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The Biden regime’s plans to tackle illegal immigration by sending money to Central American countries is a misguided and costly endeavor. Despite the government’s projected $4.2 billion towards “private sector commitments to create economic opportunity in northern Central America,” according to a White House fact sheet, the move overlooks the multitude of other factors that drive illegal immigration, such as political instability and organized criminal activity.

The funds allocated by the Central America Forward framework will do little to address the current immigration crisis in the US. The Northern Central America Investment Facilitation Team supports clean energy infrastructure development, which will not serve as a deterrent for those seeking asylum from their home nations. The workforce development programs sponsored by UASID and the Central America Service Corps are even less effective, since they merely provide young people with paid community service opportunities instead of offering long-term financial stability.

This lack of real action has been reflected in recent immigration data from The Federation for American Immigration Reform, 5.5 million migrants have crossed into the United States under the Biden administration, while 113 known or suspected terrorists have crossed in fiscal year 2021 and 2022 alone.

To make matters worse, migrant deaths surpassed 856 in fiscal year 2022, marking it as one of deadliest periods on record. In short, these investments do nothing to stop those who attempt to cross over into the United States illegally. Instead, they only send a message that there are incentives for doing so, ultimately leading to more migrants attempting dangerous crossings across our borders.

Rather than wasting billions of taxpayer dollars sending money abroad with little guarantee of success, we should focus on reforming our own immigration system here at home. Empowering officers to enforce already existing federal law can help prevent resolve this problem in a hurry.

More resources need to be devoted towards humanitarian aid within our own country. Inflation has reached unprecedented levels this past year alone with food prices increasing 9.1%, meat prices rising 11.7% and dairy prices rising 13.5%. By investing more heavily in local aid efforts rather than abroad initiatives with no tangible results, we can begin to alleviate issues related to illegal immigration while providing much needed support domestically.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • When is someone just going to shoot this prick and put him out of his misery and make this country while again!!
    What a sorry piece of shit trying to overthrow our country while trying to make all believe he represents our Constitutional beliefs.

  • Will somebody please finaly listen! MEXICO! MEXICO! MEXICO! Yes Mexico is totaly responsible for this indundating wave of invaders. Yes! If it weren’t for Mexico (Allowing) these invaders to traverse over a thousand miles through the heart of their country there wouldn’t be a crisis at the border. To stop all this nonsense we “must punish “Mexico” as being complesit in this ilegal invasion. It would be easy to do. All we have to do is to stop all comerse of products made in Mexico being allowed into our country. We are their biggest customer. Just see how long it will take them to act when we shut the door on their products.

  • Over a million “got a ways”. That’s a really big Army!!! Biden is happy because the border situation is exactly what their policy is — OPEN BORDERS. It’s treasonous and it opens the US to all kinds of 3rd world ills. It’s a very short step from here.

  • The real problem is Biden seems to hard billions to do whatever he wants to do and the GOP seems helpless to do anything about it. Past time for the GOP to wake up as when Trump got elected the democrats had no problem tying him up in lawsuits so he was unable to function.

    • After decades, the GOP STILL has no idea as to how to handle the marxists, other than to join ranks with them.

  • I Do not believe The Liar in Chief. I think he and the democrats have been sending Our Money down there to pay for these Illegal Invaders to come here! How could these “poor disenfranchised” people get money to Pay the Cartels and others to get from Central America through Mexico and into Our Country! Once they are here they are “put up” in expensive hotels after they Fly or Bused from Our Border? There are Over 5,000,000 Of these Invaders Living Off of U.S.! Does Anyone know how much of OUR MONEY is being spent by the Criminals called democrats?

  • motherfucker sends our hard earned money to these countries and does nothing for the american people. i hope this fucker is impeached along with harris

    • I agree, Communist Biden is free with our taxes to do whatever he wants with and the spineless Republicans won’t close the purse.
      He’s killing Americans with the high cost of food, energy, taxes etc.
      Do the dumbass Communist Democrats think the illegals will allow them to remain in power.? Sooner or later those millions of illegals will remove the Communist Democrats and vote in their own people.
      May all Communist Democrats and Rinos Die.!

    • Impeachment is not the solution. Biden, Harris and quite a few other politicians all need to be executed for treason and violating their oaths of office according to our l aws.
      And please don’t even tell me there aren’t enough instances of their committing treasonous acts since they’ve been in Office.

  • Mothereffer needs to send money from his own pocket or refund the USA peoples tax money thats needed here!!! Wonder how citizens like billions of tax dollars given to corrupt Ukraine?

  • Come on man, the “Big Guy” and the corrupt Congress are just funneling money to corrupt middle men so that most of the cash is given back to them in “speaking fees ” and campaign contributions. That way the U.S. taxpayer gets royally screwed and it’s all “legal”. Don’t you get it? They think, or if you’re a Democrat they know, you’re stupid and will buy anything these thieving idiots tell you! Come on man!

  • The Central American countries are making suckers out of America. Give them money and they will make it all go away. Tossing money at the problem, intentionally caused by Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe will not solve the problem. The only way to solve this problem is a border fence, strict enforcement of our immigration laws, and deportation, which is everything against the agenda of Corrupt Quid Pro. The Fentanyl across the border has already killed 110,000 Americans. Fentanyl comes from Communist China. Corrupt Quid Pro could care less. Corrupt Quid Pro is owned and beholden to Communist China, bought and paid for. Corrupt Quid Pro’s agenda is to get as many illegals into the U.S. ASAP. these people offer the U.S. nothing. Give them Amnesty, Voting rights, lots of welfare, and social programs, and they will vote Democrat. Corrupt Quid Pro sees this as a way for the liberal commie Democrats, one party rule. A one party rule=Communism. The Democrats have been in bed w/the Communists since at least the time of FDR. In 2024 Democrats need to be sent packing.

  • Whatever money Biden sends to Central America will simply go into a sink hole of corruption that these tyrannical leftist dictators have created that sucks up all the wealth and goes straight into their bank accounts.



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