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To say that Joe Biden has experienced a tumultuous first year in the White House would be a drastic understatement. His initial 12 months as the leader of the free world has been a complete train wreck.

Virtually every policy decision by the Biden administration has been an abject failure. If we were giving Joe Biden a one-year grade, he would earn an “F”. The “F” would stand for failure. Clearly, the political pundits who cautioned that Biden was unfit for office were correct.

The evidence of his cognitive decline has followed him throughout the first year. We’ve lost count of the number of times White House officials have had to cover for Sleepy Joe, or completely walk back another one of his blunders.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki has “circled back” so many times it’s dizzying. Joe Biden’s lack of competence and inability to perform his responsibilities as president are obvious. What’s also undeniable is the liberal left’s strategy to try to hide Biden from the public.

It’s not working. Joe Biden has held far fewer question-and-answer sessions with the press than any of his four predecessors. During his first year, Biden has held only 10 official press conferences. Just two of his limited press conferences were solo.

Even though they’re infrequent, Biden’s arrangements with the press are always scripted. Biden’s handlers carefully orchestrate every press engagement. Biden’s cognitive competence is an obvious issue. He’s even read the instructions off his teleprompter more than once.

Each time Biden’s babysitters allow him to go off script, the situation deteriorates instantly. During Biden’s most recent press conference, he made a complete fool of himself and the nation. Biden also becomes visibly angered when pressed on tough questions.

Biden was asked about the contentious situation between Ukraine and Russia. His reply was not only bizarre. It was one of the most harebrained answers ever uttered out of the mouth of a commander-in-chief. Biden can’t even handle questions from a pre-approved list of reporters.

When asked about the potential crisis in Ukraine, Biden hinted that Vladimir Putin could get away with a “minor incursion” without consequences. Many experts wonder what in the world he meant. Our allies and adversaries certainly found Biden’s answer to be unacceptable.

The White House has been scrambling to right this ship. It’s too late. The buffoon has already spoken. His gaffe during the press conference must have affected Sleepy Joe’s mood. FOX News correspondent Jacqui Heinrich pressed Biden on the issue, as reporters were leaving.

Shouting over the crowd of disappointed reporters, Heinrich asked, “Why are you waiting on Putin to make the first move, sir?” Passive “Sleepy Joe” suddenly turned on the reporter. Biden screeched that her perfectly legitimate request for clarity was “a stupid question”.

His insensitive and incompetent reply wasn’t captured on the live video stream. But it was still captured on video and audio. Mr. “Unifier of the Nation”, or so he says, spat back an insolent answer. “What a stupid question”, Biden muttered.


The only stupid thing about Joe Biden’s press conferences is Joe Biden. Joe Biden is an aging old fool. He’s making a fool of himself. He’s making a fool out of the corrupt mainstream media and radical Democrat Party that manipulated the 2020 Presidential Election to get him elected.

However, and worst of all, Joe Biden is making a fool out of our great nation. He is an embarrassing failure. When old people befuddle their way through innocent life encounters, it’s sad. However, when the aging old man is the so-called leader of the free world, it’s serious.

Ignorant comments from a president, such as those about Ukraine, but our national security is in peril. Joe Biden is foolish enough to get America into a risky confrontation. The questions that Joe Biden is asked aren’t stupid. Joe Biden is what’s stupid. Furthermore, he’s dangerous.

Photo Credit: YouTube/Daily Mail


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