it.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Bolton should know! Trump rubbed his nose in his own BS and got rid of him! I mean why not ask Liz Cheney? She would be just as credible! And it was more likely the FBI staged his assignation! I mean they had to do that to give him some sort of credibility. He is one of the people that was upset over being fired! As he was for keeping the same old system in place that never worked ever! Trump doesn’t keep losers hanging around on the peoples dime. That is what really upsets the parasites!

    • My co-worker’s auntie gets $93 associate degree hour from home. She has been laid-off from work for three months. the previous month her pay check was $24750 simply functioning (Rt94) from home 3 hours a day.. see this link……………???.???????.???

    • And the democommies have passed the point where they even dare to be “forthright and honest” with the American people; if they did that, they know we would hang them all for treason.

  • Complain about the left’s fake news, yet cal a 9:00 A.M. raid pre-dawn? I’m surprised there was no mention of guns a-blazing.

    • I’m Surprised that the KGB wannabes didn’t tip off the propaganda and disinformation outlet CNN to be there with the cameras, while they raid Mar-A-Lago in the same way when the raided Roger Stone.

  • Fire Garland, take down Biden/Harris/Pelosi and investigate FBI and DOJ. Drain the swamp, close the border, return the illegals, re-open the pipeline and reduce inflation. This will return the US, and get the leftists left out of the process. Stop the Chinks from buying our farmland and deport the communists back to China.

    • Mike – Great list.

      We MUST also create Election Laws that:
      – demand state-issued photo ID
      – elimination of all electronic Ballot Tallying machines
      – end of Mail-In Ballots except for those serving over seas
      – Absentee Voting at County Clerk’s office ONLY
      – change campaign funding laws to eliminate billions that go into political campaigns

      I also want an Amendment(s) to the Constitution that:
      – demands an annual balanced budget and also reduces our national debt
      – greatly reduces the use of presidential Executive Orders
      – reigns in the illegal behavior of Congress people (insider trading, etc)
      – elimination of federal agencies not outlined in the Constitution (returns power back to the states)
      – abolish the Income Tax; go to a Consumer-based Tax

    • And don’t forget Bill Gates has more farmland than the Chinese. He is also behind much of what goes on in DC. Then there’s Obozo who never left DC and Soros with his vast army of socialists. With the media shutting down the truth and allowing propoganda to be spued at Amereins, we better be observant with the midterms and potential fruad including TicToc being use as part of a government agency and the Dept of Injustice not willing to live by their oaths of office but being bound by their political leftist ideals, we are in real trouble as a disappearing self-governing country.

  • Every attack launched against Trump has been bogus, & totally political, based on personal animosity for the man. We know that. We even know why.

    • Sandra – this time (when Trump gets back in office) he must NOT allow the crooks to run free. Instead, he MUST declassify the information on Hillary and all the other DC criminals. Make Gen. Mike Flynn the AG and give him carte blanche to go after the crooks in DC . . . . ALL OF THEM.

      Make sure their military tribunals are all televised so that when the smaller rats flip on the bigger rats (self-preservation tactic), the supporters of the bigger rats will know the truth and understand why they are going to prison for life.

      He must also eliminate many of the federal departments and return power back to the states, starting with the Dept of Education, Dept of Energy and ATF.

      While he’s at it, expatriate Soros back to Hungary where he would face war crimes.

  • The only reason they raided Mar-A-Lago just before the midterms is to tarnish Trump. The liberal commie Democrats, figure, if they can show Trump in a bad light, the Republicans will turn on Trump and vote for Democrats. The Republicans that are Anti-Trump are going to vote for Democrats anyway. If weasel AG Garland the KGB wannabes and Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe really believe they can turn Republicans to vote for Democrats at the midterms by having this B.S. political raid on Trump, I am sorry to say they have their head up a horse’s’ rear. Even if Trump doesn’t run, the Democrats are still going down in 2022 and 2024. Let’s put it another way, Trump could run over someone in front of Trump Towers in Manhattan, and still get elected. Why? Answer: The liberal commie Democrats have already damaged America, and now it’s time for the repair.

  • Liz Chaney should be good case study for Garland and Wray. As old adage goes “When you strike a king make sure you kill him, or suffer the consequences”. It came true for Chaney and others, these two corrupt fake public servants are next.

  • Every one of the people who work for the federal governmentfederal employee is required to pledge alligience to USA – people who subvert the Constitution need to be prosecuted for Treason and put in prison.

  • Come on guys! You writers for UAF need to call a spade a spade. These out-of-control politicians aren’t liberals, they are LEFTISTS. Marxist wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are power hungry criminals abusing their elective office posts to put a stranglehold around the necks of the American people they pretend to represent. They don’t represent anybody but themselves. We can no longer trust that elections will be fair and legal with them being in charge. They are going to cheat to win no matter what and if that means destroying the economy, enslaving the tax-payers, lying about their political opponents and arresting dissenters, then that’s what they will do.

    • Exactly! If we have any honest true Americans in the government in the GOP they would be acting now to stop all of this deception and smoke and mirror tactics! Real results not talk and false promises!

    • You are absolutely right, Michael, don’t ever expect the MSM to admit their criminality though, they are the criminal’s enablers !!! TRUMP 2024 !!!! MAGA !!!

  • The “True American People” are with President Trump MORE NOW THAN EVER. He said it right when he told “We the People” that the DEMON-RAT BIDEN party leftists are after US …. NOT him, that he is only in their way! So, just look at what they are doing to prove he is right again – for there is only 2 months before the election when we stand to take back the HOUSE & SENATE and FIRE PELOSI. LOL … When has Trump ever been wrong??? He says it like it is and he’s always been right – PERIOD!

  • I can hardly wait for this LIBERAL P O S to get what is coming to him !!!!
    Suicide would probably be his only way out, we can always hope !!!!
    TRUMP 2024 !!! MAGA !!!

  • It was DARK when the FBI rolled up to the Mar-A Lago gates. I live in Florida, and it is not dark at 9:00AM. The raid WAS “pre-dawn”. ‘NUF-SAID!!!

    • Careful Michael. Don’t be surprised when they knock on your door and arrest you for making a threat on a government official.



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