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Americans clearly recall all the excuses the Joe Biden administration used to explain skyrocketing inflation. First, it wasn’t really happening at all. Next, it was only transitory. Soon after inflation proved to be anything but temporary, it was Vladimir Putin’s fault.

The truth is, the surge in consumer prices, which ignited the 40-year-high inflation that is gouging our country financially, is because of the worst U.S. monetary policy mistake in decades. The only person to blame for the worst inflation in decades is Joe Biden.

But the struggles that Americans are enduring because of this feckless fiscal policy may be a long way from being over. Most experts insist the U.S. is currently in a recession. Those who don’t agree with this current analysis believe we’ll be in a recession within a matter of months.

As a result of the dishonesty, a major hedge fund is warning Americans to prepare for something far worse than inflation or even stagflation. Elliott Management is a Florida-based hedge fund. The company has recently issued a dire warning.

Elliott Management sent a letter to clients. This letter doesn’t caution clients to prepare for a recession or continued inflation. Elliott Management insists that the global economy is “on the path to hyperinflation.”

They believe the world is facing a financial crisis so severe that it could potentially trigger the collapse of society. The letter encouraged clients to remain vigilant during these difficult financial times. Elliott Management warned of “frightening and seriously negative possibilities.”

The hedge fund experts cast most of the blame on “ultra-loose central bank policies.” They blame this dishonesty as what helped to cause skyrocketing inflation. These are the same lies that have been spewed by Joe Biden and the rest of his fiscal advisors.

Policymakers blamed inflation on everything except the truth. The radical, spend-happy policies of liberal legislators are the reason the world is facing a total financial collapse. In the United States alone, economic experts fear the country could fall even farther than a recession.

The U.S. is standing at the edge of a financial cliff unlike anything in nearly 100 years. Beyond the hardships and difficulties that a recession will cause, some insist the U.S. economy is heading like a runaway freight train towards another Great Depression.

Roubini said in his interview on Bloomberg that he continues to believe that it’s “delusional” for analysts to expect a short and shallow recession, and that he’s convinced it will be long and severe. Economist Nouriel Roubini made a grave prediction ahead of the 2008 market collapse.

He was referred to as “Dr. Doom.” Roubini was right. In an interview with Bloomberg, Roubini said that he strongly believes that it’s “delusional” for analysts to expect a short and shallow recession. Roubini is convinced it will be long and severe, possibly far worse than a recession.

The renowned economic expert proclaimed, “It’s not just the end of the world economy. It could even be global war.” Incompetent fiscal management has led the world to the doorstep of financial collapse. Some believe the end of society looms.

But what will happen to the global elites who have caused this threatening collapse? Are they too insulated from financial harm to be completely devastated like normal, everyday people will be? It’s clear that every current economic decision is making everything worse.

Destroying the middle class and driving everyone into poverty will create easy access for these global elites to seize power. This is part of a sinister scheme that we may have little recourse to prevent. But we can be prepared to fight back when the time comes.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • I predicted this inflation sometime prior to 2020, but renewed and amplified my statements in 2020. The reason why? Because I saw massive increased money supply. In our college Econ 102 classes we were taught about monetary economics. This concept says that large inflation periods are always preceded by large increased money supply. The history on this is not in dispute, but various schools of economists argue some details of this or how it all works. The point is that a wrongheaded notion that massive money supply increases would NOT do this inflation creation is what government people and policy people did in late 2019, 2020 and 2021. They rationalized it by telling us and themselves it was for the pandemic.

    This kind of activity and this attitude is of immense danger. This is all happening in an environment when our society is showing signs of stress cracks in many parts of the group. Factions tear at each other’s throats. Blame is cast everywhere, and hatred grows almost unchecked. No one trusts the law, the judges, the Congress, the office holders, nor do they trust media. We routinely see obviously mentally damaged persons either being promoted as fine examples of our citizenry, or even taking significant public office.

    I do not know what the west will be like in 10 years, but I know between now and then some very great upheaval will occur. This turns out to occur with some regular cycle, of roughly 80 years. This is probably because people grow careless on some regular time span.



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