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It sickens me to think that I used to like former Attorney General Bill Barr. I used to think that he was a pretty solid guy who wanted what was best for the country. Then, he turned on Trump and that’s a no-no.

On multiple occasions, he has insulted President Trump, even writing a book about his time in the White House. Now he’s letting his RINO show once again in an interview with Geraldo Rivera.

“Is he fit to be President of the United States?” Rivera asked. “Is Donald Trump fit to be president?”

“Well, this is the way I’ll answer that Geraldo, which is, if you believe in his policies … he’s the last person who could actually execute them and achieve them,” Barr responded. “He does not have the discipline. He does not have the ability for strategic thinking and linear thinking or setting priorities or how to get things done in the system.”

“It is a horror show when he’s left to his own devices,” Barr continued. “And so you may want his policies, but Trump will not deliver Trump policies, he will deliver chaos, and if anything, lead to a backlash that will set his policies much further back than they otherwise would be.”

In late March, Barr stated that he thinks some of the criminal investigations into the former president, particularly the case involving Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, were launched with the intention of assisting Trump in getting the nomination.

“Most Democrats who get involved in this kind of thing, they actually want to run against Trump, because they think — whether they’re right or wrong — they think they can beat him,” Barr said. “And so they are actually trying to help him by generating the support of his base.”

“And they feel that that will generate their own turnout,” Barr added. “And so they’re essentially, I think, playing for a repeat of the 2020 election.”


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • ???? Does Barr know which president he is talking about? Biden is the one producing chaos not Trump. Barr must have some axe to grind and so he is taking it out on Trump. I will take Trump over Biden any day. Trump accomplished a lot for America and Biden has done nothing but destroy. For example Trump had the boarder secured, lowered taxes and gave us a stimulus check, had us on our way to being energy independent and had China pretty much under control and almost friendly. etc.etc.

    • Barr suffers from separation sickness. Separation from reality and truth coupled with being a pathological liar.

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  • Bill Barr you yourself are a piece of work. You sold out President Trump and you sold out America all in order to enrich yourself. Go Fly A Kite!! Hopefully the kite takes you so high up you never return. Or should that be fall into a hole in the earth that takes you down to hades.

    • Barr did not “sell out.” In order to sell out, one must have allegiance to another. Barr was a plant and is nothing more than one more operative with no soul.

  • What has Bill Barr done to promote Conservative policies? – 5
    What has Trump done to promote Conservative policies? +20
    more than any other US President in recent memory.
    Barr should keep this mouth shut.
    He’s exposing himself to be a fool.

  • I think fat boy is loosing it look at all the chaos Biden is causing when we had Trump
    our country was doing great. Look who is doing the interview another liberal journalist
    who hates Trump.

  • Hey, billygoat-boy, STFU, and DIE! Better spend yer dnc-bucks fast, ya get busted with them and you will croak badly.

  • He ere let me tell you what Bill Barr the Gate Keeper for the New World Order actually said.

    If Trump becomes President again
    our entire criminal enterprise as we know it will all go down the toilet, and we will all be put before Military Tribunals and hung for treason. We will no be able to enslave the planet to our New Nazi 4th Reich.




    • And FBI, NSA and CIA are conducting themselves in the most honorable fashion under Biden? That in itself is criminal and those involved should be prosecuted but it will be a cold day in the bad place before anyone answers for their misdeeds.

  • That is gratitude for you, Trump selected Barr for AG which is a pretty lucrative and prestigious position for anyone. Barr accepted the position and then turned like a mad dog on Trump degrading and slandering him.
    This is the kind of venomous talk we have today that is causing problems throughout our nation. I seriously thing that a lot of our crime is due to politics-the uncertainty, lack of trust, not knowing what is going to happen tomorrow and people act out on their distrust of the government.

  • Let’s not forget.

    Barr was Attorney General when it was found the Steele dossier was a fraud funded and promoted by the DNC and the Clinton campaign.

    He did nothing.

    Barr was AG when in 2018 the FBI first got hard evidence that the Bidens were seeking and taking bribes from foreign powers.

    He did nothing.

    Barr was AG when the Democrats falsely accused Kavenaugh of rape.

    He did nothing.

    Barr was AG when over 2,000 people under penalty of perjury attested to fraud in our 2020 election.

    He did nothing.

    The list goes on and on, but I trust you get the point.

  • Barr may well be right. Trump didn’t get as much done as could have been done; to a large degree because he simply antagonized even Republicans, such as John McCain.

    And Democrats may well be figuring in a Trump candidacy may be a loser. They did manage to get some pro-Trumpers nominated in Republican districts in 2022, and beat them.

    • I guess that this realization had NOTHING to do with YOU Liberal Criminals total harassment and unsuccessful Impeachment attempts constantly , every second that he was in office !!!! YOU Liberals are SUCH HYPOCRITES !!!!

  • Bill Barr, the man whom I respected and considered the best and most honest ally of Trump, turned out to be the latest corrupt creature.

  • It sounds like BARR is afraid of SOMETHING when it comes to President Trump being Re-Elected, Just what does HE have to hide ???? Hypocrite !!!!!
    Vote Trump 24 !!!!!! MAGA !!!!

  • Bill Barr is wrong. President Trump did a lot for his country. Had us energy free
    and knew how to talk to foreign leaders to get things done. He is a business man
    not a politician.

    • That’s what people forget. We should be able to vote anyone into office of President, whether politician or not. You would hope if the person is not a politician that he would surround himself with those who would help him run the country in an honest, decent manner. Unfortunately, Trump had some untrustworthy people who led him astray, in some cases. He did the best he could with who advised him.

  • Barr addresses the interview with nothing but generalities, just like all my Democrat friends and acquaintances–no specifics, not one detail, statistic, personal experience–NOTHING to support the vitriol about his former boss. I can only think that Trump did something arrogant and stupid, as he was wont to do on many occasions, that made Barr simply hate him. He decries that it was a “HORROR SHOW” and “he will deliver CHAOS!”

    But let’s look at the facts: Trump is not a nice guy, but he got things done that helped the country and its citizens. He kept taxes and inflation under control, he was able to control the border (unlike Biden), unemployment barely existed, and the most incredible feat of all was how he managed the energy production, making us the number one exporter of oil in the world after decades of being dependent on countries that hate us and want to destroy us. Look, I never liked the guy, but the numbers don’t lie: 1500 accomplishments don’t lie. I didn’t vote for him to be my priest or my dad–I voted for him to manage the damn country, which he did.



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