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For more than a year, Joe Biden and his administration have either downplayed, blamed someone else, or outright denied the existence of a crisis at the U.S. southern border. The Biden open border strategy has been the plan since day one.

Every statement by Joe Biden, or by any of his White House puppets, has been a purposeful lie. Joe Biden, controlled by radical progressives, had no intention of dealing with the crisis. In fact, the plan has been to make it worse.

Statements made by Joe Biden on the campaign trail laid the foundation for this open border policy. By immediately removing successful President Trump-era border policies the day he took office, Biden signaled that the U.S. southern border was wide open.

This combination of words and policies loudly proclaimed how the U.S. would deal with anyone who illegally crossed the border. Nothing would be done. Biden announced to the world that America was open for business. Come on in and get free bus fare and free phone.

The result has triggered both a national security disaster for the nation and a dangerous humanitarian crisis all along the border. It is a catastrophe caused solely by Joe Biden’s failed policies. Despite all the lies and misleading excuses for it, Americans know who is to blame.

Early last year, during the initial waves of illegal migration, the Biden administration tried to deny it was happening. Americans could see with their own eyes that this was a lie. Subsequent attempts to blame everyone else for the problem failed as well.

Americans could see what was happening, and they knew exactly what was causing it. But that hasn’t changed the Biden strategy. The administration is still failing to address the crisis. In fact, Joe Biden is planning to destroy one of the few tools left to border patrol.

The COVID-era Title 42 policy is set to expire in May. Biden has indicated that he plans to not extend it. Experts believe this will create a rush to the U.S. southern border. Previous record-breaking numbers will be obliterated.

There are realistic estimates of more than two million illegal border apprehensions in 2022 alone. Many Democrats, especially those in key border states, are pushing back. They realize that Americans view Biden’s border policy as a failure.

Former Democrat officials are also issuing stark warnings to the party. Jeh Johnson was Barack Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security. Johnson recently told CBS News that he envisions a massive increase in illegal migration if Title 42 is removed.

“The CDC and the Department of Homeland Security have said for months that border crossings will almost certainly increase once the order is lifted,” Johnson said. Most believe border apprehensions will exceed 18,000 a day without Title 42.

The former DHS Secretary went on to say, “And so DHS will have a challenge. And I heard the current secretary the other day say at present they have something like 7,000 a day.” Johnson said that 7,000 is an unacceptably high number, but 18,000 will be devastating.

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy of California chastised the Biden policy. McCarthy has bipartisan support from many Democrats as well. When Title 42 is rescinded, virtually every expert insists that what is already a horrible situation will explode.

But no one should expect the Biden administration to change anything. Again, the open border phenomenon that is exploding along the U.S. southern border is by design. There will be no policy change, unless the U.S. legal system forces one.

However, as many Democrats insist, including a former DHS Secretary, the party is going to pay a high penalty for this decision. In November, Americans will voice their disapproval of both the border policy and other Joe Biden failures.

Republicans will begin the difficult process of reversing many of these failed policies, beginning with the difficult task of reversing many of these failed policies. If conservatives stand together, it will happen.

Nevertheless, those who will pay most for Joe Biden’s border failures are the illegal migrants themselves. Americans will not stand by and let those who have broken the law stay indefinitely. It is a harsh reality, but there must be consequences for breaking the law.

It’s not fair to those who chose the right path. There will be a push to deport thousands of these people. It may not seem fair, but it will need to happen. The U.S. struggles to take care of its own. Thousands of veterans are homeless, and millions of American citizens are destitute.

We do not have the financial resources to give away a free life to millions of illegal migrants who broke the law. These people will need to be returned to where they came from. It will be an unfortunate reality caused by terrible policy decisions.

Joe Biden will shoulder the blame. It will be another example of his utter failure. As well, Biden’s handling of the border is a violation of U.S. law. Along with deporting the illegal migrants, America should also deport Joe.


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