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Would a small town resident in the United States be suspicious if a police station from another town, one halfway across the country, set up a department in their hometown? It would do nothing less than raise a few questions about why.

Common sense says the above scenario would never happen. Police forces work jointly, but they don’t set up secret departments. So, how unlikely would it be that the U.S. would allow a country halfway around the world to do the same thing?

The chances would be slim to none, right? Wrong, very wrong. What’s more alarming is what country has established police stations throughout the world, including the U.S. The country is the biggest threat to American democracy. It’s our greatest and most dangerous adversary.

Americans should want to know why China is being allowed to set up police stations and staff them with communist sympathizers. The human rights organization, Safeguard Defenders, has recently added another four dozen secret Chinese police stations to its September 2022 list.

This isn’t only happening in the United States. China is steadily expanding a global policing scheme. When we consider that China is an authoritarian dictatorship that suppresses free speech and commits genocide within its own borders, what could possibly go wrong?

These secret police departments are in Milan, Italy. The reported total number of these departments is now over 100, including locations in Los Angeles and New York. According to Chinese authorities, the pilot program is to find and return criminals back to China.

In July 2022, Chinese authorities allegedly claimed that their overseas operations had been responsible for returning dozens of criminals. At best, this is an authoritarian scheme used by an oppressive dictatorship to maintain control over their people.

Who knows if these people were really criminals or simply citizens who disagreed with the Chinese Communist Party and fled the nation? The process of returning wanted criminals to face justice is what extradition laws are for.

We wonder how China would react to a U.S. police force setting up shop in Beijing. It wouldn’t happen. This whole program is absurd. U.S. officials should ask each of these departments to disband, and the officers returned to China. If they refuse, we should help them.

Photo Credit: YouTube/Jake Tran


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • time for Americans to demand a convention of states an aND PASS A LAW TO MAKEID MANDATORY an voteing on election day only an no mail in votes expept for service people an handycaped

    • Yes, all Americans need to know the locations of these Chinese Police stations and the names of every last US Official who signed off on authorizing each one of them. China is our worst enemy, they seek WORLD DOMINATION. Is this one step in achieving that goal? Whoever approved this is also our worst enemy and a TRAITOR to the people of the United States Of America and should be dealt with. posthaste!

    • The author named Los Angeles and New York as cities where there is such a station. But, I would think that China as evil as they are have secret police stations in places we would not suspect, well hidden. China is a country that has no kind feelings toward the United States. Any member of congress who does not take this seriously is a fool and should be removed from congress. No foreign country has a right to set up such facilities in the United States. If need be OUR SPECIAL FORCES CAN BE USED TO “HELP” THE UNWELCOME CHINESE VISITORS MOVE, IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Under what authority do they have to make arrests within the United States? As foreigner’s they have ZERO authority.

    • yes, you are very correct. There is no authority for those Chinese police (so called police) Kick the the F++ck out of the united states.

  • Perhaps the intention is to return expatriates to the country to shut down all dissent outside of China.

    We have presently hiding in the US several Chinese scientists who’ve blown the whistle on the CCP’s nefarious conduct.

  • If they are arresting, actually Kidnapping People and sending them to China then they should be arrested for personating a police officer and kidnapping. No group of people can just go somewhere and set up a police station. In a city, the Mayor authorizes police officers, the Country is the Sferrif and State is the governor.

  • are our elected officials asleep or complicit in these activities..add to Congress giving permission for our military personnel to work for our adversaries

  • Chyyna’s central bank debt is 50% nonperforming and their debt has been collateralized by globalists; chyyna’s government is beholden to the globalists just as every other central bank including the Fed Reserve which has been this way since Woodrow Wilson established the fed reserve to pay down civil war debt tgat tge US was floundering in.
    . Chyyna built cities that are unoccupied sousing the collateralized debt to make work for their people. This is coming to roost. Further, anybody who makes money & riches attempts to get it out of the country to avoid an 80%+ tax burden . With the Chinese government beholden to the globalists who want their debt payments on schedule bc many other central banks are under water and the globalists are tapped out with the future capacity to keep this debt solvent looking bleaker and bleaker so they impose rules which chyyna is attempting to abided by so they are the chosen nation to continue to obtain the globalists support while other central banks are also in competition – one of the reasons tge US’s pesky freedoms are in the way of conscripting people and controlling their consumption and taking away ownership of property bc they need to repo it. Well, chyyna is serving tge globalists depopulation objective w/covid but the result for this compliance will not be realized afvegen eate the globalists need debt payments from chyyna since they are the largest debtor- to attempt to increase debt payments, they need to take into custody those that fled with their wealth and redeem it not limited to 80% + income taxes but they will become indentured labor prisoners- anyway, much if the wealth tgat left chyyna w/o being taxed gas been invested in real property wherever they migrated to – that means chyyna will be taking possession of this real property and other financial investments – they will be owning many homes, etc and the monies tgat are a significant component of many stick abd bond exchanges which tge host country generates economy and provisions for their citizens buy chyyna Will now control those. This further progresses tge globalist agendas bc then they can use these inroads into other countries to sabotage unless compliance is net or chyyna forecloses and wants to be paid an md these actions will make chyyna have tge status if most favored nation status from the globalists perspective.

  • What are we going to do???? Everyone asks the question, and everyone says what they think we should do by voting etc. etc. BUT NOT one of these things will do! The ONLY thing that will do and is proven to work is that THIS nation would return unto the OLD PASTHS of RIGHTEOUSNESS of Jesus Christ and THAT BOOK, The KING JAMES VERSION! Jeremiah 6:16 KJV (ONLY) BUT, will people do this? Of course not! They will not take the ONLY “WAY” John 14:6 that will work! STOP TALKING and start reading, Isa 34:16 KJV (ONLY) as well as STUDYING 2 Tim 2:15 KJV (ONLY) and search the Scriptures (John 5:39 KJV (ONLY) The directions for what to do are ion the above! OBSERVE, and HEED and PERSIST in the above and do the same! OTHERWISE, this nation is DONE like burnt toast!!!

  • The first step to a invasion would be to set up a spie network . If the location is known of these spie network fronts, they should be burnt to the ground.

  • why not, our dumb azz country is selling us out right under our feet. don’t be surprised when Chinese police show up at your door. the left is letting them in for the money.



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