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In order to avoid a debate with his Republican rival Dr. Mehmet Oz, 53-year-old lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania John Fetterman, who is now running for the U.S. Senate, cited his recent stroke as rendering it medically impossible.

Even as Democrats chose Fetterman to be their nominee, he was still recovering from a stroke that he had in May. While he was recovering in the hospital, his wife gave his victory speech, and Fetterman hasn’t attended many live events since his health scare.

Three months after the stroke, Fetterman’s team now claims that the candidate’s speech and “auditory processing” abilities are still improving, and as a result, the candidate won’t be participating in a live debate with Oz.

According to a statement issued by his campaign, Fetterman said in announcing that he would not be taking part in the debate against Oz, “As I recover from this stroke and improve my auditory processing and speech, I look forward to continuing to meet with the people of Pennsylvania.”

After Fetterman suffered a stroke, his doctor disclosed that the Democrat with Ivy League credentials had rejected medical advice for at least five years before the stroke.

According to Newsweek, Dr. Ramesh Chandra, Fetterman’s cardiologist, stated in May, “I first saw John in 2017.” “He was experiencing swelling in his feet and came to get it checked out. That is when I diagnosed him with atrial fibrillation, an irregular heart rhythm, along with a decreased heart pump.”

The doctor disclosed that Fetterman then disregarded his doctor’s guidance for five years.

“I had prescribed medications along with improved diet and exercise and asked him to follow up again in the following months,” wrote Chandra. “Instead, I did not see him again until yesterday. John did not go to any doctor for 5 years and did not continue taking his medications.”

Valiant News reported earlier this month that Fetterman has no live engagements scheduled. Instead, Fetterman’s campaign gave volunteers the chance to take part in training sessions on how to “ratio” his enemies on Twitter. However, Fetterman has participated in at least two live events this month, including a rally alongside Joe Biden.

Some questioned whether Fetterman presently possesses the mental and physical capacity to serve as a U.S. Senator after one campaign event exposed the depth of his stunted speech.

Following the event with Biden, even CNN acknowledged that, although conveying Democratic talking points, Fetterman’s speech lacked some polish.

According to the network, “Fetterman was on message, but often halting in his speech and occasionally dropped words mid-sentence.”


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Of course Democrats think that “brain Damaged” candidates should be allowed to serve, if they didn’t, there would never be another Democrat in any office, anywhere !!!! Just look at what the Democrats consider just fine, Recession, Depression, Socialism, Communism, Energy Dependence on Foreign Countries, Open Borders, Riots in the Streets, Lies, Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, Criminalization of Government Agencies, Defunding the Police, I could go on with these IDIOTIC Democrat beliefs for DAYS !!! Anybody that would actually VOTE for a Democrat has to be “BRAIN DAMAGED” !!!! JUST LOOK AROUND !!!

  • It’s bad enough we have one mentally disturbed person leading our country! We don’t need this guy to step in with Pinocchio Biden and help Biden with his Hitler style, finger pointing, and fist shaking at anyone who disagrees with him. Get rid of Biden and keep this loose cannon out of politics!

  • He will fit right in with Biden although question weather Biden’s condition is just his normal self or if he does have mental problems. After all taking a shower with your daughter and smelling little girls hair isn’t normal to me but maybe it is for him.

  • Why not We The People , Have a BRAIN DEAD S.O.B in the Peoples House right Now. Brain Dead Joe China has been that way for Over 50 + Year’s what difference would be in this Case. One BRAIN DEAD S.O.B. is No better than the One We’ve got Now.

  • Well Biden is “functioning “ with dementia so yes brain injury not any different! Person could serve if his voters trust his decision making but a debate would be a good way for voters to judge him!

    • You may call it functioning but a 5 year old could do what Biden is doing. After all throwing money around like confetti doesn’t take any brains to begin with.

  • Fetterman is medically unable to assume the rigorous schedule of a senator in Washington. Shame on those people who are willing to put him there. Being a senator requires the full faculties of mind to do the best work for the people of PA and he just will not have it. Anyone who ignored his doctors’s warning for five years, just doesn’t have mental capacity to handle a senator’s job in DC. Steel worker or not, vote to better PA.

  • The Amerian Citizens who want this country to function according to the best interest of the people better start doing something about this ungodly mess we have allowed to happen – – or we will find ourselves living through another Civil War in thevery near future.

  • PA has some of the worst democrats, and some of the weakest RINOS. Republicans are still struggling to get a foothold in local politics, what with so much democratic ballot tampering going on. I’m just glad that Pennsylvanians in the northern part of the state are still conservative and can still carry the State.

