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BLM activist who tried to kill a Proud Boy has been arrested. BLM activist “Robbie Smith”, a barber has been arrested for the assault. Smith slammed his truck into Proud Boy Shane Moon.

Moon is still in the hospital in critical injuries, including a bleeding brain. He had plenty of room to get around Moon but is said to have intentionally hit him instead.

Smith, who works as a barber was identified as the driver of the truck by fellow Proud Boy, Rex Fergus.  Smith had gone inside a bar where members went after the memorial service for Aaron “Jay” Danielson.

He was using his phone to record the members for the purpose of doxxing them but ended up getting tossed by security. He jumped into his truck and ran Moon down.

Charles Robert Holliday-Smith was arrested for the attack. He has been charged with first-degree assault and hit and run to commit bodily injury.

Police were not releasing additional information on the arrest but Smith will be in court on Tuesday. Bail will be set. Will he be bailed out of jail by the group Kamala Harris has backed?

Or that at least 13 members of Biden’s campaign contributed to? It’s possible. It is the reason that the same rioters seem to appear night after night. Even after they have been arrested.

Moon was taken to the hospital right after the attack and was placed in ICU. He has suffered a concussion, a fractured skull and brain bleed.

He has since been moved to regular room. Moon’s long time girlfriend says she does not believe moon and Smith had previously confronted each other. But Smith had confronted other members outside the bar after he was tossed.

Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio said:

“The news of this man’s arrest has been bittersweet. Even though our brother Shane continues to struggle with his injuries, it’s nice to see that we are starting to witness law and order in the pacific northwest. Although the crime that this man committed is nothing short of an act of terror, he is also a victim — a victim of a system that has told him he must commit acts of violence towards those he doesn’t agree with. He has become a dispensable pawn in a chessboard that is ran by the likes of Ted Wheeler, Kate Brown and Nancy Pelosi.”

“With him behind bars we will continue to show support and pray for Shane. He has an amazing community that has supported him and his family for the past few days. The ProudBoys are looking forward to a speedy recovery and a night full of Shenanigans with Shane. Thank you all who have supported him in these dark times. We love you.”

Moon is currently recovering in the hospital but is doing much better. The leftist media, which now includes Fox has been silent over the attack. It doesn’t fit their narrative.

The local Fox channel downplayed the attack as “investigators said the victim was with a group of friends in the bar when another man began recording them with his phone. That led to a ‘verbal altercation’ inside the business before those involved went outside.” No mention of BLM at all.

This is just more violence from those on the left egged on by elected Democratic officials at the local, state, and federal levels. It is another case where the liberals blame violence from the right even when the assailant is a far-left loon.

It is getting deadly out there. Admit it, this is not your grandfather’s Democratic party.


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