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There are many questions about how the Ukraine crisis will ultimately unravel. One centers on how China will react to Russia’s latest pleas for military and economic assistance. Certainly, Chinese President Xi Jinping is having second thoughts about offering even lukewarm support.

How attached will China now want to be to a leader who is being labeled as a war criminal?

Xi Jinping has his own problems with a small and defiant republic, Taiwan. There is also a clear indication that the invasion of Ukraine has not gone as Putin perceived it would.

During a meeting amid the Beijing Olympics, Putin certainly reassured his Chinese counterpart that Ukraine would be a swift process. It has not been. Without China’s support, Russia has few allies of consequence left in the world.

Furthermore, Secretary of State Jake Sullivan insisted that anyone violating the sanctions against Russia will face harsh reprisal. However, that tough talk is coming from an administration that has proven to have little backbone. Plus, all the talk may be too late.

There are still other unanswered questions. How far will Putin’s ambitions go? Will he purposefully incite the NATO alliance simply to test their resolve? Thus far, NATO, the United States included, has done little more than talk.

Sure, the weapons and humanitarian aid have helped somewhat. Poland has allowed millions of Ukrainians fleeing the war-torn nation to cross its borders. But no country is stepping up to stand against the Russian assault.

The Biden administration has nixed the idea of supplying much-needed air support. Consequently, proud and resistant but still too weak to withstand a far more powerful army, Ukraine is being decimated.

But upon returning from Ukraine, FOX News’ Steve Harrigan was adamant about one thing. The experienced newsman said, “Ukraine is a done deal.” Sitting down with co-anchors Bill Hemmer and Julie Banderas, filling in for Dana Perino, Harrigan was blunt.

Banderas asked Harrigan if he thought there would be a Russian coup to take out Vladimir Putin. Banderas wondered if “it was too late”. “You know what, I think this is a long-term tragedy,” he replied.

“We’re watching people get slaughtered. And we’re going to watch it for years to come.” Harrigan has a wealth of experience with Russia and these types of horrific invasions. Harrigan’s journey in this part of the world began when he was a student in Moscow.

He walked into a CNN newsroom and asked if they needed help translating videotape. Harrigan has decades of direct experience in this part of the world. He knows it well. What he says should be taken seriously.

Harrigan was there in 1999 when Putin invaded and destroyed the Chechnya capital of Grozny. The Russian invasion leveled the city. A man who has witnessed the horrific slaughter of humans by Russia does not project a hopeful picture.

The long-time correspondent firmly insists that without airpower, Ukraine is doomed. He said it might take a year, it might take a decade. However, the country is being flattened, and it will continue to be leveled until there’s nothing left.

It is sad, but the leaders of the free world bear responsibility. They could have done more, far more. They still could. But is it too late for Ukraine? A man with a great deal of experience truly believes it is.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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