  • Biden likes him cause he is in a dead heat with Biden for who is the most brain damaged! You know loons of a feather! Both can’t say a complete sentence without throwing in YA KNOW WHAT I MEAN! Only Biden is looking for a new tar and feather outfit! I think Joe knows the proof is now out the machines did in fact cheat and yes Dominion did in fact try to change election data and got caught! Just one election clerk expose the biggest crime in America! This is the second time they are caught with cheating machines! I winder what their excuse will be to the judge this time???? Joe may not make it to the next election. Certainly can’t pardon himself!

  • Pennsylvania democrats didn’t mind the democratic party interfering in the 2020 elections, what on earth would make the rest of America believe they would care if this man gets elected, hell, he is really far left of the squad and that’s what they want. A self described socialist, a man without any real life experience. If he gets elected, everyone in Pennsylvania will have no representation in D.C., this man is as anti American as they come. Here’s a recommendation, if you love Pennsylvania and America, you might consider Oz, at least he has the mind to see both sides of issues, Fetterman, well he just is a bad choice, for Pennsylvania and America.

  • All candidates should be required to be both physically and mentally capable and those who are not should be forced to withdraw until a time in the future when they are.

  • Nothing legal to stop them from running. What he should do is drop out for health reasons. Get the medical care he needs, then come back and run another time if he’s able. ‘Course, he’s probably to ‘Win one for the Gipper’. Otherwise the Lefts would be handing a seat to the Right. But the voters of the state have the final say so. If they elect him, then check the water supply state wide. Maybe they’ve all suffered strokes.

  • I don’t think that a person without the physical and mental stamina should be representing the people. We don’t need a total lack of activity by our representatives. We don’t need anyone falling asleep or falling to show up. And as an example, I offer you Joe Biden.

  • I’m just noting that it would NOT surprise me at all.. if at least 50% of the ‘commentors’ in this forum.. hypocritically VOTE Democrat despite everything…. THAT’S why we’re in this mess…..

  • He wasn’t elected and he was cognizant enough to know he stole it. Then, there is the Washington brain disease. Growing up, I remember being warned to surround myself with people of character, so my thinking would be right. We see politicians we elect going to Washington and changing. They are around people full of lies, deceiving their electorate and have? to work with them, thus get sucked get contaminated with the Washington brain disease. They didn’t keep their 6 feet distance.

  • I believe that most people who voted for Biden (the Brain Dead) and his Gang of Incompetent Malcontents are, in fact, Brain Dead. Remember Biden was hiding in his basement for most if not all the time after he was nominated by the Party of Pond Scum! So Fetterman the Neanderthal is using the same tactic.

    By the way, does anyone (besides the Brain Dead) believe Biden actually Won the Election Fair and Square???

  • Fetterman wants to follow Basement Biden’s election strategy ( HIDE) !!
    Maybe he should get “Dr. Jill” to give him what she gives Dementia Joe ? One
    day he can’t follow the path from the helipad to the White House, then he does
    a scream/whisper speech, mostly intelligent, only making up a few words. In Pa.
    Fetterman or Shapiro won’t debate- Oz is asking for 5 debates, Mastriano wants 5 debates ! So far there are ZERO scheduled, O’Biden wannabes are
    counting on mail-in ballots and drop boxes for the win !!

    • And in Pennsylvania that strategy will succeed. This election will be stolen just as was done in 2020. Nothing was done to the people that set up the theft last time,
      why wouldn’t they do it again.

  • We have a brain damaged President, VP, a whole bunch of senators and many DemoncRATica voters and members of congress we do not need any more.

  • With all of his other anomalies–I wonder if Fetterman also suffers Marfan’s disease where the Aorta blows out on monster sized men such as Fetterman. He may never get any better and sounds to me like he is gravely brain damaged. The poor man cannot help it as most men of his stature and size –recently weighed 400 pounds. He is not well. It is bad enough having a demented, senile President but a brain -damaged Senator. Dr Oz would be the better choice.

  • Whats easier to control a dog with a shock collar or a dog that runs free , happy, and loved. TIMES UP!
    Democrats love brainless people they are easies to control and mold into what they need. The Biden cabinet proves that. All of them are just a bunch of yes response conformist. Time to bring up the people that will actually vote for the people not the RINO’s. The CCP and other countries need to be banished from our government. Our government should be all american loving patriots that put our countries intrest first their personal politics and bribes need to be removed.



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