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Despite the initial hype surrounding Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s documentary about climаte change, “TO THE END”, it failed to make an impact at the box office this weekend, averaging just $9,667 in 120 theaters. This dismal performance has been dubbed a “box office bomb,” a term used to describe a film that fails to make an impact on its opening weekend.

This is yet another example of AOC’s far-left policies failing to resonate with the American public. Despite the fact that the documentary was advertised heavily, the message of climаte change being pushed by AOC failed to draw in the necessary audience to make a profit. This is a stark contrast to the success of documentaries such as “An Inconvenient Truth”, which grossed over $24 million on its opening weekend.

“I feel like I must have watched a completely different movie than the ones [the critics] watched,” one viewer said. “It was absolutely terrible, and it actually made me dislike Alexandria Cortez after it was all over. I now see the audience score and I would say it is much more accurate compared to the critics.”

While AOC’s documentary may have failed to make an impact at the box office, conservative media outlets continue to find success in their mission to inform and entertain their audiences without brainwashing them with propaganda.

Dan Bongino wrote,

According to “12 years until doomsday” timeline that AOC has provided us for climаte Armageddon back in 2019, we have exactly 2594 days left on Earth (as of writing).

When one is predicting the end of days with such precision, it certainly gives the impression that they’re just making things up…. which is basically what is happening here.

The 12-year timeline is based on an estimate from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climаte Change, which stated that we only have 12 years to contain globаl wаrming to a maximum of a 1.5 degree Celsius rise in global temperature. A 1.5C rise was the target of most of the world’s governments in the Paris Climаte Agreement. According to the UN, meeting their goals would require ending the use of fossil fuels by the year 2030, which the authors estimate would cost the global economy $54 trillion.

In my opinion, this is going to end in one of two ways: we’ll pass that day as just another day, or the left will say that maybe we actually did enough to change the environment and save the world.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Only God controls the weather- this hype on Global Warming aka Climate Control is just the elite making more money on their investments for electric, solar and other ideas they come up with. It’s time they read the Bible and acknowledge that only the Lord God Almighty is in charge of the climate! “God’s voice thunders in marvelous ways; he does great things beyond our understanding. He says to the snow, ‘Fall on the earth,’ and to the rain shower, ‘Be a mighty downpour.’ So that everyone he has made may know his work… He brings the clouds … to water his earth and show his love.”
    — Job 37:5-7, 13 (NIV)

  • AOC is a complete MORON..
    The Earth has gone through multiple changes for the last billion years without Humans causing it, Floods, volcanic eruptions, separation of continents, massive storms, ice ages, bombarded by meteors and asteroids, mass extinction, the north and south polls reversing, etc.
    So what makes The stupid mindless idiot know anything about climate change.?
    I was an A student in Science so anything She says about the Earth is strictly stupid and uneducated.

  • They crazy, satanic left has been spewing this nonsense for 50 years but only America has fallen for the lie, and only brain dead liberals!!!!! Those of us intelligent enough to think for ourselves know “climate change” is a scam to enrich corrupt people!!!!!!!!!!

  • AOC is a Brain Dead LOSER like all LIBRATURDS . Climate change is LIBRATURD BULLSHIT SCAM like the LIAR & CHIEF getting 81 Million votes in his Brain Dead Dreams ,anybody that voted for that WORTHLESS IDIOT is an IDIOT them self

  • Do you want to mess with liberal’s minds? Just challenge them with this question. Up to 10,000 years ago, hardly a blink of an eye in geographical terms we had glaciers down around Nebraska, and New York was covered under 1500 feet of ice. We have glacier marks to prove this occurred. Now in 1492 when the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock there were no glaciers there. So what happened in that 8508 years?
    Actually much less time frame than 8,508 years because they walked onto shore and had game and trees abound.



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