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Black Lives Matter (BLM) troublemakers harassed and assaulted a McDonald’s restaurant manager and one other employee in a video captured during the protests in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The video from Saturday shows a man with a bullhorn harassing the manager with many others with his rabble rousing army chanting with him. The manager seems frustrated and tries to get them to leave his restaurant, however, they continue to badger him.  The man with the bullhorn eventually challenges the manager to start brawling.  This is the level of human debris decent folks like the manager have to deal with each and every day now thanks to the Marxist revolution.  These BLM turds invaded his restaurant and demanded food, and then the ringleader had the audacity to act offended when the manager told them to leave, so offended that he called the manager out to get into a physical confrontation.

BLM protester causing trouble in a Pittsburgh McDonalds

Normal people do not behave like this.  There is right and wrong without gray areas here.  The BLM animals were wrong to invade the McDonald’s and harass people because of the color of their skin, and the manager was right to tell them to hit the road.  There’s no gray area there.  The manager owed them nothing.

What would Dr. Martin Luther King think of this?  These BLM people are attacking white people they never met and accusing them of horrible things.

The video popped around social media by a Twitter user who tried to claim the incident was caused by the restaurant manager.

“The manager(Ed) @ this McD’s was upset that the protest was in front of the store. The crowd agreed to go in and give them a few hundred dollars worth of food orders. As they were giving the food to the protestors, the manager; started to get nasty with them” That’s not how the video comes across.


However, the problem was seemingly part of a larger protest where a man with a bullhorn attacked white people while they were dining.

The group marched downtown with a sign reading, “Abolish the Police,” and they confronted people eating outside.  Protesters chanted, “F*** the white people that built the system!” and “F*** the police!”

I’m fairly certain that none of the white people dining outside in downtown Pittsburgh “built the system.”  What exactly gives the protesters the right to harass people while they’re minding their own business eating at a restaurant?

KDKA-TV revealed video footage exhibiting protesters fighting with bicyclists who tried to ride past the protest mob.


One of the protesters defended his actions by claiming it was in self defense.  Only in the mindless imagination of a BLM protester could initially accosting someone be twisted into an act of self defense.

“We seriously get hit everyday that we march. Hueless aggression is escalating because the white moderate has decided we don’t need to fight for our rights anymore,” she wrote on Facebook.

“There’s no law on planet earth that I broke, other than one they’re gonna look real hard for. That’s the mad diary life of a protester,” she added.

How about screaming in someone’s face?  That’s assault and disorderly conduct in most jurisdictions.  Assault is putting someone in fear of being harmed.  When you scream epithets in people’s faces it’s assault.  Disorderly conduct means unruly behavior, and interrupting people from peacefully assembling to eat outside a restaurant is disorderly conduct.  People don’t have the right to make others feel unsafe no matter what their politics.

Pittsburgh police told WPXI-TV they are reviewing several social media videos of the incidents that went one during the protest. They are asking that anyone who was assaulted in the course of the protests come forward and file a report.


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